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Men of Masochism: Prominence of Male Prostitution in History

What is the first thing that comes to mind when the word “prostitution” comes along?

Maybe it's “women”, “corners” , or “sex-work”, but the one word you may not have considered

is “males”. It’s as clear as day that prostitution exists, but what information is truly known Commented [SH2]: Too many spaces after the comma?
Plus a couple of grammar errors.
about male workers? What is really known about males and their role as prostitutes? Deleted: role in prostitution?

For as long as prostitution has existed, it has been defined as the involvement of

people in sex labor males have been involved in the exchange of sex for needs, wants,

and other things supplied . But that is the only perception of male prostitution is what Commented [SH3]: Maybe comment specifically what the
things that are “supplied” are
we’re told. Better yet, that is the only part of prostitution highlighted in history The

history behind male prostitution is deeper than a currency exchange. Male prostitution

has been around for many centuries, shaping views of many people and even going as far

as shaping governments and becoming an action of superiority. However, it has never Commented [SH4]: Interesting point!

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become a prevalent topic of discussion in our world today. The impact that mainstream female

prostitution has compared to male prostitution as well as the views of homosexuality have made

male prostitution and its history less than what it stood for. . There is a lot of information that
accompanies male prostitution. The meaning, the impact to culture and just the general history of Commented [SH5]: What exactly is this information?

it is something that’s covered up to society. Regardless, male prostitution has been around

throughout all time, and is an occupation which entails a lot of history .

Male prostitution has been around during times of ancient civilizations like Rome, Japan

and mainly tracked and recorded to its earlier times in in Greece. As told by the article “The

Untold Story of The Male Prostitutes Ancient Greece”by Alejandro López, male prostitution

was used as a form of male superiority. In Ancient Greece, homosexualitysexual orientation had

little role in anything that happened there, so it was easy for men of the same sex to have

relations with one another. As a result, the prominence of male prostitution dramatically

increased; it was equally as common as female prostitution. It and was also more recorded and

popularized. This was due to the role that masculinity played in sex.

Jaylyn Grier

Malcolm Campbell

UWRT 1104

04 November 18


While men who payed for women were naturally superior, “...masculinity expressed a

“superiority principle” during sex, creating an “active-passive” binomial. Binomial meaning the

structure in the bedroom , the dominator and dominated. This meant higher officials of

government would use male prostitutes as signs of power. This active passive binomial made it

so that an official would be considered the “penetrator” while the prostitute would be the

inferior. In a sense, male prostitutes were the epitome of superiority and inferiority.
Male prostitution began to expand into other civilizations and carried on, throughout

centuries. It became apart of many traditions and was even apart of the theaters of those

civilizations, specifically, in Japan during the 17th century. During the Edo period, kabuki

became an adored form of theater. Kabuki for the japanese was a form of theatre where male

actors played more feminine roles. The actors, mostly pubescent boys, were the embodiment of Commented [SH6]: This is good background information

androgyny feminine ,and put on shows for many people. On the side, they worked as prostitutes

for the merchant class men who were looking for cute, androgynous men. “History of Same-Sex

Samurai Love in Edo Japan”, written by AllAboutJapan, supports that statement, as this article

Jaylyn Grier

Malcolm Campbell

UWRT 1104

04 November 18


writes out the connection between the theatre and prostitution. The article states that the male

prostitutes or Kegema (陰間), “...became extremely popular among the merchant class in the

Edo Period, and the popularity of prostitution was one of the reasons why the “golden age of

homosexuality" in Japan…” became such an empire that it was.

Unfortunately, during the post-Edo period, the western definition of homosexuality

stained the culture of Japan. The western civilizations looked at homosexuality through the views

of the Bible,.The western civilizations looked at homosexuality through a resulting in any forms

of homosexuality banned and legal, even to this day. The western hemisphere’s did not only

affect Japan’s prominent prostitution, but that of England’s as well. It was during the 19th
century, when the Cleveland Street Scandal occurred. This resulted in the discovery of an illegal

brothel, where male prostitutes worked and marked a huge diminish in the field of male

prostitution, due to.This resulted in male prostitutes being afraid of jail time Charles Swinscow

was a young boy who worked as a telegraph boy. He was paid mere wages to do his job, which is

why it was very odd when his inspector noticed he had 19 shillings, almost a full pound in

english currency. He was not a male prostitute, however, the place where he had received this

payment was home to an illegal brothel; there male prostitutes were able to do there jobs and the

Jaylyn Grier

Malcolm Campbell

UWRT 1104

04 November 18


telegraph boys like Charles kept secret in exchange for increased wage. This scandal was just a

forefront of discovery of brothels, as well as the continuation of the shunning of male


An example of male prostitution in the western hemisphere would be the Red Light

District, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. An article entitled “The Meeting of Miches: In Brazil Machismo

Rules and Male Prostitutes Rarely Dare Admit They Are Gay, but the Miches, or Hustlers, of Rio

Are Starting to Come out of the Shadows”, it discusses the role of “miches”, the male prostitutes,

and their involvement in sex work.

