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TPACK Creating Assignment Template

Subject English

Grade Level 3
Content Knowledge

Learning Objective 3.4 The student will expand vocabulary when reading.
The objective of the lesson is what students will be able to do
as they finish the activity. For this objective, use the Standards
a) Use knowledge of homophones.
of Learning (SOL) to say what you want to focus on. b) Use knowledge of roots, affixes, synonyms, and
You can find the SOLs at look on the right of the
screen for the subjects and go from there.

Activity Describe what the learning activity will be. What TTW task students with reviewing homophones,
will the students and the teacher be doing? (This includes
what they are doing with the technology).
synonyms, root words, and antonyms by having
students create a game that categorizes words of their
choosing into each of the four categories.

TSW create a program that fellow students can use to


group homophones, synonyms, antonyms, and root


Technology TSW use an electronic tablet or computer. TSW use


Name of the device and/or programs being used. (The

description of what the students will be doing with the
technology will be included in the pedagogy/activity section).
Directions for Use 1.) Click on Earth or Google Chrome or Internet
Please provide step-by-step instructions for your students to
use the tool to complete their assignment. Depending on the
Explorer to open the internet.
age of your student, this might begin with 1. Click on Earth 2.) Type into the
to open the Internet. Etc..
3.) Read the instructions so you will know how your
classmates will play the game you’re going to create.
4.) Click on ‘Create New Game’.
5.) Be sure to name your game! (Add a title in the
blank space)
6.) Click on example for an example of how to create
your game.
7.) In the larger blank space, list four of each:
homophones, antonyms, synonyms, root words.
(Example: weight*wait*son*sun*HOMOPHONES)
8.) Once you’ve listed four of each category, click on
9.) Make a password and click Enter so you can edit it
later. (Don’t forget it!)
10.) Your game is now saved! Click OK.
11.) Copy the website in the browser so your
classmates can play your game.

Link to the example product