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i need a sop for biotechnology

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manjari Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 12:50 am Post subject: i need a sop
for biotechnology

Joined: 06 currently i am persuing msc2nd year

Oct 2008 _________________
Posts: 1 Manjari
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Site Admin Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 5:09 am Post subject:

Joined: 13 Hi Manjari
Apr 2007
Posts: 621 This is one of the most successful biotechnology SOP


“There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and
Christopher Morley

Long Term Goals and Areas of Interest:www.drrajusgre.com

I am Rithin Krishna Kodali. Having realized the essence of this wonderful

saying quite early in life, I would love to learn, earn and yearn to be
successful in life. The American Universities are the temples oflearning.
Eight semesters of formal education in Biotechnology has made me aware
of the vast opportunities in this area. Through the many opportunities I
have had here, I concentrated on acquiring knowledge not only through the
classroom teaching materials, but also through the volume of technical
publications available on the internet. I would like to continue working in
this field of science and technology, specializing in some select areas of
study. I have penchant for the field because it has a lot of potential to be
used in the treatment of diseases and formulation of both effective and
cost-effective drugs. As a long-term objective I would like to pursue
doctoral degree by involving myself in extensive research and development
pertaining to the same field.

Immediate Goals:www.drrajusgre.com

My short-term goal is to pursue my Master’s Program and imbibe some

invaluable information pertaining to my fields of interest, Immunology and
Biopharmaceutical Sciences to be specific. I would also like to follow up
my interests in other areas of similar areas through my course work. I feel
that this should be my next step on my road to a research oriented career in
Biotechnology. I would be most willing to work directly for a Ph.D. if it is
possible. However, I would be willing to do M.S. as a first step towards
obtaining my Ph.D.

Academic Background:www.drrajusgre.com

My alma mater Vamshi Residentail High School has been an eternal source
of guidance and inspiration. It was here that I realized the significance of
being called knowledgeable. I also realized that the pursuit of seeking
knowledge and spreading the aroma across is a Herculean task indeed. The
only formulae to success that our prodigious teachers taught us are
diligence and perseverance. In fact I am indebted to be an alumnus of such
a renowned educational edifice. When I secured a decent 80% in my 12th
grade I realized that I have the spark in me that has the potential to
illuminate my own career- path.

Subsequently I enrolled for a four year Bachelor of Technology degree

specializing in Bio Technology at the prestigious Anna University. I have
had a consistent academic record so far. I discovered my penchant for
Biotechnology even as a child when I used to visit my village. Therein I
witnessed the physical suffering of poor village dwellers owing to
indigence. I then resolved that I would come up with cost-effective drugs
that would come to the rescue of these poor human beings. There has been
no looking back. Since Biotechnology deals with some of my favorite
subjects Immunology and Biopharmaceutical Sciences; I wanted to arm
myself with the degree. Having gleaned information on the subject of my
choice, I would love to tread along greater paths of knowledge by way of
pursuing a Master’s and later carving an indomitable niche for myself as a
researcher and professional.

Preparation for Graduate Study: www.drrajusgre.com

My undergraduate sojourn has been both eventful and enriching. Since I

am passionate about the subject Biotechnology, my desire to delve deeper
into the domain knows no bounds. As part of undergraduate course
curriculum I undertook a project titled “A brief focus on the gene cloning
standardization for the configuration of vector parameters in order to apply
in liposome mediated adult cell gene therapy”, under the able guidance of
Prof. Balaji.S.Rao. The project work was part of research going on in the
institution NTHRYS Biotech labs. I was also inspired by the knowledge of
my Head of the Department who is a doctorate in Department of
Environmental Health from University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, Ohio
(U.S.A).I was motivated by him to pursue research as a career. I got hands-
on experience in experimental skills in qualitative tests for carbohydrates
and amino acids, biochemical tests, sterilization Techniques, isolation of
genomic DNA, electrophoresis, blood typing and differential count, PCR,
restriction digestion, southern and western hybridization, SDS-PAGE,
RFLP, Widal test, ELISA, DNA finger printing, Heamagglutination,
Immunofluorescence, etc., under his guidance. The experience has given a
sound theoretical and practical knowledge in this fields.Besides core
academiclearning I have a decent understanding of windows-99, 2000, XP,
C, C++ and HTML. I hold a certification in Bioinformatics.

At NTHRYS Biotech labs, I observed that researchers with a bachelor’s

degree had only a glimpse of their fields whereas those with advanced
degrees had an encyclopedic understanding about the the programming of
mathematical modeling of complex physiological processes, which
empowered them to think deeper about the intricate problems and propose
novel ideas to solve them. The creative satisfaction they enjoyed and the
holistic perspective they possessed inspired me and strengthened my
resolve to go for agraduate program that exposes me to the environment
that uses mathematical modeling and simulation software to solve research
problems. From this experience, I felt that research as a critical
examination of the problem at hand and may be even the solutions
proposed earlier, coupled with innovative thinking. After completing my
Senior year project, I firmly believe that my next logical step therefore to
make to a meaningful contribution to this field would be to obtain
agraduate degree in Biotechnology.
Reasons for selecting Worcester Polytechnic:

Your university is considered to be one of the best universities in

Biotechnology. Your faculty has distinguished researchers in the field of
Biotechnology. Therefore I feel that graduate study at your university will
be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step
towards achieving my career objectives.

Summing Up: www.drrajusgre.com

The Master’s Degree will offer me an insight into structural and functional
aspects of Biotechnology which I feel is essential to take up a career in
research. I am aware of the hard work and perseverance necessary for
research work and I know that it is not always as exciting as the published
results seem to indicate. Nevertheless, I am sure that my aptitude and drive
will see me through the challenge. Since Ambitions and aspirations are
better narrated in person I request theadmission board to have a dialogue
with me. I look forward to seeing my dreams come true by being an
alumnus of this great educational institution at the earliest.


All the best
drrajus faculty

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