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37 8. A Word On My Ear Words and Music by MICHAEL FLANDERS and DONALD SWANN Appassionato J - 120 Singer comes on singing this turgid muck inf crese. 3-5 can A pris = rap - ture ard = uous du - ty § 6 a 2 8 Screse. Fare - well, myfriendsa - diew can - notstay with & 3 8 6 6 3 fierese. NOTE: The pianist should join the joke and ‘play up’ to the lines. © Copyright 1989 Novello and Company Limited 38 12 if Fare - Allla recit. 45 = me de - li- ver my Sev-enth En-cote There's some-thing I'd like to make clear. say I've brought plea-sure to millions or more They say that my sing ~ ing half the last war when 1 to the toops in the rear Dame, with a name at the of my fame I'm known as ‘The Em-press of = ies should know)But I 33 ‘fF meno mosso__mf f can-not help feel-ing they're wrong! Ap-plau-ded! Re - ‘Alternative: “When I sang to the troops in Korea’