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University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

Sub Campus Toba Tek Singh

(Final Year Project Proposal)

Project ID:_____________________ (To be allocated by the Project Office)

Name M.Hamza Shakir Reg. No. 2015-ag-7989
Program BS (Computer Science) Semester 7th
Session 2015-2019 Date October 15, 2018
Email hamza.shakir727@gmail.com Mobile #: 0313-1717312

Project Title Product Specification & Review Web

Nature of Project Web Application

Project Description This web is about specification and review of different product. Web is
showing all specification of a product like as a mobile. The price of mobile or
product and its feature all listed on website. User can compare 2 or more of
product on web so that they chose best product. User can also give review
for a product on web which he used. So user can also view review of
different product on web and judged the quality of the product.

Features 1. People can see all the specification of a product.

2. People can compare different product specification and price.
3. People can view review of different people on web about who
already use that product so he judged the quality of the product.
4. People also give their review about any product which they used.
5. Due to online shopping some time people can’t get that quality of
product which company mention on website. So with the help of this
web people can read review about that product.
Tools & Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, Java Script, JQuery, Ajax,
Technologies MySQL.

Tools: Photoshop, Sublime text editor, XAMPP Server, Google Chrome.

For Approval of Advisor

Name: Mr. Muhammad Ali Imran
Designation: Lecturer

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Meeting Required: Date:____________ Time: _________ Place:___________
Rejected: __________________________________________________________
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