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Wednesday | December 5, 2018

Remembering a President Locals recall

Bush’s 1989 visit
to Golden Triangle
President gave
commencement speech at
MSU on day of drizzling rain
By Slim Smith

The visit lasted only a few hours and was,

by presidential standards, a no-frills affair.
His contact with crowds was limited to
waves and even some who shared the stage
never got as far as shaking his hand. The
event went through without a hitch, despite
the drizzly weather.
Yet almost 30 years later, those who were
there still remember the day George H.W.
Bush, the nation’s 41st president, arrived
in the Golden Triangle to deliver the com-
mencement address at Mississippi State on
May 13, 1989.
“I don’t remember the details of what he
said, but he was very self-deprecating and
the focus of his speech was on the gradu-
ates,” recalled Dan Snowden, a 1987 Lee
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky High graduate who was a sophomore at
Visitors file past the flag-draped casket of former President George H.W. Bush as he lies in state in the Capitol Rotunda MSU that spring. “There wasn’t the sort of
in Washington on Tuesday. Bush, the nation’s 41st president, died Friday at age 94.
See Bush visit, 8A

A nation’s farewell for George H.W. Bush

Ceremony at Washington National Cathedral will coming — among them,
George W. Bush will
cap three days of remembrance for nation’s 41st eulogize his father —
and President Donald
president; Bush to be buried Thursday Trump will attend but is
not scheduled to speak.
By CALVIN WOODWARD, LAURIE The ceremony Wednesday at Wash- Also attending: one king
KELLMAN and ASHRAF KHALIL ington National Cathedral, the nexus (Jordan), one queen
The Associated Press Bush
of state funerals, will cap three days (Jordan), two princes
WASHINGTON — The nation’s of remembrance by dignitaries and (Britain, Bahrain), Germany’s chan-
capital bids its final farewell to the late ordinary citizens as they honored the cellor and Poland’s president, among
president, George H.W. Bush, in a ser- Republican president who oversaw the representatives of more than a dozen Dispatch file photo
post-Cold War transition and led a suc- countries. Former President George H.W. Bush shakes
vice of prayer and praise that is draw- hands with Columbus Air Force Base’s Col.
ing together world envoys, Americans cessful Gulf War, only to lose re-elec- Also expected in the invitation-only
James L. Higham in this 1989 Dispatch file
of high office and a guy from Maine tion in a generational shift to Democrat crowd: Mike Lovejoy, a Kennebunk-
photo. Bush arrived at CAFB on Air Force
who used to fix things in Bush’s house Bill Clinton in 1992. port electrician and fix-it man who has One before speaking at a commencement
on the water. The four living ex-presidents are See Bush farewell, 4A address at Mississippi State University.

Shooting victim had Columbus CFO suspended without pay

tense relationship
with ex-girlfriend
in wake of budget deficit revelation
Councilmen criticize Rawle Columbus Chief
Financial Officer
for not presenting clear Milton Rawle,
standing, appears
An arrest affida-
vit The Dispatch ob-
picture of city finances sooner before the city
council Tuesday
tained from Lowndes By Zack Plair
evening at the
Municipal Complex.
County Justice Court zplair@cdispatch.com
The council sus-
sheds light on the tu- pended Rawle for
multuous relationship Columbus Chief Financial Officer Milton 16 working days,
between a weekend Rawle has been suspended for 16 working without pay, for
fatal shooting victim days, without pay, for failing to comply with failing to provide
and the woman he job performance standards. city officials a clear
was allegedly attacking when he City councilmen voted 5-1 Tuesday eve- picture of the city’s
was shot. ning to suspend Rawle. It came two weeks financial status in a
timely manner. The
Tymechi-Ali Lachil Spann, 26, after he surprised them with a report show-
city operated at
of Macon, died during surgery at ing the city had operated at an $881,000 defi- a near $881,000
Baptist Memorial Hospital-Gold- cit in Fiscal Year 2018, which ended Sept. 30. deficit in Fiscal
en Triangle Saturday after being The council in its Nov. 20 meeting amended Year 2018.
See Affidavit, 5A See Rawle, 5A Zack Plair/Dispatch Staff

Weather Five Questions Calendar Local Folks Public

1 What did the First Vatican Council Today meetings
declare the Pope to be? Dec. 10:
■ Artesia Christmas Parade: All entries are
2 In “The Sound of Music,” which is Columbus Mu-
not one of Maria’s favorite things — welcome in this 6 p.m. parade; cash prizes given.
Refreshments served. For entry information, call nicipal School
strudel, packages, tea or snowflakes?
3 What signature two-word phrase did 662-272-5104 or 662-386-3065. District Board
Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster Harry regular meet-
Kalas use to call a home run?
Julie Krieger
Kindergarten, Annunciation
4 What two U.S. state capitals end in Thursday ing, 6 p.m.,
■ Town & Tower: Town & Tower hosts its annual Brandon Cen-

46 Low 25
5 Where did Mr. Burns of “The holiday luncheon and awards Community Service tral Services
High Simpsons” go to college — Harvard, and Campus Service awards. Cost $15; payable at Dec. 14: Lown-
Princeton or Yale? the door. RSVP by Dec. 3 to muw.edu/towntower. des County
Answers, 8B
Full forecast on Call 662-329-7119 for more information. School District
page 2A. ■ Festival of Trees: Stroll through a wonder- Board, 12:30,
land of trees decorated by local businesses and
Inside organizations at the Columbus-Lowndes Public
District Office
Dec. 17: Lown-
Classifieds 7B Obituaries 4A Library, 314 Seventh St. N., from 4-6 p.m. Visit
with Santa and enjoy live music, refreshments and des County
Comics 4B Opinions 6A
Crossword 8B NATS 7A crafts. Vote for your favorite tree through noon on supervisors, 9
Dear Abby 4B Dec. 6. For more information, contact the library, Brenda Maury, of Noxapa- a.m., County
139th Year, No. 229 Food 5B 662-329-5300. ter, loves to decorate. Courthouse


2A Wednesday, December 5, 2018 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Did you hear?

