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Wellness Medium and Your Wellness Plan

1. What medium have you chosen? Please describe and/or attach/upload visual.

For my wellness medium I have chosen a blog. Pictured below is a screenshot of my first
blog post:

2. What does this medium represent to

you? Why? Please describe why this is

I’ve always been passionate about

writing and recently decided to start
blogging about my thoughts, feelings
and just different aspects about everyday
life. I was really excited to start this
because I have known for some time that
writing is something that helps me relax
and unwind while providing a creative
outlet that I can take with me wherever I
go. I love how written words can often
challenge us to think and cause us to feel
in ways we didn’t before. I really enjoy
being able to put my thoughts down on
paper and share them with others.
Though it seems small, I know that this
may someday impact someone in a
greater capacity than I could ever

3. Post your personal wellness commitment statement and plan to care for YOU below. Be

I am committing to spend time each week writing something that is meaningful and
important to me. I will spend this time reflecting on previous days, recent experiences
and what I have learned in those moments. I know that this will help me to be mentally,
emotionally and spiritually healthier and cannot wait to see the impact this has on my
own health.

I also plan to use these blog posts as a form of reflection to be able to, in the future, look
back and see what kinds of things I experienced and how I felt about my experiences
through nursing school and in this season of my life. I think it is so important to be able
to look back on different seasons of life and see how far you have come.

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