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Character Creation

● For stats, pick one of the following:

○ 3d6, twice, take the higher; repeat 5 more times; arrange to taste
○ 4d6, reroll 1’s once, drop lowest, in order
○ All start at 7, roll 9d6, drop lowest, assign each die to a stat
○ Special note: you will determine race, class, and possibly kit BEFORE determining stats.
If you do not meet the minimums need (must assign dice as best as possible to meet
requirements), you can either change your choices to fit or have your minimums raised to
meet the requirements, but take a -10% XP
● Starting HP: All level 1 hit die are maxed for hit points. In addition to Con bonus, include the
bonus hit points for your race.
● Save vs Breath Weapon is now Save vs Breath Weapon/Trap
● Leveling: Increase one stat at every 4 levels of a class. If you have percentile strength, an
increase brings you to the lowest value for the next category.

● Level Limits: Any demihuman may exceed their racial limit on a class, but it costs double the exp
to gain the next level. Bonus to max level based on prime ability score.
● Warrior’s starting Thac0 is 19
● Warriors & Shields: When wielding a shield, a warrior may destroy their shield to either: ignore all
damage from a weapon or unarmed attack OR to treat it as if they rolled a successful save vs a
damaging spell (can be done after rolling the save/seeing damage)
● Divine Casters: Do not need to memorize spells and can cast any spell they have access to on
command, but any spell can be refused by their God (GM)
● Bonus Spells for Wizards: Find the Int value on the Wisdom tale and gain the bonus Spells

● Instead of being only for languages, bonus languages from high intelligence are treated as bonus
Nonweapon Proficiencies; or as either for Warrior classes

● Shields: Different shields grant a bonus to AC, but also a penalty to Dex-based rolls and initiative:
Buckler +1/-1, Small +2/-2, Large +3/-3, Tower +4/-4
● Spell Component Pouch: Any class that needs material components may have a spell component
pouch. Record the amount of money spent and when a spell calls for a costly component, you
reduce the pouch’s value to have the component. To ‘refill’, you need to visit a shop that sells a
SPC and spend any amount to add that same amount to your own SPC.

● Individual Initiative
● When wielding a weapon two handed, either because it is two-handed or it has a two-handed
option, increase the damage bonus from strength by 50% (round down)
● Attacks of Opportunity