Actor-comedian Kevin
Hart will host 2019 Oscars
2019 Oscars
Prosecutors recommend no jail
“I will be sure to make
sure this years Oscars are
will be broadcast a special one,” Hart wrote.
Hart takes over hosting
Feb. 24 on ABC
The Associated Press
duties from Jimmy Kim-
mel, who presided over the
last two ceremonies, includ-
ing 2016’s flub that resulted
time for cooperative Flynn
LOS ANGELES — Kev- Former national security
Trump praises witness who
in the wrong best picture
in Hart has a new job — he winner being announced.
will host the 2019 Academy Last year’s ceremony was adviser participated
Awards, a role the prolific an all-time ratings low, and
in 19 interviews
actor-comedian says fulfills
a longtime dream.
Hart announced his se-
the film academy has an-
nounced a series of chang-
es to the upcoming show .
with prosecutors refuses to testify against him
lection for the 91st Oscars Those include shorten- The Associated Press
in an Instagram statement
ing the broadcast to three The Associated Press
Tuesday. The Academy of WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump praised
hours, and also presenting
Motion Picture Arts and WA S H I N G T O N a key witness in the Russia investigation Monday for hav-
certain categories during
Sciences followed up with — President Don- ing the “guts” not to testify against him, and said his for-
commercial breaks and
a tweet that welcomed him ald Trump’s former mer lawyer — who cut a deal with prosecutors — should
broadcasting excerpts of
“to the family.” national security head straight to prison.
The announcement those winners’ speeches
adviser provided so In a pair of politically charged tweets, Trump made
came hours after trade later in the show.
much information to clear that he is closely watching those who turn on him
publication The Hollywood The 39-year-old Hart
the special counsel’s in the special counsel’s probe, which has ensnared some
Reporter posted a story has become a bankable star
Russia investigation of the president’s closest advisers. So far, five people in Trump
calling the Oscars host po- with films such as “Ride Trump’s orbit have pleaded guilty to federal charges.
Along,” ‘’Jumanji: Welcome that prosecutors say Flynn
sition “the least wanted job he shouldn’t do any prison time, The tweets add to mounting questions about whether Trump is tak-
in Hollywood.” to the Jungle” and “Night ing steps to improperly influence witnesses in an investigation that has
School.” according to a court filing that de-
Hart clearly doesn’t feel scribes Michael Flynn’s cooperation enraged him and shadowed his administration. Some legal experts,
that way, writing on Insta- Celebrities including though, say they may not amount to witness tampering if Trump didn’t
Martin Lawrence and as “substantial.”
gram that it has been on his The filing by special counsel Rob- directly tell others what to say or not say.
list of dream jobs for years. Chris Rock, who hosted Trump already has come under scrutiny from critics who fear he
the ceremony in 2005 and ert Mueller provides the first details
The 2019 Oscars will be of Flynn’s assistance in the Russia may use his executive power to protect himself as well as friends and
broadcast Feb. 24 on ABC. 2016, posted congratulato- supporters. Last week, Trump told the New York Post that a pardon
ry messages about Hart’s investigation, including that he par-
“I am blown away sim- ticipated in 19 interviews with pros- for his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was not off the table.
ply because this has been selection Tuesday night.
ecutors and cooperated extensively
a goal on my list for a long “Damn I’ve lost another
in a separate and undisclosed crimi- trates the breadth of information Trump bonded with during the 2016
time...To be able to join the job to Kevin Hart,” Rock
nal probe. But the filing’s lengthy re- Mueller has obtained from people campaign.
legendary list of host that posted on Instagram, echo-
dactions also underscore how much close to Trump as the president Trump has repeatedly lamented
have graced this stage is ing a joke he told during his
Mueller has yet to reveal. increasingly vents his anger at the how Flynn’s life has been destroyed
unbelievable,” Hart wrote. 2016 opening monologue.
It was filed Tuesday, two weeks probe — and those who cooperate by the special counsel’s probe. At
“I know my mom is smiling “They got the best person
ahead of Flynn’s sentencing and with it. one point, he tried to protect Fly-
from ear to ear right now. for the job.” This week, Trump accused his nn by asking former FBI Director
just over a year after he became one
of five Trump associates to plead former lawyer, Michael Cohen, of James Comey to drop an investiga-
guilty in the Russia probe, in his making up “stories” to get a reduced tion into his alleged false statements,
CONTACTING THE DISPATCH case admitting to lying to the FBI prison sentence after pleading according to a memo Comey wrote
Office hours: Main line: about conversations with the Rus- guilty to lying to Congress and also after the February 2017 encounter.
n 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon-Fri n 662-328-2424 sian ambassador to the U.S. praised longtime confidante Roger That episode, which Trump has
Though prosecutors withheld Stone for saying he wouldn’t testify denied, is among those under scruti-
HOW DO I ... Email a letter to the editor? specific details of Flynn’s coopera- against Trump. ny by Mueller as he probes whether
n voice@cdispatch.com tion because of ongoing investiga- It’s unclear if Trump will now the president attempted to obstruct
Report a missing paper?
Report a sports score? tions, their filing nonetheless illus- turn his fury on Flynn, whom the Russia investigation.
n 662-328-2424 ext. 100
n Toll-free 877-328-2430 n 662-241-5000
n Operators are on duty until Submit a calendar item?
5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. n Go to www.cdispatch.com/
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n 662-328-2424
Submit a birth, wedding After CIA briefing, senators lay blame on Saudi crown prince
or anniversary announce-
Report a news tip?
n 662-328-2471 ment? Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said there is ‘zero chance’ how that resolution will
move forward. The vote
n news@cdispatch.com n Download forms at www.
the crown prince wasn’t involved in journalist’s death last week allowed the
Senate to debate the mea-
The Associated Press him guilty in “about 30 Graham said “you have sure, which could happen
Physical address: 516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39701 minutes.” to be willfully blind” not as soon as next week,
WASHINGTON — Sen. Lindsey Graham, to conclude that this was but senators are still in
Mailing address: P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703-0511
Breaking with President R-S.C., who demanded the orchestrated and orga- negotiations on whether
Starkville Office: 101 S. Lafayette St. #16, Starkville, MS 39759 Donald Trump, senators briefing with Haspel, said nized by people under the to amend it and what it
leaving a briefing with there is “zero chance” crown prince’s command. should say.
CIA Director Gina Haspel the crown prince wasn’t Trump has equivocat- Haspel met with a
SUBSCRIPTIONS on Tuesday said they are
involved in Khashoggi’s ed over who is to blame
small group of senators,
even more convinced including leadership and
HOW TO SUBSCRIBE that Saudi crown prince
death. for the killing, frustrating
the chairmen and top
Mohammed bin Salman “There’s not a smok- senators who are now
By phone................................. 662-328-2424 or 877-328-2430 Democrats on the key
Online.......................................... www.cdispatch.com/subscribe was involved in the death ing gun. There’s a smok- looking for ways to pun- national security com-
of Saudi journalist Jamal ing saw,” Graham said, ish the longtime Middle mittees, after senators in
RATES Khashoggi. referring to reports from East ally. The Senate over- both parties complained
Senate Foreign Rela- the Turkish government whelmingly voted last that she didn’t attend an
Daily home delivery + unlimited online access*..........$13.50/mo.
tions Committee Chair- that said Saudi agents week to move forward all-Senate briefing with
Sunday only delivery + unlimited online access*...........$8.50/mo.
Daily home delivery only*.................................................$12/mo. man Bob Corker, R-Tenn., used a bone saw to dis- on a resolution curtailing Secretary of State Mike
Online access only*.......................................................$8.95/mo. said he believes if the member Khashoggi after U.S. backing for the Sau- Pompeo and Defense
1 month daily home delivery................................................... $12 crown prince were put he was killed in the Sau- di-led war in Yemen. Secretary Jim Mattis last
1 month Sunday only home delivery........................................ $7 on trial, a jury would find di consulate in Istanbul. It’s unclear whether or week.
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* EZ Pay rate requires automatic processing of credit or debit card.