The Red Light District is known as the sex capital for Brazil. It is known for the various

pimps, drug dealers, and prostitutes, male or female. They walk the strip selling their bodies for
needs, wants, and survival, like most male prostitutes through time. However, they differentiate

in comparison to male prostitutes of earlier times because these prostitutes are mainly pimped

out and working in an illegal high-risk area. They normally are walking the strip, alongside

pimps and other prostitutes, whom make sure they fulfill their jobs. According to the article, “To

be a hustler, or miche on the streets of Brazil is to belong to the fringe, and quite often to be part

Jaylyn Grier

Malcolm Campbell

UWRT 1104

04 November 18


of the cycle of drug abuse as well.” With this fact, it is shown that male prostitutes hold a place

among many branches of work that coincides with their duties as well. With the western

hemisphere’s views on male prostitution, the Red Light District is full of active duty cops, both

undercover and in uniform. These cops go around questioning the people as well as arresting

people in connection with any form of illegal. This includes male prostitutes as well. Commented [SH7]: Form of illegal what?

Homosexuality obviously played was a major factor of male prostitution and it's

prominence. But for the western hemisphere specifically, the demise and negative connotation Commented [SH8]:

of male prostitution truly began to form. This would changed the perception of the men who did

this and result in killings, arrests, and laws against homosexuals. A recent killing reported by Commented [SH9]:

“The Root” investigate the killing of a black male escort. All that is known is that he was killed

by drug overdose. However, much cannot be said about what happen to him. It can be inferred Commented [SH10]: Maybe say where this came from?

that due to the wishy-washy laws and support of homosexual men as well as prostitutes, it is not

top of the bucket list to be solved. This single incident can put all male prostitutes on notice to
look out for their safety. Because of the lack of help or respect for them as people and workers,

as well as the western hemispheres views, they really have nothing to look after them, nothing to

help them, and nothing to possibly restore prominence to it again.

Jaylyn Grier

Malcolm Campbell

UWRT 1104

04 November 18


More recently, male prostitution has now started to surface again in the USA. With sex Commented [SH11]: Maybe discuss more about the
present, like this, than the past?
becoming more mainstream in our culture, it is easier for all sex work to be introduced into our

way of life. In that happening, male prostitution is not only considered for male-to-male contact

but for straight people as well. Slowly, male prostitutes are beginning to open up to the

public, doing interviews about their day-to-day. With influencers like Markus, a current gigolo,

male prostitutes are becoming more open to being interviewed. With his help, male prostitutes

are becoming more open about what they do; for them, it is becoming a respected profession and

not just a burlesque-ish, provocative, and slinky job. It has, even come so far that there is now a

legal male prostitute in America.

An article written by GQ introduces us to Markus, Aamerica's first legal male prostitute. Commented [SH12]: Maybe put this paragraph before the
previous one?
In this interview, he talks about his journey into male prostitution. He discussed topics like what

it’s like to be a gigolo and what gives him an advantage? Now although it’s Markus’ journey is

very interesting,. However, what’s more important hereinteresting is that Markus’ story has
managed to create a path for male prostitution to be normal and not something that is shamed


Jaylyn Grier

Malcolm Campbell

UWRT 1104

04 November 18


For many reasons, some people believe that prostitution in general is just bad. It’s a

meaningless act to some, that means to anyone or anybody. However, male prostitution is more

than that. Sure it may be to help pay for needs and finances. But to some, it’s a job, a career, or

minor setback for a major comeback. Markus from the GQ article went into many ventures

before he decided to be a male prostitute. He went to college, did adult films, but it wasn’t

something he was passionate for. In doing his job now, he feels he is doing a service for the

world. Besides Markus, the Kegema men of 17th century Japan, and even the men of ancient

Greece all were doing more than just sex-for-pay. In each system, in each society, it was

something more than meaningless sex. The men in prostitution throughout these times did

something that would eventually shape history and cultures.

Male prostitution throughout time has been through many different steps. Through it Commented [SH13]: Good conclusion paragraph

being a forefront in government, to theatrical side jobs, to capital punishment, and finally a new

beginning to men everywhere. Regardless, male prostitution has shaped politics, religion, and

even ethics. What is shown about prostitution to people today expands way more than what is

shown, as seen by many articles. The history of prostitution for males expands and goes deep and

it the history behind is even deeper than what is known.

Jaylyn Grier

Malcolm Campbell

UWRT 1104

04 November 18

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