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What is Youth 2000?

Contact Us World Youth Day 2011

Youth 2000 is an international initiative of young peo-
ple called to spread the good news of the Catholic
faith. It was started in response to Pope John Paul
II’s appeal at the World Youth Day in Spain in 1989
for young Catholics to share their faith with their
Youth 2000 ational Office
peers. We pray together, we organise retreats, 2nd Floor
prayer groups and other spiritual events to help oth- Áras Treasa
ers to know and love God.
Calrendon St.
We aim to help other young people top grow spiritu- Dublin 2
ally. This growth takes place through an experience
of the love of God, prayer and a sense of belonging,
leading to the faith in Jesus. The young people at the Tel: (01) 675 3690
heart of this initiative offer what they have received to Email:
others of their generation.

What is World Youth Day?

For latest information please check
World Youth Day is an international gathering of 16th –21st August 2011
young Catholics from all over the world. It is a five
day festival of prayer, celebration, joy and lots of fun!
It is a special time when young Catholics get to meet
other young Catholics and share their faith. As Pope
Benedict XVI said:
Madrid: “Planted and Built Up n
"If you find your sustenance in Christ, my dear young What World Youth Day Means to Me! Jesus Christ Firm in the Faith”
people, and if you live profoundly in him as did the
Apostle Paul, you will not be able to resist speaking “It’s hard to put into words how moving it is to worship with hun- (St. Paul)
about him and making him known and loved by many dreds of thousands of other young Catholic people. Our church is
of your friends and contemporaries”. very exciting and vibrant.” Alex

“I was in awe of simply being in the presence of the Holy Father

and Jesus. I got the most incredible feeling of peace that I have
ever had.” John

“Sitting at the prayer vigil Saturday night was the most intense
spiritual moment I’ve ever had. As far as I could see in every di-
rection were people holding candles united in prayer. It was abso-
lutely incredible. I can’t put into words how much this trip meant to
me. I highly recommend it!!!” Maura
Pilgrimage Details Programme of Events Booking Form
Youth 2000 are offering a 7 night pilgrimage to Madrid. Arrival at Madrid Name: ____________________________________
Cost €565 Age: _________ Date of Birth: _________________________
Tuesday 16th
Arrival at Madrid Please note that you must be between 18 and 35 at date of travel. However, Youth
• 7 nights accommodation 19.00- WYD Opening Mass in Madrid’s Cibeles Square 2000 reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding eligibility to travel.

• Food from Tuesday to Sunday 21.00 - Youth Festival begins and includes concerts, exhibitions, Address: ______________________________________________
displays, guided visits to Museum, etc.
• Transport in Madrid _____________________________________________________
• Official World Youth Day Registration & WYD Wednesday 17th Home Tel: ________________ Mobile Tel: ___________________
Pack 09.00 - Catechesis Sessions with bishops.
21.00 - Youth Festival continues. Email: ________________________________________________
Next of Kin: ___________________________________________
Each pilgrim is required to book: Thursday 18th
09.00 - Catechesis Sessions with bishops. (Name, address, tel):_____________________________________
(a) Their own flights to Madrid 17.00 - Papal Welcome - Pope arrives in Cibeles Square _____________________________________________________
(b) Transfers to and from the airport 21.00 - Youth Festival continues.
Have you been to World Youth Day before? __________________
(c) Travel Insurance
Friday 19th If so, which one(s)?______________________________________
09.00 - Catechesis Sessions with bishops.
Any special Dietary requirements? __________________________
17.00 - Youth Festival continues.
21.00 - WYD Via Crucis begins. Please state any medical conditions/medication ________________
Saturday 20th
16.00 - Preparatory ceremony in Cuatro Vientos including testi- How did you hear about this trip? ___________________________
Step by Step Booking Guide: monies, musical interpretations, prayers to Our Lady, etc.
20.00 - Vigil with the Pope including Eucharistic Adoration and Booking Deposit Enclosed: Please Tick □ €100/ □ £90
1) Send completed booking form with deposit to Youth an address by the Holy Father.
2000 office. 23.00 - ight in Cuatro Vientos where adoration of the Most Closing date for bookings is 31st October 2010.
Blessed Sacrament will be held. Closing date for 2nd instalment is 31st March 2011.
2) Receive booking confirmation letter from No refunds allowable!
Youth 2000. Please do NOT book your flights until you Sunday 21st
have received this confirmation letter. 09.00 - WYD Mass where the Pope will concelebrate the Mass Please make all crossed cheques/bank drafts payable to “Youth 2000
with thousands of bishops and priests, address the young people No. 2 Account” and write “WYD11” plus your name, address and tel
3) Book your flights and travel insurance. (Both Ryanair and announce the place where the next WYD will be held. on the back in block capitals. All deposits must be accompanied
and Aer Lingus fly to Madrid Airport, after which is a by a completed booking form.
Disclaimer: This pilgrimage is organised by Youth 2000 on a non-profit basis so that
short journey to the city of Madrid). Monday 22nd this very special opportunity to travel and join these celebrations is extended to as
Departure from Madrid many young people in Ireland as possible. All information here is given in good faith.
No liability of whatever nature will be accepted by Youth 2000, its officers, agents or
collaborators in relation to the organisation of this pilgrimage, nor for any errors or
omissions associated with this brochure. Youth 2000 reserves the right to adjust the
price, terms and timings and other details of the pilgrimage. Please note that the price
quoted here may vary depending variable costs not within our control. Filling out this
booking form is an expression of interest. You will be notified of the final details
including cost and dates within 2 weeks of travelling. All payment s are NON-

Youth 2000 is a company registered in the Republic of Ireland liability limited by guarantee. Com-
pany Reg No 39415. Charity Ref. CHY 14874. Regd Office: 2nd Floor, Aras Treasa, Clarendon
Street, Dublin 2.