The Commercial Dispatch (USPS 142-320) House GOP campaign arm targeted by ‘unknown entity’ in 2018
Published daily except Saturday. Entered at the post office at Columbus, Mississippi.
Periodicals postage paid at Columbus, MS The Associated Press stolen from aides to the spread over several The committee said
POSTMASTER, Send address changes to:
The Commercial Dispatch, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703 National Republican Con- months and discovered an “unknown entity” was
Published by Commercial Dispatch Publishing Company Inc., WASHINGTON — gressional Committee in April, a person famil- behind the hack but pro-
516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39703 Thousands of emails were during the 2018 midterm iar with the matter told vided few other details.
campaign, a major breach The Associated Press. At A cybersecurity firm and
FIVE-DAY FORECAST FOR THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE exposing vulnerabilities least four different par- the FBI have been inves-
that have kept cybersecu- ty aides had their emails tigating the matter, the
rity experts on edge since surveilled by hackers, committee said. The FBI
the 2016 presidential race. said the person, who was declined to comment.
TONIGHT THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY The email accounts not authorized to discuss Politically motivated
Mainly clear and cold Intervals of clouds and Cloudy Chilly with rain and a Showers around in the were compromised the details publicly and cyberespionage is com-
sunshine thunderstorm morning; cloudy
during a series of in- spoke on condition of an- monplace across the
26° 52° 37° 50° 42° 48° 40° 46° 32° trusions that had been onymity. world, but Americans
ALMANAC DATA have become particularly
Columbus Tuesday alert to the possibility of
TEMPERATURE HIGH LOW digital interference since
Tuesday 49° 32°
Normal 60° 37° Russia’s meddling in the
Record 83° (1978) 20° (1979) 2016 election. The theft
PRECIPITATION (in inches) of Democrats’ emails is
Tuesday 0.00
Month to date 0.58 still fresh in the minds of
Normal month to date 0.71 many political operatives
Year to date 58.20
Normal year to date 51.12 and lawmakers, who have
TOMBIGBEE RIVER STAGES stepped up defensive
In feet as of Flood 24-hr. measures but still strug-
7 a.m. Tue. Stage Stage Chng. gle to protect themselves.
Amory 20 13.21 -0.16
Bigbee 14 9.11 +1.79 Shown are tomorrow’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day. Foreign spies routinely
Columbus 15 6.96 +0.39 Showers T-Storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice Cold Warm Stationary Jetstream try to hack into politicians’
Fulton 20 15.78 -0.77
Tupelo 21 2.65 -0.63
-10s -0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110s
emails to gain insight, fer-
ret out weaknesses and
LAKE LEVELS City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W
In feet as of 24-hr. Atlanta 50/35/pc 53/40/pc Nashville 49/36/c 45/34/c win a diplomatic edge.
Boston 40/30/pc 37/20/s Orlando 69/50/s 73/57/pc
7 a.m. Tue. Capacity Level Chng.
Chicago 30/14/c 26/17/s Philadelphia 41/30/pc 40/24/s But hackers often launch
Aberdeen Dam 188 163.71 -0.10
Stennis Dam 166 137.47 -0.10
Dallas 54/45/sh 51/43/r Phoenix 65/54/sh 65/51/r sweeping spear-phishing
Honolulu 82/71/s 81/70/pc Raleigh 48/30/pc 50/30/pc
Bevill Dam 136 136.38 -0.05 Jacksonville 60/36/s 63/48/s Salt Lake City 35/26/c 37/25/pc campaigns to gain access
SOLUNAR TABLE Memphis 48/38/c 45/38/r Seattle 44/28/s 44/37/s to a variety accounts —
The solunar period indicates peak feeding times for
fish and game.
Weather(W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.
with no political motiva-
Major Minor Major Minor SUN AND MOON MOON PHASES tion. With no immediate
Wed. 10:47a 4:34a 11:11p 4:59p
Sunrise 6:43 a.m. 6:44 a.m.
suspects and few tech-
Thu. 11:36a 5:23a ---- 5:48p
Sunset 4:45 p.m. 4:45 p.m. nical details, it’s unclear
Forecasts and graphics provided by Moonrise 4:55 a.m. 5:55 a.m. what the significance of
AccuWeather, Inc. ©2018 Moonset 3:57 p.m. 4:37 p.m. Dec 7 Dec 15 Dec 22 Dec 29
this latest incursion is.
Wednesday, December 5, 2018 3A


