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Lesson Plan

School: Școala Gimnazială Vânători

Teacher: Roșca Mihaela

Class: 8th

Duration: 50 minutes

Skills: speaking,reading,listening,writing

Lesson: Too and Enough

Competences: by the end of the lesson students will have:

 Found examples of too and enough in a text ;

 used too and enough in sentences;

 written sentences using too and enough.

Developed confidence in speaking English.

Techniques: discussion, explanation, exercise

Classroom management: frontal, individual, groups.

Materials: handouts, pieces of paper, book, flipchart .

Lesson stage Competences Activities Teaching Aids Types of Skills
techniques interaction

Organization of The teacher greets the pupils and asks them conversation frontal Listening
the class about their day. Teacher establishes order in
the classroom.

Checking Teacher asks pupils if they had any Conversation Frontal Listening
homework homework.
T-S Speaking


Formulation of The teacher tells the pupils that they will Conversation T-S Listening
the object learn the lesson: Too and Enough .

Practice The teacher writes the lesson on the

whiteboard: too+ adjective+ full infinitive, Marker Speaking
adjective+enough+full infinitive and writes Conversation T-S
Whiteboard Listening
examples.The pupils write in their Explanation S-S
notebooks. Writing

Free practice
The teacher tells the pupils that they will
read a text. The teacher asks one student to Conversation individual
C1 Book Writing
start reading a text and then, the student
Explanation T-S
names another student to continue. Reading
S-T Speaking

The teacher asks the pupils to find the Conversation Book Individual Listening
examples of too and enough in the text and
C1 to write them on their notebooks. Exercise T-S Speaking

S-T Writing

The teacher tells the pupils that they will

receive handouts. They will have to Conversation
C2 Handout T-S Listening
complete sentences using too and enough Exercise
and they will also have to write answers S-T Speaking
using too and enough.

The teacher tells the pupils that they will

Further practice
work in groups of four. Each group will
receive a list of adjectives and they will Handout T-S Listening
have to write sentences with each adjective, Explanation
C3 using too and enough. They can use Flipchart S-S Writing
dictionaries if there are words that they Exercise
don`t understand. The winning team will
receive one bonus point at the following test
The teacher announces the homework: page Explanation
Giving C1 45 exercise 15. Handout T-S Speaking

homework Listening