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Garcia 1

Ana Garcia

EDU 220-1004

Nancy Stachura Webb

PEPSI Screening


For my PEPSI screening case study, I decided to do it on 11-year-old brother, Joaquin

Garcia. He was born on March 17, 2006, making him ten years younger then I am. He was born

and raised in Las Vegas Nevada. To a Mexican American family of both parent and two older

sisters. Being the only man in a Mexican-American family can be challenging but also

rewarding. Both parents have always been present in his life, giving him everything he ever

wanted. My sister and I always tell him how lucky he is because our parents were nothing like

they are with him with us. Joaquin is gamer, that like to be athletic as well. He practices

TaeKwonDo three times a week and in his free time, he likes to play video games. As of the

begging of this school year, he started walking by himself to school, which is two streets from

our home. It is his first year at Dell H. Robison Middle School.


Physical Development

When I think of physical development in relation to my brother, I think of the outstanding

athlete he is. In his short 11 years of life, he has done many things that not a lot 11-year-olds can

say. He is a Black Belt in taekwondo. With hard work and determination, my brother received

his black belt. I'll never forget how tired he was of training and trying to learn his Koryo. Long

nights of staying up and going his form multiple times to get it to perfection. He has also

competed since the age of eight years old. Having a collection of thirteen gold medals and three


Now that Joaquin is in middle school he wants to try different sports to keep him active. He

has always been an active child, knowing he needs to be active especially right now that he is

growing. He has tried out for his middle school soccer team and has made the team. I would say

my brother is your average 11-year-old boy, 5’2” weight about 92 pounds. He isn't thin but he

also is not overweight. As Surgeon General’s stated on Livestrong.com physical development

contribute significantly to a person’s health and well-being (General,2013) . I like to believe that

my brother being so active keeps him strong and healthy. He really gets sick and when he does

he recovers very quickly. His system being so fast does not allow verse to strike as easy as it

would to children that are not active or exposed to other germs.



According to J’Anne Ellsworth, early adolescents start thinking about their future and

their goals (Ellsworth,1998). Joaquin has some goals in mind but all are long-term goals that will

take a while for him to reach. But I know he will achieve everything and anything he puts

himself to. He is thinking of attending a magnet school for high school to start getting college

credits. I also know that not matter I will always support him to go to college and become a

plastic surgeon.

Ellsworth also stated that young adolescents do not like to be told what to do. And that is very

clear with Joaquin. He does not like to be told when to do or how to do things. He is always

arguing with my parents, sister and I. He likes to be seen as a young independent individual. I get

it he trying to find himself and have a good understanding of who he is and not caring with

anyone around him cares.

There have been times were Joaquin will go to his room and slam the door of how frustrated

he gets when things don't go his way. But it's gotten better because he is trying to control his

emotion himself and then comes out and apologies and talk about why he did what he did. Many

of the reasons he gets frustrated are because he doesn't want anything less the A in all has classes

and things don't always go as planned. As stated in our textbook many young adults blow up to

because they still are learning to control their feelings (Snowman, 2013).

There have been a few time where he goes overboard and can not control his emotion and

blows up. He has a strong character and everyone in this household does too. So when one blows

up everyone else does too. There has been one argument that was a bit out of hand. Joaquin

asked for permission to go to a friend house and we took him but found out he left the friend

house to go to the park. It was not a good thing my parents grounded him and he just burst into

tears. But he is very lucky to have such an understanding family that believes it is good to talk

out their problems.

Philosophical Development

Joaquina philosophical development falls in between “good boy-nice girl” and

“law-and-order” of Kohlberg's six stages of moral reasoning. According to Kohlberg in “good

boy-nice girl,” stage Children do things to make their parents proud of to somewhat get their

approval (Snowman, 2009). While observing Joquin I came across server times him seeking out

for my parent's approver or attention even for the smallest thing. For example, he was so excited

to tell my parents about him being one of the masters for his domes change of belt ceremony. My

parents knew he was going to be invited but he has to retell them, just to hear their feedback. He

wasn't happy until she hears them say “that's exciting! Your now a master, and we are so proud

of you.” Once they told him that they were proud. He was happy to go and certify the new

graduates with their new rank of belts.

I also state he was in “law-and-order” stage which mean children should be able to distinguish

right from wrong. Also known to respect adults or authority (Snowman, 2009). Putting himself

in other's shoes and not doing things that they would want someone to do to them. The reason

why I place Joaquin in stage 4 is that like any other child he gets too excited and on board and

forget to respect adults. He doesn't disrespect them but does sometimes consider them like his

friends and tries to play around with as if he was with someone his age. But as this happens he

realizes that they are elder and should be treated with respects and apologize for not doing so.