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Board OKs 2019 Pride parade with limited discussion

Event request passes on 4-3 vote
By Alex Holloway grabbed national head-
Starkville opens applications for new municipal judge
aholloway@cdispatch.com lines and sparked a fed-
eral lawsuit against the
Faver leaving to take Faver, who has served as
Starkville’s municipal judge since
on Dec. 10.
The board will hold a normal
The ap-
proval for
city. Aldermen denied the
request on Feb. 20, with a
chancery judge post 2009, is leaving his position after
winning the Chancery District 14,
work session on Dec. 14 at 1:15
Starkville p.m. After that, at 3 p.m., the board
4-3 vote that included Lit- Place 1 judge’s runoff election Nov.
Pride’s sec- By Alex Holloway will hold a special-call meeting to
tle’s opposition. On March aholloway@cdispatch.com 27. Faver will take his new position
ond parade conduct interviews with judge can-
7, Little abstained from at the beginning of 2019.
proved to a re-vote, allowing May- Starkville’s board of aldermen Aldermen unanimously voted to didates.
be much or Lynn Spruill to cast a on Tuesday initiated the search for begin accepting applications from Aldermen could select a new
easier than tie-breaking vote in favor a municipal judge to replace Rod- potential candidates. The city will municipal judge then or at its Dec.
the first, but Little of the parade. During the ney Faver. accept applications through 5 p.m. 18 regular board meeting.
the vote still second vote, Little cited
wasn’t unan- the costs of defending the quest for next year’s pa- supporters who attend- pleasantly surprised with it will it will help lay the
imous. lawsuit, which might fall rade, which organizers ed Tuesday’s meeting the approval, though she foundation for Pride as an
Alder- to the city to cover instead have said is more pre- weren’t sure what to ex- questioned if it would annual event.
men ap- of its Mississippi Munici- pared for a large crowd, pect. have happened without “This is saying some-
proved a re- pal League-provided in- includes $6,100 for in- “I don’t think any of us the threat of another law- thing,” McDaniel said.
quest from surance. kind services. Most of had any expectations,” suit. “This is four people who
the grass- Little declined to of- that cost, $5,000, comes she said. “I think we were Still, McDaniel said said ‘yes.’ I think that’s
roots lesbi- Perkins fer much comment after in police department man- going to be surprised ei- she sees Tuesday’s vote a step in the right direc-
an, gay, bi- Tuesday’s board meeting. power. It also includes ther way. We just knew we as progress, and hopes tion.”
sexual and However, he said he was $250 for the utilities de- had to have a group come
transgender “pragmatic,” in reference to sit in solidarity with us
( L GB T ) partment and $850 for the
to the legal tangles from sanitation department. and be prepared for what-
support the year’s prior votes. ever happened. I’m actu-
group by a The same trio of alder-
“I didn’t want to go ally really shocked that it
4-3 margin men who voted against
down that road again,” he was a 4-3 for, because we
Tu e s d a y. the Pride parade also
said. didn’t expect that. We ei-
The vote McDaniel voted against the annu-
Perkins, who has al- ther thought it was going
came with al Martin Luther King
ways voted against the pa- to be 4-3 against or 3-3
little discussion as al- Jr. Day march and rally,
rade and has opposed any and the mayor decides.”
dermen pushed rapidly which was the next item
special event requests McDaniel said the
through the agenda en on the agenda. Perkins
that have come to the city group started planning
route to the end of Tues- said he voted against it
since the denial earlier for next year’s Pride pa-
day’s brief meeting. for the same reason as the
this year sparked a law- rade in early July and
Ward 2 Alderman Pride parade.
suit, said he believes the wanted to come earlier
Sandra Sistrunk, Ward 3 The MLK event re-
city shouldn’t foot the bill to the board than for this
Alderman David Little, quests $725 in in-kind
for event in-kind services. year’s parade.
Ward 4 Alderman Jason services from the city.
“I have consistently This year’s parade,
Walker and Ward 5 Alder- voted against all special Spruill said Tuesday
which organizers origi-
man Patrick Miller sup- event requests,” Perkins she is pleased to see ap-
nally thought might at-
ported the request. Ward said. “It is an enormous proval for next year’s pa-
tract a few hundred peo-
1 Alderman Ben Carver, expense for the city, in my rade come more easily.
ple, drew thousands, and
Ward 6 Alderman Roy A. opinion, to provide in-kind “I’m delighted that
McDaniel said plans for
Perkins and Ward 7 Al- services for all of these we had no difficulties,”
next year’s parade have
derman Henry Vaughn special event request re- Spruill said. “They will
better prepared for a large
opposed. lated matters. If you look have a parade and it will turnout. She also said this
Starkville Pride is at the all the requests that be lovely and hopefully year’s Pride event will
holding its second Pride come across our table in as pleasant as it was this extend to Sunday, with a
parade on March 30, 2019. the course of a year, that year.” unity event to bring mem-
Starkville Pride’s in- is a very onerous burden bers of the LGBT commu-
augural parade was held on the taxpayers.” Pride reaction nity, with or without faith,
March 24 this year, af- This year’s Pride pa- Bailey McDaniel, an together.
ter an initial denial of rade request includes organizer for Starkville Patty Latham, a
the group’s permit by $3,200 in requested in- Pride, said she and the Starkville Pride board
the board of aldermen kind services. The re- handful of other Pride member, said she was

