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Software/Information System Project Management

Draft Statement
Rift Valley University want to develop a software system which can able to solve students,
lecturers and finance department problems.
One of student problems are add/drop courses, contacting lecturers, getting required
information and unable to see their grades as their lecturer completed the grading. Lecturers
problems are unavailability of integrated system in university to post grades, lecture notes,
assignments, projects and no platform to get contacted with students to get close with
students that need support in education, psychology and other. A main problem that exist in
finance department is collecting course payment, material damaged (Books, Computers,
Chairs, etc.) payments and paying for staffs.
So, Rift Valley University want to completely solve these problems. It is required that the
proposed system should solve these problems. Students should able to add/drop, see their
grades and class, exam schedule, contact their instructors, post and/or see posted
information, evaluate their instructor, pay any required payments from them through the
proposed system. On the other hand, lecturers should able post grades, lecture materials,
assist their students and more. Finance staff should collect any payments and refund if
needed for concerning individuals/departments.
Administrator of the system is also required to manage all these integrated systems.
Administrator has to manage system security, user information, data in system, accessibility
issues, reporting and integrity issues. For all users, login and redirecting interface page after
logon is also mandatory for each user. Finally, University needs a system which is accessible
from any device (mobile, table, laptop, desktop).
Based on the above narrative, work on the following cases.

1. Lists all activities that may run in the system (10%)

2. Lists all actors in the proposed system (5%)
3. List all inputs and outputs to/from system (5%)
4. Lists all interfaces (components) that are required. (10%)
5. Design Activity Diagram for proposed system (20%)
6. Design Sequence Diagram for proposed system (20%)
7. Design use case diagram for proposed system (20%)
8. Design Deployment diagram for proposed system (10%)

End Date: Wednesday 13-12-2018

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Lecturer: Ararsa Lemmessa Software Project Management

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