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25 #2, February, 2018

51st Year! senseigk@budoshin.com

Questions are an integral part of learning. They help me realize ship. Is there an application I can print off and
areas of study that require clarification. Here are more send in? Also, I already have the home study
questions from BJJY members. Be aware that sometimes the videos that we can use to train together. I have
questions and/or answers are edited to depersonalize them. Shodan in Judo and can get them started on
ukemi while we are training. 122117
Also, none of the question responses, opinion, or editorial con- A: All you have to do to "sign up" your sons [& you?]
tent provide any legal advice in any form or manner regardless is to go to www.budoshin.com/membershipreg.htm
of how qualified or experienced the author may be. Always and secure the membership package[s] you wish.
consult a qualified attorney in your state if you need any type of There are no other forms to fill out. Ages 10 & 14
legal advice. are good years to start and your judo background
should help tremendously.
Q: I just wanted to thank you for the training vid-
eos that I purchase on the website from you. Q: Do have any further suggestions in proceed-
they downloaded ok and work fine. I was won- ing forward. 122117
dering if I could still put them on a couple of A: Other suggestions would be based on your sons
DVDs after watching them on the computer or is relationships/bond with each other as well as your
it either/or with the videos? 121717 relationship/bond with your sons. What I would avoid
A: If you want to burn the training videos onto dvds is comparing one son to another. The 14-year old
or thumbstick[s] or also save them to a tablet for may pick up things faster but keep in mind that
your own use that's up to you. Just don't make cop- [which I'm sure you already know] that each of your
ies for friends as there are copyright issues. sons will learn at their own speed and in their own
way. Your martial arts background & rank will help
Q: I'm curious what your experience had been you as their "sensei" and as their dad -- and you
regarding book endorsements...do they help in need to keep both separate. You'll need a lot of pa-
sales? 121917 tience & perhaps even fortitude not to get upset at
A: Honest answer is that I don’t know but I don’t times and always be positive. Remember, on the
think they hurt. Publishers use them so they must mat you're their sensei and your goal is to help each
help. I think if you get 1-2-3 top people it’s more ef- one do the best they can -- not necessarily be as
fective than 5-6. I think 3 is a good number based good as each other in everything they learn.
upon my experience in speech & debate that’s re-
ferred to as the “rule of three”. It seems that 3 rea-
sons for or against something satisfies most people
“acceptance level”. 1-2 reasons create an iffy posi- UPCOMING EVENTS:
tion. 4-5-6 etc is overkill & people turn off to your
position/argument regardless of how valid it is. Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Summer Camp
North Oaks Park, Santa Clarita, CA
Q: My sons have expressed interested in learn- Mid-August, 2018
Contact senseigk@budoshin.com for details
ing Budoshin Ju-Jitsu. They are 14 and 10 years
old. I was going to sign them up for a member-


STILL ONLY $89.95 for either format!
Shipping: mp4 = $0 & sent by internet usually within 24 hr.
dvd = US Priority Mail $10.50 [US] usually within 3-5 days
Go to www.budoshin.com/BJJhomestudy.htm to order using PayPal.

Very important: What goes on on the mat Q: Do you know anybody I can train with or
stays on the mat. Any issues should not be allowed school in the Boston area I could go to that does
to affect your parent/child relationship. Sidestep: My your style of jujutsu ? 122117
daughter studied jujitsu in my dojo starting at age 10 A: Unfortunately I don't have a dojo in the Boston
until she got a bit beyond her green belt. However, area. However, I do have a member in Boxborough
she continued to train on me, much like Inspector who is a 2nd degree black belt in another system of
Clusseau's houseboy in the Pink Panther movies, at jujitsu [which may be close to or identical to Budosh-
the most inopportune and unexpected times. At age in JJ, and a 5th kyu in Lexington. If you're interested
31 she still applies locks & holds on me before I in contacting either one please let me know & I'll
know what's going on. I'm not worried about her pro- send them your email address so they can contact
tecting herself, but it just goes to show that you're you directly.
boys may try stuff on you when you least expect it
[that's ok] or on each other [which might/might not
be ok].
The one thing you want to steer clear of is
expecting perfection in one thing before you teach/ NON-SEQUITOR
they learn another. I'm sure you know as a shodan by Niles
in judo, that learning is progressive and that practice
& time helps make technique execution better and I’ve been asked [?]
better. If you look at the belt exams you notice that to provide a monthly
some techniques show up repeatedly in different thought for you to ponder
forms or variations. So I would expect a 4th kyu to — because dogs can’t pon-
do an ippon seoi[l] nage better than 5th kyu or better der. Here my thought for
this month:
than a 6th kyu -- & perhaps know 1-2 variations of
an ippon seoi nage to some extent.
“A warm dry place to sleep is important.”
Please get back to me if you have any fur-
ther concerns. If you like my thoughts please let sensei
know. If sensei reads your comments to me I’ll wag
my tail! ☺
SUMMER CAMP: You might even have an interesting topic that
you’d like to have taught or you’d like to teach.