Deputies search for suspect in roadside robbery

Suspect told victim he needed help supposedly because of a
flat tire. He said when he
and drove off in his own
vehicle toward Highway
with flat tire before pulling gun on him got out of his own vehicle
to help, the driver pulled a
45 North.
The victim said the
DISPATCH STAFF REPORT at about 1:45 p.m., LCSO gun on him and demand- suspect was a heavy set
Capt. Greg Wright said. ed his wallet. black male about six feet
Authorities with Lown- According to the LCSO The victim told the
tall. He estimated his age
des County Sheriff’s suspect he didn’t have his
incident report, the vic- to be around 30.
wallet on him, according
Office are searching for tim in the case told depu- Wright asked anyone
to the incident report.
a suspect in a roadside ties he had stopped on the The suspect then went with information on the
armed robbery Tuesday side of Barton Ferry Road through the victim’s truck incident to call LCSO at
afternoon. to assist the driver of a but did not take anything. 662-328-6788 or Golden
Deputies responded to black Honda Accord that He threw the victim’s Triangle Crime Stoppers
a call about the robbery had pulled off the road, truck keys into a ditch at 1-800-530-7151.

Around the state

Florida women charged They say driver Ed- They say Edmondson er’s vehicle. All three suf-
mondson crashed into then got into a car driven fered minor injuries.
in deadly Mississippi another car, killing Bates- by Portal. They fled and It’s unclear if the wom-
car chase ville resident Lisa Gay. crashed into a state troop- en have lawyers.
Florida women are ac-
cused of leading Missis-
sippi authorities on a fatal
car chase through several
News outlets report
Tae’ona Edmondson, of
Cape Coral, Florida, and
Tanairy Portal, of Mi-
ami, appeared in court
Monday. Edmondson is
charged with second-de-
gree murder and Portal is
charged as an accessory.
They face other charges
by several jurisdictions.
Authorities say the
chase began last week
when a deputy attempted
to stop a stolen car that
fled into another county,
prompting multiple law
enforcement agencies to
give chase.

Art happens.
4A Wednesday, December 5, 2018 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Bush farewell
Continued from Page 1A
worked at Bush’s Maine to honor the Texan whose to office. The late Presi-
summer estate since 1990 service to his country dent Bush called Trump a
and says he was shocked extended three quarters “blowhard.”
and heartened to be asked of a century, from World Those insults have
to come. War II through his final been set aside, but the list
On Tuesday, soldiers, years as an advocate for of funeral service speak-
citizens in wheelchairs volunteerism and relief for ers marked the first time
and long lines of others people displaced by natu- since Lyndon Johnson’s
on foot wound through the ral disaster. Bush, 94, died death in 1973 that a sit-
hushed Capitol Rotunda Friday. ting president was not
to view Bush’s casket and Trump’s relationship tapped to eulogize a late
honor a president whose with the Bush family has president. (Clinton did so
legacy included World been tense. The current for Richard Nixon, and
War military service and
president has mocked the George W. Bush eulo-
a landmark law affirming
elder Bush for his “thou- gized Ronald Reagan and
the rights of the disabled.
sand points of light” call Gerald Ford.)
Former Sen. Bob Dole, a
to volunteerism, chal- Bush’s death reduc-
compatriot in war, peace
and political struggle, lenged his son’s legacy as es membership in the
steadied himself out of his president and trounced ex-presidents’ club to
wheelchair and saluted his “low-energy” Jeb Bush in four: Jimmy Carter, Clin-
old friend and one-time ri- the Republican presiden- ton, George W. Bush and
val. tial primaries en route Barack Obama.
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Pool
After the national funer-
Former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush walk past the
al service at the cathedral,
flag-draped casket of former President George H.W. Bush in the Capitol Rotunda,
Bush’s remains will be re- Monday in Washington.
turned to Houston to lie in
repose at St. Martin’s Epis- The CIA also honored an Indianapolis garden president and CEO of
copal Church before burial Bush, the only spy chief club. Said her friend Sue America’s VetDogs, said
Thursday at his family plot to become president, as Miller, also in line for the in a phone interview. “One
on the presidential library three agency directors viewing: “I actually think I of the things that I think
grounds at Texas A&M past and present joined the underestimated him when was important to the pres-
University in College Sta- public in the viewing. he was in office. My opin- ident was the rest com-
tion. His final resting place In the midst of the peri- ion of him went up seeing mand, where Sully would
will be alongside Barbara od of mourning, first lady how he conducted himself rest his head on the pres-
Bush, his wife of 73 years Melania Trump gave Lau- as a statesman afterward.” ident’s lap.”
who died in April, and Rob- ra Bush, one of her prede- Fred Curry, one of the The law was just one
in Bush, the daughter they cessors, a tour of holiday few African-Americans in point of intersection for
lost to leukemia in 1953 at decorations at the White line, is a registered Dem- Bush and Dole, now 95,
age 3. House, a “sweet visit ocrat from Hyattsville, who was one of its leading
during this somber week,” Maryland, who voted for advocates in the Senate.
National Day as Mrs. Bush’s Instagram Bush in 1988, the elec- They were fellow World
account put it. And the tion won by the one-term War II veterans, Republi-
of Mourning Trumps visited members president. “Honestly I can Party leaders, fierce
Trump ordered the fed-
of the Bush family at the just liked him,” he said. rivals for the 1988 Repub-
eral government closed
Blair House presidential “He seemed like a sincere lican presidential nomina-
Wednesday for a national
guesthouse, where they and decent man and you tion won by Bush (“Stop
day of mourning. Flags on
are staying. Former Pres- couldn’t argue with his lying about my record,”
public buildings are flying
ident George W. Bush qualifications.” Dole snapped at Bush) and
at half-staff for 30 days. Inside the Capitol, Sul- skilled negotiators. Dole,
and his wife greeted the
As at notable moments ly, the 2-year-old Labra- an Army veteran hit by
Trumps outside before
in his life, Bush brought dor retriever assigned to German machine gunfire
everyone went in for the
together Republicans and Bush, sat by the casket in Italy, has gone through
private, 20-minute visit.
Democrats in his death, in the company of people life with a disabled right
Although Trump will
and not only the VIPs. who came to commem- arm. Bush, a Navy pilot,
attend Bush’s service,
Members of the public orate Bush’s signing of survived a bail-out from
he is not among the eulo-
who never voted for the the Americans with Dis- his stricken aircraft over
gists. They are, in addi-
man waited in the same

