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Witch Mirror
Contributed by Raziel
Friday, 14 March 2008

History: Mirror was made two hundred years ago by

Disraeli Sanctarus & Sons for count Iskander Karnei of Thellabris.
No one knows that the count was in reality latent psyker and cultist of
Dark Gods.

At some time the Cult of Veil like was named Karnei's

organisation. A summoned greater daemon of Tzeentch who possesed cult
leader Psullus Aurelius Mortritus ordered Iskander to summon an other
daemon and bind him to a mirror and sell or give it first person who
will ask of it.

Years passed and at the Feast of St. Michaelus the

Wyrmslayer lady Fintilla Manicipe said she would love to have this
mirror in home. Iskander remembering the daemons order give it to lady
Manicipe. Now old lady leads several cults and cabals and is a daemon's

Description: If you look at the mirror you will see yourself

but you from the other side is alive. The man or woman from the mirror
will talk to you, slowly corrupting and binding you to his or her will
because the thing from the other side of mirror is a daemon summoned by
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