Again, rank is not relevant here. You’d be amazed at
how many good ideas I’ve gotten from my students
in 50+ years of teaching traditional jujitsu.
by George Kirby
You may be asking, why am I pushing
Just imagine: “summer camp” & it’s only the start of February?
= 3 days in beautiful Santa My rationale is simple. I’d like you to start
Clarita, CA, also known thinking about it. We all need to get out of the safe
as “awesome town” environment of our dojo every once in a while to see
during the warm sum- what other people are doing. Summer camp will ex-
mer months; pose you to different ideas and ways of doing things.
= 15 hours of quality in- You may then want to try those ideas out in your do-
struction by top sensei jo. If they work —- super! If they don’t, it’s something
from throughout the you tried but it didn’t work to your or your students’
United States [& some- real benefit. However, even your students will appre-
times other countries]; ciate and respect you for trying.

= an open and friendly environment where you can I know that the three-day summer camp isn’t
exchange ideas on the mat or over a meal; cheap, but it’s as inexpensive as I can make it. There
are fixed costs [such as facility rental] that I have no
= a chance to meet old friends and perhaps makes control over. There are also your additional travel &
some new ones; housing expenses facing you if you don’t live locally.
= a free copy of the video of summer camp so you However, putting your travel & housing costs
can review what you learned — but can’t re- aside, the camp itself is well worth the “investment”
member everything in terms of what you will learn and the relationships
= plenty of things for your family to do [if you bring you will hopefully establish.
them] while you’re “working hard” at camp. After all, that’s what summer camp or any
Yes, all of this & more is available if you join training camp or seminar should be about: your own
me for this year’s summer camp, probably the third personal growth and your potential ability to share it
weekend in August. with each other. After all, as one of my aunt’s said,
“You’re only alive as long as you’re learning some-
If you’ve never been to summer camp you thing.”
really should attend. Although traditional jujitsu is the
emphasis, all martial arts are welcome. As long as So, come to this year’s summer camp. Learn
you know your falling/landing skills you are usually something. Perhaps teach something. [Send me an
safe. Many of the topics can be applied across the email if you’re interested in teaching a 90-minute
martial arts spectrum segment.] But most of all, make friends and make
connections, because those connections will help
You should know that summer camp is not you continuously learn and grow in your understand-
just for high ranking black belts. As long as you have ing of the martial arts — regardless of your rank or
a 4th kyu or equivalent rank in your martial art you’re what you already know.
qualified to attend. Even though most of the partici-
pants are medium to high ranking black belts, all Learning is lifelong. Growing as a martial art-
those dan grades & titles get left at the door to the- ist is lifelong. And attending summer camp will make
dojo. At summer camp we’re all students and we all your flame of learning grow brighter!
learn from each other.
Q: Do you know where I could buy some mats Q: I wanted to ask you where could I look to train
for affordable prices online? I am going to try to at at budget prices that you could recommend?
find place where we can work out and I need to 123017
get some kicking shields and focus 122817 A: Your best bet to find an "inexpensive” dojo is at a
A: For Budoshin JJ you won't need shields or kicking local YMCA, community center, or parks & rec de-
pads unless you plan to be very aggressive with partments. Anyone teaching there is probably not
each other. doing it for a living but because they want to teach. I
You can get new mats on my website & can't really recommend anyone specifically. Howev-
they're usually delivered direct from the manufactur- er, you can check out the instructor by asking who
er within a couple of weeks. Regardless of where his sensei is/was and what organization certified the
you buy them you should get a minimum workout instructor's rank. You can usually check online to
area of 8x8' with 10x10' more desirable. I also rec- see if the organization actually exists & other details.
ommend 4x8' mats as they're easier to move & You might also ask the agency he's teaching at how
store. Also make sure the mats are designed for long he's been teaching there. Also, ask to watch a
adults & martial arts falls. couple or a few classes to see if you'd "fit in" to the
If you buy used mats make sure the mats are instructional program.
not bulging on the sides which indicates the foam is This last item is probably more important
breaking down. You might also check local recrea- than anything else.
tion centers as they might have mats you can use
there. Check eBay or sporting goods stores that sell Q: I Would love to learn BJJY. Are there DVD's
used equipment. You might also go online to find available for purchase? 123117
manufacturers who have had mats returned. Some- A: The Budoshin Jujitsu Black Belt Home Study
times even mats are available after martial arts con- Course series is available in dvd or mp4 format.
ventions if they've been loaned in exchange for ad- They are both priced the same [$89.95 for the set of
vertising. Last, if you can put a layer of carpeting or 8 dvds or 8 mp4 files] except there is no shipping
even carpet padding under the mats it may help the charge for the mp4 files which would be sent to you
impact you feel slightly. via Hightail, a drop box service I use.
You can go to www.budoshin.com/
BJJhomestudy.htm to purchase the set via PayPal.
If you want to purchase the set along with BJJY
membership [1 or 5 year] you can go to
www.budoshin.com/membershipreg.htm for the ben-