Billy W. Coleman
tion to Bush’s eldest son, abilities Act, the 1990 the Pacific and an earlier
long lines Tuesday as the law that, among its many crash landing.
Alan Simpson, the for-
rest, attesting that Bush provisions, required busi- On Tuesday Dole was
mer senator and acerbic
possessed the dignity and nesses that prohibit pets helped out of his wheel-
wit from Wyoming; Bri- Billy Wright Coleman, age
grace that deserved to be to give access to service chair by an aide, slowly
an Mulroney, the former
remembered by their pres- dogs. steadied himself and sa- 97, passed away on December
Canadian prime minister
ence on a cold overcast day “After Mrs. Bush’s luted Bush with his left 3, 2018, in Starkville, MS.
who also gave a eulogy
in the capital. death, general compan- hand, his chin quivering. Services will be held
for Ronald Reagan; and
“I’m just here to pay my ionship was a big part of Dignitaries had come Thursday, December 6,
presidential historian Jon
respects,” said Jane Her- Sully’s job,” John Miller, forward on Monday, too, 2018, at 11:00 AM from First
nandez, a retired physician Presbyterian Church, EPC in
People lined up before
in the heavily Democratic West Point with visitation prior
dawn to pay respects to
city and suburbs. “I wasn’t to the service from 9:30 to
the 41st president, a son
the biggest fan of his pres- 11:00 AM. Reverend Brandon
and father of privilege
idency, but all in all he was Bates will officiate. Burial with
now celebrated by every-
a good, sincere guy doing United States Army Military Honors will follow
day citizens for his com-
a really hard job as best he in Memorial Gardens Park in Starkville. Calvert
mon courtesies and depth
could.” Funeral Home of West Point is honored to be
of experience.
Bush’s service dog, entrusted with the arrangements.
Sully, was brought to the
viewing, too — his main ‘He was just He was born November 27, 1921, in Union
County, to the late Frank Madison and Naomi
service these last months a decent man’ Wright Coleman, however, he spent most of his
since Barbara Bush’s “He was so qualified,
death in April being to and I think he was just a boyhood in Lowndes County, when his family
rest his head on her hus- decent man,” said Sha- moved there in the early 1930s. A veteran of the
band’s lap. Service dogs ron Terry, touring Wash- U.S. Army, he served during World War II in the
are trained to do that. ington with friends from Pacific theater. His military decorations included
the Asia-Pacific Theater of Operations Medal,
Good Conduct Medal, Meritorious Unit Award,
World War II Victory Medal and the Philippine
Liberation Ribbon with Bronze Star. Billy often
reminisced about his comrades from the war and
Area obituaries marveled at their ingenuity and resourcefulness
COMMERCIAL DISPATCH p.m. Thursday at Lown- in difficult and extreme situations. He shared
OBITUARY POLICY des Funeral Home many stories of the good will and kindness of
Obituaries with basic informa-
Chapel Burial will strangers that he experienced while in the Army.
tion including visitation and
follow at Pleasant Hill After the war, he married his bride, Jean Cox,
service times, are provided in Lowndes County on March 25, 1950. She
free of charge. Extended obit- Cemetery. Visitation
uaries with a photograph, de- will be one hour prior preceded him in death on November 27, 2009.
tailed biographical information to services at the funer- Together, they settled in the Tibbee community
and other details families may al home. Lowndes Fu- in rural Clay County, operating a dairy farm,
wish to include, are available neral Home is in charge raising cattle, growing various crops and rearing
for a fee. Obituaries must be
of arrangements. three children affectionately known as “The
submitted through funeral Three R’s”. A member of First Presbyterian
homes unless the deceased’s
Church, Billy enjoyed attending services there
body has been donated to
science. If the deceased’s
and staying connected to lifelong friends. An
body was donated to science, early riser, he enjoyed having coffee with fellow
the family must provide official farmers and friends at Mize’s Restaurant,
proof of death. Please submit Moore’s Restaurant and the Tin Lizzie in West
all obituaries on the form Point.
provided by The Commercial In addition to his parents and wife, he was
Dispatch. Free notices must
preceded in death by a beloved daughter, Rachel
be submitted to the newspa-
per no later than 3 p.m. the
Jean Coleman; brothers, Leland Coleman and
day prior for publication Tues- Paul Coleman; and a half-brother, Pete Butler.
day through Friday; no later He leaves to cherish his memory a son ,Ronald
than 4 p.m. Saturday for the Paul Coleman (Elen) of Royal Oak, Michigan;
Sunday edition; and no later a daughter, Rene Coleman Hunt (Mark) of
than 7:30 a.m. for the Monday Starkville; and a grandson, Davis Martin Hunt
edition. Incomplete notices
must be received no later than
(Megan) of Byhalia. He also leaves his loyal
7:30 a.m. for the Monday canine companion, Kelly.
through Friday editions. Paid Pallbearers will be Davis Hunt, David Cox,
notices must be finalized by 3 Joe Cox, Wally McGee, Glen Coleman and Alan
p.m. for inclusion the next day Coleman.
Monday through Thursday; and The family wishes to express their gratitude to
on Friday by 3 p.m. for Sunday Dr. Drew Anthony and staff at Starkville Family
and Monday publication. For
more information, call 662-
Practice, Oktibbeha County Hospital 2nd/3rd
328-2471. floor nurses and staff and the staff at Bee Hive
Homes of Starkville for their excellent care,
kindness, and support.
Sammie Brewer Memorials may be made to First Presbyterian
COLUMBUS — Church, Post Office Box 366, West Point,
Sammie G. Brewer, 94, MS 39773 or to the charity of choice. Friends
died Dec. 3, 2018, at may leave an online condolence at www.
Baptist Memorial Hos- calvertfuneralhome.com.
pital-Golden Triangle.
Services will be at 2 Paid Obituary - Calvert Funeral Home
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com Wednesday, December 5, 2018 5a

