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Escuela superior Politecnica de Chimborazo

Centro de Idiomas


Name: Jhon Remache

Date: 24/11/2018

Course: Sixth “O”

Halloween stories

The Halloween story will focus on the horror stories described in the following
paragraphs. First in an afternoon some people began to travel in their car in which
the child had no battery on their tablet so they focused on telling horror stories they
started to make a contest to see who told the most spooky story that only one
managed to tell a story that indicated that it was from real life cases, this story
focused on how a ghost appeared to them taking them along a damaged road and it
indicated that this was a haunted farm, so people did not decide to leave and simply
waited in their car and spent the night there the next day they found some friends
and told them how spooky they lived to see ghosts all this was happening as it was
Halloween and the ghosts roamed in the world of the living for being their only day
in which They could wake up to bagar in the world but everything began to change
when the story that had been told began to come true, realizing that they were The
same thing happened as they heard about the story, so the children begged their
uncle not to follow the foggy path, so they began to feel bad why he did not pay
attention to them and that the voice that took them along the way was the voice of a
ghost that coincided with the story of terror that still counted. In conclusion, it can
be mentioned that the Halloween stories have a touch of truth since these terrifying
stories began to come true in the real world