BUDOSHIN JU-JITSU efits of BJJY membership & then scroll down the
page to the blue section to purchase the Home
CROSS- Study Course/membership combination. There is a
discount for purchasing the videos & membership
CERTIFICATION together, but that's understandably your decision.
If you have any further questions please feel
Would you like to cross-certify your ex- free to contact me.
isting black belt to get your black belt in Bu-
doshin Jujitsu? If your answer is “yes” and you’re Q: I was thinking today while I was refereeing a
a BJJY member, the Budoshin Jujitsu Yudanshakai soccer game - yes a bad time to be thinking-
can help you reach your goal. where is ki with respect to the sciatic nerve? I
For more information click here. To download a always hear it being just below the navel and it
copy of the Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Cross-Referencing seems to me that it is pretty close to being in
Form, click here. . Once you complete the form [to front of where the sciatic nerve splits to go down
the best of your ability], email it to Sensei Marc each leg from the spine. Is it a coincidence that it
Tucker [7th dan & Cross-Certification Chairperson] is in front of a major nerve center (energy
by clicking here. Sensei Marc can also answer any source) or is there a relationship between ki and
questions you might have. the juncture of the sciatic? Not finding anything
with specific reference other than for acupunc- puncturist would say that there is a relationship be-
ture, but I don't see acupuncture as relative to ki. tween the two.
A: Interesting hypothesis. I even checked a couple Q: I talked a friend into working out with me, he's
of acupressure/acupuncture books I have & could into Aikido. So, what's the cost for both to join ?
not find a direct physical relationship between the 011218
sciatic nerve & hara/saiki tandan/center point. All I A: Good to hear from you. Here are your choices:
can say is that the hara should be along your y-axis 1 year membership for one person normally $40,
[vertical] from ears down to ankle. The hara/center now $36 through 1/25
point is located about 2” below the naval at about 1 year membership for TWO people normally $65,
the sacrum. now $58.50 through 1/25
From what I’ve also read regarding sciatica is 2 year membership for ONE person normally $65,
that it can be aggravated by bending over or being now $58.50 through 1/25
“unbalanced” [not proper posture]. I can see where 5 year membership for one person normally $130,
not having a balanced posture can put pressure on now $120 through 1/25
the sciatic nerve at the vertebre but that’s not a med- Please be aware that the discounted prices
ical opinion. are only valid through January 25, 2018.
So although it seems like there might be a I’m looking forward to working with you and
relationship between proper balance & irritation of your friend.
the sciatic nerve I’m stuck too. I’m not a medical per- Q: My training partner & I are going to film our
son so I can’t say anything for sure here. However, Green Belt Mat Test this weekend. I just had a
from past experience, I have no doubt that an acu-

1-Year US or international BJJY membership . . . $40*

NEW: 2-Year US or international BJJY membership . . . $65*
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Click on: www.budoshin.com/membershipreg.htm get your membership.
*ALL certificates will be sent via email as pdf attachments for you to print.

