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DiliVer LLC: Where Due

Diligence Scores

“DiliVer’s mantra is “science

for the art of M&A”—we’re not
trying to eliminate all of the
artwork in the M&A community,
just complement it with the
best available industry-specific,
data-driven technology.These
new software tools not only
save our clients money, but they
also help make them money!”

Neil Kleinberg, Founder & CEO

R A conversation with
ecent mergers and acqui- DiliVer is a software product
sitions (M&A) community company in the FinTech
innovations have been driv- M&A/capital markets space. DiliVer’s Founder and
en largely by new financial They produce enterprise-wide, CEO, Neil Kleinberg
technology (FinTech) software prod- metrics-based due diligence
ucts, not new services or underlying scorecard applications that
processes. Enlightened M&A trans- assess a seller’s performance What inspired you to start
action buy-side, sell-side, and inter- and growth potential related DiliVer? And how did its
mediary practitioners would be wise to a potential M&A transaction
to consider adapting their secretive (a.k.a. “deal”) with a buyer.
transformation come along
and artsy legacy best practices to best They recently won a 2018 with time?
leverage new purpose-built FinTech “TOP 10 FINTECH SOLUTION
M&A software tools for successful PROVIDERS” award from CFO Based on my personal experiences
outcomes, as well as productivity and Tech Outlook. and scars from performing M&A due
efficiency improvements. diligence for many deals, I developed
| 30 Most Innovative Companies 2018
the DiliVer intellectual property DiliVer encourages innovation from whose guidelines promote end-to-end
and software to relieve the pain and everyone and in all areas of the com- leadership responsibility for M&A
suffering of others!Initially, DiliVer pany, from external-facing solutions spanning the entire transaction life
started with the sell-side, an internal for the customers and partners to cycle; and a data model, whose rules
self-assessment app for companies internal-facing solutions for our own promote leveraging “science for the
wishing to position themselves in departments. We ask each employee art of M&A”, which is our mantra.
front of potential buyers as part to challenge anybody and anything
of their exit strategy. Later, we at any time they see a window of op-
added the buy-side too, an external
How do you stay relevant to
portunity for making improvements.
independent-assessment app for And we generously reward successful the consumer interests and
strategic and financial acquirers. innovation. We ask our employees hold their trust and loyalty?
to try, test, and rollout new creative
Tell us about your first proj- things in small steps in controlled We like to say that excelling at
ect. And how did you expand environments to minimize risk and your core competencies is the mini-
maximize constituent feedback and mum requirement needed to achieve
your offerings with time?
validation. sustainability. But it’s your special-
DiliVer’s first project was with a ization areas that differentiate you
Fortune 500 global company’s M&A What are the products/ enough from competitors that are
software business unit. It started out services that bring most needed to achieve prosperity. As part
as a partnership-related competitive innovativeness out of of our company business excellence
analysis of the broader M&A soft- framework, we also strive for contin-
your company, and how
ware market and how our respective uous improvement as the market and
products could complement each oth- successfully did you carry internal conditions change.
er. But then, when they saw our due them out?
diligence application in action, they What are your future
became a buy-side customer too. Our buy-side and sell-side M&A
They used our due diligence applica- due diligence applications are all business ventures?
tion for a strategic acquisition that based on our underlying intellectu-
was being coordinated by corporate al property, which is a proprietary Our current mission is to become
development at their headquarters. FinTech M&A platform. It consists the gold standard for M&A due
of three parts—a business excellence diligence. Our long-term vision is
framework (the same one we use to be a core part of the first truly
What is your culture of
internally), whose principles pro- integrated suite of M&A packages.
innovation and what is your We will be partnering with other
mote a company managing a high-
approach on empowering growth and continuously improving leading M&A software companies to
employees to be more M&A environment via performance produce “breadth and depth” solutions
creative? measurement tools; a process model, in a collaborative M&A ecosystem.

DiliVer’s Virtuoso
Neil Kleinberg, Founder and CEO of DiliVer LLC
With 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive, management consultant, and lead technology
engineer, Mr. Kleinberg’s expertise spans the commercial and government sectors and many industries.
In his previous role, Mr. Kleinberg led corporate development buy-side and sell-side M&A activities at
enterprise software market leader ASI, and participated in more than 20 initiated transactions, including
a private equity raise. Prior to ASI, as President of VerticalFalls Software, which developed CRM
solutions for financial advisors working in brokerage firms, Mr. Kleinberg orchestrated a successful exit
as the company was acquired by Sage in 2007. Mr. Kleinberg is also currently an adjunct professor at
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, where he teaches Mergers and Acquisitions, Entrepreneurial
Finance, and Corporate Governance courses, and he is a Technology Commercialization Advisory
Board member at Johns Hopkins University, where he received his MS in Computer Science and BS
in Bioengineering. Mr. Kleinberg is also a mentor of the Washington, DC Metro Chapter of the Founder
Institute, and he was elected to the MindShare CEO Network and Alumni Association.