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FGGSA-17 ay creinr/ Register No. 2017 Guings asensudgntd 2 crorg. ‘This Question Paper is Descriptive Type in Degree Standard. ii) Manggsromangy slp opp yada amarisaia acreng. Cpqid sCoab Deusen, rider augedla sri Odor GAL j5Car gpk, curongy ‘The Question paper is printed in Tamil and English versions. In all matters and in ¢ doubt English Version is final. Jes of iii) QsCpima Gunpssacy, spans qysashGen opp GopGdsmod eypsusharaCarn sefuns WnAGLcinsch GEVSLLIL Aone ‘There is no reservation of marks for neatness of execution and correctness of spelling in respect of this paper. Sag Milley — 21 SECTION —A (isd Sifu syorole cRenr_wishiéeib Sent eure) (Very Short Answer Type) G4: i) GACandnAd Gb 30 GenpsqsG Wamod Sle_uchésayo. Note: Answer not exceeding 30 words each. i) QaGaung Bemeilp eb epenp) wALALanscr Each question carries three marks. fi) AanGsaiUc Garr EpLiLigeagpg) Slomndsaiid cronaiGuigd qpLigi Renda ee int tb aflen_wofléseytd. Answer any thirty questions only out of thirty five questions. (80x 3= 90) ‘Qecienen ionBlaid erénp Quest spongy crap wnipouceg eevemp? How was the name Madras State changed into Tamil Nadu? ‘Ascrnen unplog her gros Qusswaden sheng’ cry HAAS Gotquinit oeuirssnencs ys Ud! - Géenpop PwrusciiGsgis. Avinashilingam Chettiyar can be counted as ‘The Father of Library Movement in Madras State’ Justify. Yorn 2.Lcruyderauden cpaduggiaidong amsawns asonyes Sketch the importance of the Poona Pact. signe q& Qoaden epsdrenn Quid jsensrs GAIIDS: Point out the Chief features of the Carnatic music. 3 FGGSA-17 (Bewcius/Turn over 10, 11. 12. 13, 14. 1964 au yan rane; Dydecrerous aliGandrar ond LagKt endvsiN «OSp pLommsesads wien? What were the measures taken by Lal Bahadur Shastri to tackle the Food crisis of 1964? ardinamoar yprCerppapa ani QuisajSén widened EAUIOS Point out the Aligarh Movements’ role in uplifting Muslims. gqtucr ouroominds UDGanane ee Pappas? Why did Jallian Walla Bagh Massacre take place? snp Peder aGpA AL Ben ~aduypgiausens @LuIOS. ‘Trace the significance of the Swadeshi Programme of Gandhiji? Queitsaiidr Goidum 46 CEG 278 Gane ayps osc winonas? : What were the acts passed by Nehru Government for the upliftment of women? a¢ps Si Os Qusss AE revert sb Gr Agumonafen cpus UieiSlenen sniys, Mention the, important contributions ‘of Ishwar Chandra Vidhya Sagar in-social reform movement. “gp pr_mwis fen" ApLijzoner avenge. Write the significance of “Kathak” dance. 1885