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Brandi Busby

TPACK Creating Assignment Template

Subject Science

Grade Level Kindergarten


Learning K.9 The student will investigate and understand that there are simple repeating
Objective patterns in his/her daily life. Key concepts include a) weather observations;

Activity 1.) Throughout the week, in class, the students will keep a journal of what the
weather is like, Monday- Friday.
2.) They are to Draw a picture, write the day of the week and 1-3 key words
describing the weather (ex: Monday, Sunny, Warm, and Windy).
3.) At the end of the week the students will use the web 2.0 tool
readwritethink.org to make a comic strip. Each square will represent one day of
the week. The comic strip should be in order M-F.
4.) They should follow the directions below to navigate the website
5.) When they have printed they will cut out their pictures and glue them in order
M-F on a large piece of construction paper, the student can pick their color.

Experimental Learning
& Discovery

Technology http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/comic-

Brandi Busby

Directions 1.) Visit the website http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-

for Use resources/student-interactives/comic-creator-30021.html
2.) Click the orange “get started”
3.) The students will start by picking a title (ex. Weather Observations).
4.) Then a subtitle (Ex: Monday – Friday, 9/17-9/21).
5.) Then they are to put their name in the “Author Box”.
6.) They will pick the option “6” for the number of boxes. But they are only
required to do 5. If they want to make a 6th box they can.
7.) Each comic box has a caption bar, so please remind them to title the box with
the appropriate day of the week. They are allowed to do at least one box with
what activity they were doing because of the weather (ex. stuck inside because it
was raining).
8.) To make the comics they will click on the white block with a person, air bubble,
or tv on it. They will click the arrows left or right. Once they have figured out what
prop they want to use they will drag it to the screen.
9.) After they drag the prop to the comic the box will close and they will have to
open it back up.
10.) This tool allows very little customization so they cannot change the size of the
props and/or people etc.
11.) At the end the student should click “Finish” and the student will print their
Brandi Busby

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