Continued from Page 1A
shot apparently in a do- was booked at Lowndes Apartments regional man- rent state of the investiga-
mestic violence incident County Adult Detention ager told The Dispatch tion,” Colom said.
at the Greentree Apart- Center after being served Webber is the only adult Residents in the apart-
ments east of Columbus. an indictment for mali- currently living in the ment building where the
The apartment resident, cious mischief related to apartment, and that she’s shooting apparently oc-
25-year-old Jasmine an incident from Novem- lived there less than a curred said they didn’t
Webber, told Lowndes ber 2017 when she al- year. hear anything Saturday
County Sheriff’s Office legedly damaged Spann’s Authorities are still in- morning and that Web-
investigators that early girlfriend’s car by beating vestigating whether Web- ber kept to herself. They
that morning Spann had it with a wooden horse ber’s account of the week- also said they didn’t hear
forced his way into her stand. end’s shooting is accurate. violent fighting from the
apartment, attacked her At the time of that in- When reached by The apartment unit. One of the
while she was holding her cident, Webber told depu- Dispatch Monday, LCSO residents in the building
10-month-old baby and ties Spann still lived with Capt. Greg Wright said who had lived there about
choked her, causing her to her and that the vehicle’s his office was still in the six years said Spann used
go in and out of conscious- owner had been coming preliminary stages of the to be at Webber’s apart-
ness. Another individual by her home, according investigation and that the ment “on the regular” but
in the apartment then shot to the arrest affidavit from initial report deputies re- that he didn’t live in the
Spann. the 2017 incident. She said ceived from Webber may building.
The shooter, Stevie she drove by the parking not necessarily be what Webber has been re-
Moody, 26, was arrest- lot, saw Spann’s car there happened — a sentiment leased from Lowndes
ed later Saturday and and “just got upset.” echoed by District Attor- County Adult Detention
charged with manslaugh- Spann and Webber ney Scott Colom Tuesday. Center on $1,000 circuit
ter. share a child together. “The incident report bond. Moody is in custody
The same day, Webber However, the Greentree does not reflect the cur- on $25,000 bond.

Continued from Page 1A
that year’s budget to re- ed the year-end deficit of looking in January or vious years’ surpluses
flect the deficit — created was somewhat of a sur- February — when we and a $900,000 dedicated
by a roughly $467,000 rev-
enue shortage and more
prise to him, too.
He said the city en-
had a clearer picture of
how (2019) was going —
reserve fund — to about
$2.3 million.
Are You Ready
than $413,000 in excess
tered August showing a
surplus that turned to a
and see if the new budget
needed amending.”
Last week, Rawle de-
fended his budgeting
to Discuss Your
A source familiar with
the situation, who asked
steep deficit in the last six
weeks of the fiscal year
On the revenue side,
city sales and property
practices to The Dispatch.
“It’s a crap shoot be- Long Term
not to be named, said cause there’s no way you
councilmen criticized
— during which time city
councilmen were consid-
tax collections lagged
behind budgeted projec- can know exactly what’s Care Options?
Rawle for not being forth- ering the FY 2019 budget. tions. Also, Columbus going to happen,” he said.
coming with information While Rawle did sug- didn’t receive $200,000 it “It’s not an exact science. Are you struggling to provide care for a loved one?
about the city’s financial gest the council raise thought it would receive You set the budget, and Are you concerned about long term care costs?
standing sooner, espe- the property tax millage from Lowndes County for you hope. ... The good Do you have questions about how to protect your
cially when the council for general operations to its parks department as news is it’s a new fiscal assets if you need long term care?
approved a Fiscal Year offset future expenses part of an agreement the year, and we have time to Are you confused by Medicare and Medicaid
2019 budget in Septem- — which it did not — he two entities made when make adjustments as nec- and their requirements?
ber based on what they failed to indicate the 2018 the Columbus-Lowndes essary.” At Dunn & Hemphill, we can help you answer these and many
believed to be a balanced budget had slipped into Recreation Authority Four councilmen — in- other difficult questions by creating a plan tailored to fit you and
2018 budget. the red until two months split into separate parks cluding Ward 2’s Joseph your family’s needs. Contact us at (662) 327-4211 (ext.#0)
Rawle presents month- after the new budget was departments in October Mickens, Ward 3’s Char- to discuss your long term care planning goals.
ly financial statements to
the mayor and council,
and councilmen approve
Instead of trying to
Expense-wise, the city
lie Box, Ward 5’s Stephen
Jones and Ward 6’s Bill Dunn & Hemphill, P.A.
revamp the 2019 budget police, fire and public Gavin — have confirmed 214 Fifth Street South | Columbus, Mississippi
a claims docket — a list before it was approved, works departments ex- to The Dispatch those 662.327.4211 | www.marketstreetlaw.com
of city expenditures — at Rawle said he decided to ceeded their budgets by adjustments will include
each of their bi-monthly Offering Peace of Mind, One Client at a Time.
take a “wait-and-see” ap- roughly $475,000 com- immediate spending
meetings. Still, several W. David Dunn | Christopher D. Hemphill
proach. bined. Most of that came freezes of some kind. All
councilmen claim those “A lot of people see that from excess overtime, four mentioned city trav-
Mention this ad when you call to get a free 30 minute
Estate or Long Term Care Planning Consultation!
documents didn’t give a big deficit number, but Rawle reported. el, while some also men- *Background information available upon request.
clear picture of the city’s tioned hiring freezes and
© The Dispatch