If you want “hard copies” of certificates mailed to you the following charges
[which includes postage & subject to change] will apply:
US — first class: $5 US — Priority Mail: $10.50
Canada — first class: $16 Canada — Priority Mail: $29
International — 1st class: $19 Int’l — Priority: $39 Int’l — Priority Express $50-70

[First class mail is NOT insured and delivery in some foreign countries can be questionable.
Priority Mail IS insured and delivery in most countries is assured.
International Priority Express is insured, fast, and assured in most countries — and expensive.]
LEARNING FROM THE DOJO the real moon. In making this commitment and show-
ing respect for each student, your teacher has put
by Jerry Heines
the student’s interest to learn above his desire to
maybe do something else like go to McDonald’s.
Respect is one of
Dojos are not for the Sensei, he/she has
the three cornerstones in
seen the moon. It is for the students, albeit the
our Ju Jitsu training (the
Sensei enjoys teaching and helping to develop the
other two being Honor
students’ skills physically, mentally and philosophi-
and Strength – mental
cally. I had a very wealthy person come into a dojo
and physical). We’ve
once many years ago. He asked how much were
learned how respect is
classes in a disrespectful way. I gave him the prices
developed from following
charged for classes and he pulled out a wad of mon-
the Dojo protocol through
ey, peeled off the amount required and dropped it on
bowing, being polite, etc.
my desk. I told him to pick up the money and he did
But what else can be
so with a puzzled look on his face. I told him I could
learned from the Dojo it-
not teach him and asked him to leave. He tried to
argue (now politely as he found money couldn’t buy
Do implies the “Way to Self-improvement”
everything he wanted) but I stood firm and asked
and we do this through our martial training. Jo
him to leave. I explained the way he approached me
means a room or hall in which to study. So Dojo is a
and the example he set for the students that were
hall in which to study a means for improving our-
coming into the club to exercise was very poor and I
selves through out martial training. The role of the
could not teach him as he could not recognize a
Sensei is to guide the student on this path by point-
teacher-student relationship. (Eventually he came
ing the correct direction through training. One meta-
back in 4-5 mos and this time I let him join.)
phor often used in Japan is that the student sees a
Very few Dojos offer a comfortable lifestyle.
reflection of a full moon in a calm still lake. The
But the Sensei knows the Dojo offers the correct life-
Sensei points to the true moon in the sky. Until the
style and to pursue that requires hardship, determi-
real moon is seen, the student continues to study
nation, commitment and respect. In turn, students
under the Sensei for seeing the real moon is far dif-
need to recognize that the Dojo is really a vehicle for
ferent than believing the reflection is the real moon.
them and need to support it. Class tuition typically
To know the difference is true enlightenment and the
pays to keep the doors opened. Typically, new stu-
ultimate goal in Ju Jitsu training. This no doubt is
dents have never had any training or instruction on
confusing initially but in time becomes so very obvi-
how very important commitment and respect to oth-
ous in its deeper meaning.
ers really is for a healthy society. It is in fact very sat-
As we train in the dojo we need our partners.
isfying as each student finds out over time when
Each relies on the other in order to train and if one
asked to help train new students. So we begin in
decides to go to McDonald’s instead of to class to
class with a bow and end with a bow. We all partici-
train it hurts both. Commitment is necessary from all
pate to clean and organize the Dojo. This develops
so that the dojo remains alive and this happens from
respect and equality (whether rich or poor, educated
developing a deep respect for your partner. It re-
or working class, etc.). We are all equal. It also helps
quires that each of us recognize there is something
to foster responsibility by accomplishing a cleaning
greater than us as individuals and really feel that
task. Typically, the sempai assigns tasks and in this
way internally. This feeling becomes a deep-rooted
way an order within the class is established. All
sensation in the form of respect and commitment to
these actions eventually are recognized as the cor-
others. Think of it, suppose your Sensei decided to
rect way to be not only to help maintain the Dojo but
go to McDonald’s instead of class and decided to
also one begins to express these attitudes to their
just not show up to teach. This doesn’t happen as
partners and others outside the Dojo. The Dojo can
the Sensei has made a commitment and shows re-
teach us much. All we have to do is open our eyes,
spect to all the students by always showing for class.
look in the direction the Sensei points and see the
Students know that their Sensei will be there and as
real moon.
a result your Sensei leads the way – like pointing to
couple quick questions. On the Ukemi, in the

ONLY video a few variations are shown for each fall.

