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Classroom Environment Philosophy [Jason Savo]

I will be teaching Middle Grades English Language Arts and Social Studies. I believe in

providing a safe learning environment both physically and psychologically. It is important to

provide students with an environment where they feel comfortable contributing in classroom

activities. Each student will be made to feel important and that they matter. Inclusion is of the

utmost importance. The classroom should be a place of respect and cooperation. In order

establish this environment student and teacher expectations will be defined early and clearly. I

believe in order to build a community in the classroom peer to peer learning should be utilized.

In doing so, it gives students a sense of ownership over their education. This, as well as lessons

I’ve learned from this class and others on rewarding positive behavior are some important

lessons I have learned and included in my classroom environment philosophy.

I believe that the classroom should be a place of positivity and respect. Ralph Waldo

Emerson said, “The secret in education lies in respecting the student”. I feel respect is very

important in the classroom. In order to foster an effective and productive relationship with

students there must be respect from student to teacher as well as from teacher to student. I will

never raise my voice to a child or speak to them in a way that is belittling or demoralizing. I will

never talk down or at a student, but rather talk with them. As a teacher, I will work to always

handle situations in a calm positive manner to instill the confidence in each student that they can

to come to me with anything issue they are having. When there is a mutual respect

communication comes naturally. I believe when a student feels they are respected they will be

more open to instruction, constructive criticisms, and ultimately will feel comfortable in my

Classroom Environment Philosophy [Jason Savo]

I believe that a classroom should be a clean and organized environment. An

unorganized cluttered classroom has the ability to create a sense of instability. When a classroom

is organized, and its space is used effectively it can optimize student learning and reduce

distractions. There should be areas in the classroom for quiet reflection, reading, and peer to peer

activities. Having a clean and organized space can be an example for students.

I believe in the importance of inclusion in the classroom. Not each student has been

afforded the same opportunities as their peers. Some students have the extra support needed from

outside the classroom entities and some do not. Some students may have learning or physical

disabilities. The class is not one entity, but rather each student is an individual with their own

strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Lessons must be constructed to consider each and every

student. It is important to give each student a sense of responsibility, ownership, and feeling of

importance in the class. In order to obtain this, I must be diligent in recognizing the different

needs and abilities of each student.

I believe that students learn best through active involvement. Therefore, I will

provide students with countless hand on experiences that promote participation. When a student

learns by collaborating with their peers they feel a sense of ownership of their education.

Collaborating with their peers not only helps them to understand the class content, but also

teaches them valuable life lessons such as, cooperation, communication skills, and to recognize

and appreciate diversity. In life there is not always one right answer and when a student realizes

this they realize they are allowed to think for themselves and may gain confidence in their own

ideas. In order to do this, I would like to create a safe environment for my students that promotes

risk taking and where failure is simply an opportunity to improve.

Classroom Environment Philosophy [Jason Savo]

I believe all children can learn but each have different learning styles. It is important

for a teacher to provide opportunities and activities that are developmentally appropriate for each

child. No all students learn the same and not all students express their knowledge in the same

way. More importantly, I will work with each student to find different means of gaining and

expressing their knowledge.

Dear Parents or Guardian,

Welcome to the 8th grade! I wanted to take this time to introduce myself to you and

express how excited I am to work with your child this year. I love teaching and learning about

history. It is my goal for my students to feel a connection with the past. More than this though, I

feel it is important for my students to grow and develop through examining the issues that will be

covered in this class. It is my goal to show them not only a connection to the past but to have

them examine the world around them and their place in it. I have set high standards for our

classroom and they are as follows;

1.) Our classroom is a place of positivity and respect

2.) Students should be prepared and organized

3.) Students are expected to be active participants

Since we have a shared interest in your child’s success, I feel you are an important part in

your child’s education. It is my belief that home-school communication is very important. I

welcome your comments and feel free to contact me at school by calling the office at (xxx) xxx-

xxxx. After school hours I can be reached by email at Jsavo@ncsu.edu. I regularly check my

email, but please give 24-48 hours for a response. I view our classroom as a community, a

community that I welcome you to be a part of. I look forward to meeting you at our Meet the

Teacher event. You can stay up to date on your child’s progress, work, assignments and due
Classroom Environment Philosophy [Jason Savo]

dates through the Remind app (https://www.remind.com/) and Canvas app (https://canvas.com


Mr. Jason Savo

In conclusion, my classroom environment policy is one of caring, inclusion, and learning.

I believe the classroom should be a place of respect, community, and safety. One change that I

had from the beginning of the semester is the addition of my beliefs on differentiated learning.

This includes both how they gain knowledge and express knowledge. I believe that through

creating a positive and purposeful learning environment that addresses and promotes my

beliefs I will be able to ensure that each student will be motivated and aware of their amazing

potential and personal strengths.