His parents are always reminding him that an adult is not his friend but someone to show respect


I had trouble really determining where he stood in the philosophical development so I had a

one on one conversation on what if. I ask Joaquin what would you do if someone was insulting

an older person? He answers really surprised me when he said he would go over and tell the

person to stop. If they did not listen he would call the police but still fight to help the older later

even if that meant he would get hurt. Then I ask what if you get hurt? He said its fine. I will be a

distraction so the older person won't gets hurt. Besides, the police officers will get there fast to

take the bad person to jail.

Social Development

As J’Anne Ellsworth stated in her PEPSI chart many young adolescents compare them

self to their friends, will expand their social development. They will do anything and everything

to impress or be cooler than their peers (Ellsworth, 1998). That they are only looking the be

“accepted” or to “fit in”. Children at this developmental stage tend to get away from issues to not

have to deal with them.

Joaquin has never struggled with the social skill he has always been very friendly. Since he

was in Pre-K he made friends from the first day and until this day has contact with those friends.

I always tell him he's a social butterfly because everywhere we go he makes at less one friend. I

have noticed that within five minutes of him being around new people he makes friends or starts

some conversation that gets the other individual interested. For example this past weekend we

went to Universal Studios and as we were walking to get on the Harry Potter ride he started

talking to a boy around his age. When we got to the front of the line they rode together because

they bonded so well. When the ride was over the young boy and his family spends the enter day

with my family all because the boys were having so much fun together.

Joaquin has always been the leader of his group of friends all because of his super friendly and

always welcoming any boy or girl that needs a friend to sit with at lunch or just have someone to

call a friend. Never really fearing if he was accepted or fitting in. I don't think that is or will be

one of his concerns. He is very determined to if they don't want to be my friend its okay there

will be many people out there that will be my friends. He has this very strong quote that he got

online somewhere “friends don't pay your bill”. Which he says is very true that true friend will

stick along if they are not aren't real friends they will exit your life. And that quotes really

surprise me because of that's an 11 year old talking like an adult. Joaquin can be very befriends.

Making everyone his friend and letting them not be his friend when they no longer want to.

He likes to make it clear that he does judge people and that he is always willing give a helping

hand. I think Joaquin is the way he is because he's the baby of the family. Both my sister and I

are a decade older than him. So he exposed to a lot of an adult state of mind and makes him very

mature for his age.


Intellectual Development

If I was to diagnose my brother with a one of Piaget’s cognitive stage of development I

would say he is in the formal operational stage. This is the stage where individuals are able to

deal with possible or hypothetical situations. I'm very glad to see that Joaquin is great at

problem-solving and dealing with issues that come his way. He might get frustrated at first but

will overcome the frustration and problem solve.

So I will also digest my brother at the speed of development stage of Piaget’s cognitive stage

of development because he can do things very impulsive. Without thinking of his conquest or

outcome. The speed of development can vary among each person some children do things

differently but still manage to get out of the stage and succeed(Snowman,2009). The reason why

I think Joaquin gets himself into a situation but always get out of it with his great

problem-solving skills. Joaquin has a pretty good understanding of when things go wrong and

they need to fix immediately He knows if things get too complicated he can always count on his

family for unconditional support. As Sastre-Riba stated “among other advantages, high

intellectual ability has personal value, because it is determining influence in the life of the people

whom endowed with it (Riba, 2013).

Like every child Joaquin age he is curious about the world he lives in. But he does know that

everyone's world is different and is what you make of it. He knows that he needs to stay in

school to have his dream car. He knows there are steps to be taken before activity big milestone

but he won't give up. Like he said “It needs to get done. And it will” he is very determined on

getting what he wants.


Running head: PEPSI SCREENING CASE STUDY Garcia 10


Joaquin is a very intelligent young man. Physically I would recommend to keep him in

sports to help him mature faster. I truly honor his achievements and how much sport and keeping

him activity has helped him grow as a person. Keeping him active will help him be healthy both

physically and mentally. With him knowing he has to take care of his body, his body with react

positive and expand his cognitive skill. Emotionally, Joaquin is very determined on knowing

about his feeling might not always know how to control them but is learning how to. I would

recommend that to continue to enforce the talking about you feeling theory. I saw that it was a

huge help for him as he began to get frustrated when things didn't go as he plan.

I would recommend Joaquin to work on philosophical development more than the other

four stages. He’s a bright child but does not do enough think about the outside world with

curiosity but towards finding what he thinks is the best for him. Having others approval is great

but he should know that his approval and decisions are the ones that should matter. My only

recommendation in his social development is to continue to be himself. Going out to the world

with a positive attitude and understanding others value even if they aren't the same as his. My

recommendation for intellectual development will be to not rush things and really think of what

is the best form. Family support is crucial for boys this age. So just keep supporting him and

guiding him to the right path. Overall Joaquin is a great kid that has developed greatly and one

day will be a great plastic surgeon.

Running head: PEPSI SCREENING CASE STUDY Garcia 11


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