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Harvest Moon : Hero of Leaf Valley

Cooking Recipes 2
For a cooking guide, here is the complete list of recipes that are available in Harvest Moon: Hero
of Leaf Valley.


Name Ingredients Selling Price

Strawberry Jam Strawberry, Strawberry, Strawberry 160G
Orange Marmalade Orange, Orange, Orange 130G
Cranberry Jam Cranberry, Cranberry, Cranberry 100G
Blueberry Jam Blueberry, Blueberry, Blueberry 100G
Very Berry, Very Berry, Very
Very Berry Jam 140G
Mixed Berry Jam Cranberry, Blueberry, Very Berry 110G
Apple Jam Apple, Apple, Apple 120G
3 S. Milk, or 2 M. Milk, or 1 Large
Cheese 500G
Cheese Risotto Rice, Olive Oil, Cheese 600G
Hot Milk Milk18 180G
Squid Rice Squid, Rice 220G
Fried Squid Squid, Breadfruit 180G
Monkfish Stew Monkfish, any Vegetable 310G
Fine Cheese Gold Milk 600G
Yogurt S. Milk, S. Milk 350G
Chicken Grunt Vinegar Chicken Grunt, Miso, Green Herb 330G
Fried Huchen Huchen, Breadfruit, Olive Oil 350G
Marinated Sardines Sardine, Olive Oil 290G
Pickled Char Char, Rice 200G
Fried Shrimp Shrimp, Breadfruit, Olive Oil 330G
Marinated Salmon Salmon, Olive Oil 280G
Clam Chowder Clam, Milk 280G
Grouper Stew Longtooth Grouper, any Vegetable 340G
Fried Leatherfish Leatherfish, Breadfruit 200G
Blotched Snakehead, Tomato,
Canh Chua 280G
Green Herb
Salmon Cream Stew Milk, Butter, Salmon 330G
Miso Mackerel Mackerel, Miso 280G
Spanish Mackerel, Shrimp,
Spanish Mackerel Stew 360G
Pike Rice Pike, Rice
Seafood Stew Milk, Butter, any Fish 350G
Marinated Herring Olive, Oil 270G
Dark Sleeper Stew Dark Sleeper, Miso, any Vegetable 320G
Cod Soup Cod, Miso, any Vegetable 340G
Marinated Octopus Octopus, Olive Oil 360G
Seafood Risotto Rice, Olive Oil, any Fish 360G
Bouillabaisse Tomato, any Fish 240G
Tiger Globefish Stew Globefish, any Vegetable 340G
Stewed Masu Salmon Masu Salmon, Honey 240G
Boiled Octopus Octopus 90G
Boiled Egg Egg 80G
Triangle Soup Salmon, any Vegetable 240G
Stewed Fish Fish 120G
Fried Smelt Smelt, Onion 180G
Marinated Smelt Smelt, Olive Oil 230G
Boiled Lobster Lobster 140G
Porgy and Rice Porgy, Rice 270G
Loach Stew Loach, Egg 260G
Egg Custard Egg, Mushroom, Full Moon Berry 290G
Onion Soup Onion 100G
Gazpacho Tomato, Onion, Olive Oil 200G
Cream of Corn Soup Corn, Milk 190G
Chestnut and Rice Rice, Chestnut 220G
Carrot Coup Carrot, Milk 230G
Mushroom and Rice Rice, Mushroom 330G
Cream of Mushroom Soup Mushroom, Milk 250G
Croquette Potato, Breadfruit, Olive Oil 250G
Stew Milk, Butter 300G
Buttered Potato Potato, Butter 260G
Tomato Cream Soup Tomato, Milk 180G
Tomato Risotto Rice, Olive Oil, Tomato 280G
French Fries Potato, Olive Oil 360G
Porridge Potato, Milk 210G
Spinach Risotto Rice, Olive Oil. Spinach 310G
Baked Golden Potato Golden Potato
Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin, Milk 240G
Mashed Potatoes Potato 90G
Minestrone Tomato, Onion 200G
Boiled Corn Corn 80G