My question is do we need to show all of them
for Green or are we meant to do the others as we
progress through the ranks? 011218
A: You will be tested on your ukemi only on the
CAN GET MY BOOKS rokyu exam. The mae ukemi should show a forward
roll, ideally from a standing position, breaking your
BACK IN PRINT fall & then coming up into a ready position facing
your “attacker”. The ushiro ukemi can have you
If you’d like to see my out-of-print books available starting in a squat or semi-squat position, rolling
again, either digitally [online] or in print, please con- backwards over one of your shoulders [head should
tact Michael Dillard, president of Century Martial be tucked to the other side] break your fall with both
Arts, at michael.dillard@centurymartialarts.com . hands & then come back up into a ready position
. facing your original direction. For the yoko ukemi
My out-of-print books are: you can start from a squat or semi-squat position.
Fall to your right and left, breaking the fall with the
appropriate hand and get up as best you can. As
Jujitsu: Intermediate Techniques of the there’s no momentum here to help you get up
Gentle Art Vol 2 #441 there’s no simple or pretty way to do it.
However, if you watch the video carefully,
you would be getting up into a sitting position as you
place one knee onto the ground, at a right angle to
the direction you’re facing, & place the other foot in
Jutte: Power of Ten-Hands Weapon #452
front of it, so that as you move into the sitting posi-
tion you continue your forward momentum so that all
of your weight is on the knee that’s on the ground.
Then move up into a kneeling position. From there
Jujitsu Nerve Techniques #473 you can stand up. You also want to practice this so
you can do it with no hands. It’s all a balance issue.
Just as an FYI, although most of my students
can do this by the time they test for green belt, it’s
not something I grade them on. Also, in case you’re
Jujitsu Figure-4 Locks #506 wondering why hands are used to help you get up?
It’s because if someone kicks at you or tries to knock
you back down you have your arms & hands to
block them with.
Please email Michael Dillard and let him know Whew! This was a long answer to a short
you’d like to see my books back in print or available question. If it confuses you please get back to me on
in digital format. Give 2-3 reasons for bringing it.
them back into print or digital format. Also, be sure
to ask Michael when they’ll be available online or Q: Also, my white judo gi pants had an unfortu-
back in print. nate trip through the dryer and shrunk a bit too
You’re the only one much. I have new pants ordered but wondered if
who can do this! wearing my blue judo pants would be ok for this
video? 011218
Thank you A: No problem. The world will survive and your
clothes dryer will be punished.
Note: Used or new copies are sometimes available Just as an FYI, I give my students who buy a
at www.amazon.com or www.ebay.com new gi the following washing instructions:
Q: Good morning Sensei. Should I email the Mat
DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH!* test to you or is there a different address for your
WASH IN COLD WATER ONLY!* hightail account? 011318
DO NOT DRY IN DRYER!* A: Here you go. Direct from Kokoro:
1. First time you wash your gi wash it in cold water Do you know that you can send large files, such
ONLY. It MAY shrink in cold water. You may use as your belt rank test/evaluation videos, [up to 5gb/
non-chlorine bleach [Clorox 2] if you wish follow- file] to me via my Hightail “dropbox” at https://
ing the directions on the container. Use a cloth- www.hightail.com/u/Budoshin for FREE as part of
ing softener [Downy] in the rinse, following the your membership benefits?
directions on the container. That’s right! Just click on the link above & follow
2. Once your gi is dry you will notice that the top is the directions. Also, you do NOT have to register or
really stiff. Grab the gi top by its bottom and sign up with Hightail to send me these large files.
swing the gi top against a solid [brick] wall a few
times. This will soften up the gi top a bit. Q: I need to buy the whole dvd program of jujut-
3. Try the gi top on. If the sleeve is even with your su . Are there any sales going on for all dvds?
wrists or 1-2” above your wrists and fits you then 011718
you don’t need to shrink it any further. If the A: Unfortunately I can't go down any lower than the
pants are about ankle length they’re the correct posted price which is already discounted for the set.
fit too. After you’ve washed your gi 5-6 more There might be a slight refund on the shipping but
times in cold water only & hang it up to dry [after that's about it.
you wear it in class], you can wash it with your Why not go for the mp4 format files. You can
regular clothes & dry it in the dryer. It shouldn’t save them onto any medium you wish & even burn
shrink. onto your own personal DVD set. Also, there are no
4. If your gi &/or pants are too big, wash them in shipping charges for m4p files.
warm water & hang to dry.
5. If they’re still too big, wash them in hot water &
hang to dry.
6. If they’re still too big, wash them in hot water &
dry them in a dryer.
Additional notes on gi care:
The more you wash a gi the softer it be-
Although I’ve always preferred to conduct
business in an informal manner, the time con-
If you roll your gi up properly after its dry
sumed, and after some discussion with PayPal, I
it will always look clean and neat [with have decided to adopt the following “official” policy
creases in the sleeves]. regarding mp4 file sales:
Additional notes on patch/crest placement:
You will have 10 days from the time I initially send
The Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Dojo patch [rectangle]
you each mp4 file to download purchased files.
is to be sewn onto the RIGHT chest
Once Hightail indicates you have attempted or
of your gi top.
completed the download of any mp4 file up to 2
The Budoshin Ju-Jitsu logo patch [round] is
times, the 10-day download period for the spe-
to be sewn onto the LEFT upper
cifically downloaded mp4 file[s] may expire.
sleeve of your gi top.
If you encounter any technical or other reasonable
Placement of other patches can be found in
issues that prevent you from downloading all the
the Budoshin Ju-jitsu Student Hand-
mp4 files sent to you via Hightail, you MUST
inform me via email of the problem/issue BE-
FORE the initially established 10-day download
*Judo gi or pants may not be returned once they are period ends.
worn or washed.
Mp4 video files are NON-returnable and NON-
Write an article for Kokoro!
I’d like to see more of you submitting articles for
inclusion in future issues of Kokoro. It doesn’t mat-
ter if you’re a white belt or a black belt — or any-
thing in between. I learned a long time ago that You can send large files, such as your belt rank
some of “my” best ideas came from students. test/evaluation videos, [up to 5gb/file] to me via my
If you’re concerned about proper grammar, Hightail “dropbox” at https://www.hightail.com/u/
spelling, etc., don’t. I’ll work with you if any rewriting Budoshin for FREE as part of your membership
is necessary as I’d like to see you have a great arti- benefits.
cle that other readers will hopefully respond to. It Just click on the link above & follow the direc-
can be on any aspect of the martial arts, although tions. Also, you do NOT have to register or sign up
relevance to jujitsu is preferred.. with Hightail to send me these large files.
E-mail your article to me or send it to me as an e
-mail attachment in MS Word or pdf format. All
articles are subject to editing.
If you are a reader please be aware I am not re-
sponsible for any content, suggestions, recommen- Protect Your
dations, viewpoint, or suggested, advocated or rec-
ommended actions presented by the author of any
article written/published or made in a written in-
quiry, statement or viewpoint which becomes part
of the Kokoro newsletter. and
If you're the sensei of any martial art or ac-
NO EXCUSES - - - tive in any organized sport you may be aware that
more & more insurance companies are requiring

NOW: 4 EASY WAYS to PAY! that you have some sort of "Concussion Aware-
ness" program in place in your school. One of the
best sources for such a program is the "Heads Up"
PayPal.Me Go to www.paypal.me for more infor- program [including free certification] made available
mation. Contact me before you use it to send me by the CDC [Center for Disease Control]. The
an order. coach's training course takes only 30-40 minutes of
PayPal: The most common way to pay for member- your time. For more information on this valuable
ships & merchandise. [About 2-3% of your total program go directly to: www.cdc.gov/HeadsUp/
purchase price goes to PayPal.] Go to index.html or www.cdc.gov/HeadsUp/youth.html .
www.paypal.com to get your PayPal account. For a direct link to the “Heads Up” training/
Zelle: If you bank at JP Morgan Chase, Bank of certification go to http://www.cdc.gov/headsup/
America, Wells Fargo, First Bank, Capitol One or youthsports/training/index.html . Lots of good & free
U.S. Bank [are there others?] you can use their material for distribution to other instructors in your
“Zelle” to send money to my checking account. dojo, students and parents too!
Skrill: Good for those of you who don’t use PayPal, The American Ju-Jitsu Association has also
especially international purchasers. Go to developed the Responsible Instructor Program
www.skrill.com for more info. [RIP] to deal with concussion awareness and other
safety concerns in a dojo situation. If you're inter-
NOTE: If you’re not using PayPal be please contact ested in the RIP program go to
me beforehand for possible s&h charges. www.americanjujitsuassociation.org/about/safety-