what they don’t realize The deficit dropped Providing Our Clients Expertise With
cash flow. curtailing departmental
is if a couple of things go the city’s cash on-hand Over 50+ Years Of Combined Experience
The 16-working-day overtime.
the other way, the num- — which includes a cash
suspension will equate
ber is a lot lower,” Rawle balance in its general
to four calendar weeks,
said. “I took the attitude fund accrued from pre-
since city administration
operates on a four-day
work week.
As executive sessions
are not held in public, the
public record for which
councilman opposed Raw-
le’s suspension will not be
available for at least 30
Rawle declined to com-
ment after the meeting,
as did his immediate su-
pervisor, Mayor Robert
However, in an inter-
view with The Dispatch
last week, Rawle indicat-

supervisor in
Mississippi Delta
dies after wreck
The Associated Press

longtime county supervi-
sor in the Mississippi Delta
has died after a wreck, and
a temporary successor will
be appointed to serve the
rest of his term.
The Greenwood Com-
monwealth reports that
73-year-old Robert Moore
was a member of the Leflo-
re County Board of Super-
visors for three decades.
He died Friday at the
University of Mississippi
Medical Center in Jackson,
two days after his vehicle
left a road in Leflore Coun-
ty and crashed into a ditch.
When his colleagues
met Monday in Greenwood,
a large black ribbon had
been placed on his chair.
The remaining supervi-
sors will choose someone
to fill the rest of Moore’s
four-year term, which ends
in January 2020.
All county supervisor
jobs in Mississippi will be
on the ballot in November

6A Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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Readers comment
The following is an edited your post about 9 more times. pet ownership. The problem first year, and have found it to frank: Interesting article.
selection of reader comments Can we all say scapegoat? is airlifted away to the north- be extremely rigorous. I sus- I have always been in awe of
posted at the end of online east. This encourages the pect this job does not appeal these stenographers. Curious
stories and on Facebook. More Raider: Ain’t the CFO the continuation of the problem. to many young professionals as to what the price of a Steno
can be found at www.cdispatch. person paid to maintain the because it comes with a heavy machine was and shocked to
com. books and inform the CC of Beaudreaux: I agree, but workload and little pres- see the $3500.00 price tag
revenue gains and losses? I tige. There are also no real, in this computer age I did a
barring a better solution, my
could be wrong, but, I am not predictable numbers when it little more looking. There
Columbus CFO suspended sure how the CC is supposed hat is off to those creative comes to salary expectations actually is a free open source
without pay to know what is happening enough to spare these ani- since many court reporters computer program called
Irvingtonguy: Too bad we with expenditures if the CFO mals and give them a good work from home or freelance, Plover that can be paired with
can’t suspend the city council doesn’t tell them. home. as mentioned here. Young a $45.00 keyboard to yield a
failing to keep a balanced bud- graduates want the financial steno machine on an ordinary
get. Even if revenue had come
in as expected they would still
Our View: In Mississippi, A court reporter shortage: stability to move out of their
parents’ home and begin
PC. With a few surplus old
computers this might be an
have spent more than $400K dogs and cats are a shame- Critical field faces lack of their own lives. Without that option for a school setup. I
more than was projected to ful export new recruits security, few are likely to even have no doubt it is not as good
come in. They are at fault on Michael Broad: Well said. Faith Haren: I am a court give it a try. The only reason as a dedicated machine but
this also. And exporting your unwanted reporting student in an online I’m sticking with it is because for what they are doing here
cats and dogs also provides Associates program from I have to repay my educational it might be something worth
frank: Wish I could upvote an outlet for irresponsible Florida. I’m about to finish my loan. looking into.

POLITICS Cartoonist view

This is what actual

election tampering
looks like
I said it before, I’ll say it
“As this country becomes
blacker, browner, gayer,
younger, more Hispanic and
more Muslim, it is increas-
ingly the case that the GOP
cannot win if all voters
vote. It cannot win, in other
words, without cheating.”
That observation, made in
this space a few weeks back,
was, let us say, not applaud- Leonard Pitts
ed by conservative readers.
Not that their vexation was surprising. In the face
of dwindling numerical primacy, much of the right
has seized, like a pit bull on a steak, upon a narrative
diametrically opposed to the truth. It casts them as
the real victims here, contending with a widespread
conspiracy of voter fraud in which armies of “ille-
gals” vote early and often, to the detriment of good,
God-fearing conservatives. State of the nation
Those who believe that claptrap can produce not a

Why are we so sad?

single fact to support it, but they cling to it neverthe-
less. It is their life raft upon a sea of change.
Well, on Monday, the life raft sprung a leak —
again. The reference is to news out of North Car- The Centers for deaths in 1972. drugs and still others to take
olina that the bipartisan State Board of Elections Disease Control As economists An- their own lives? Explanations will
and Ethics Enforcement has now twice declined to has delivered sober gus Deaton and Anne run the gamut. Usually, people
certify Republican Mark Harris as the winner of news — average life Case of Princeton have will cite their own particular
a Congressional race amid charges of GOP dirty expectancy at birth in been documenting for hobbyhorse, and I may be guilty
tricks. Specifically, there are accusations, backed by the United States has the past several years, of that. My obsession is family
statistical analyses and eyewitness accounts, that declined for a third the plagues we are suf- decline. Due to unmarriage and
people acting on Harris’ behalf went door to door in straight year due to fering now are leading divorce, more Americans are
Democratic-leaning areas, collected absentee ballots extremely high rates to “deaths of despair.” living alone than at any time in
from voters in potential violation of state law, and of death from drug These include cirrho- our history. Let me quickly ac-
diverted them from the ballot box. Given that Harris overdoses and suicide. sis of the liver, suicide knowledge that the steep rise in
“won” by a paltry 905 votes, those accusations are As The Washington and drug overdoses. adolescent depression in recent
seismic. Post reports, this is Mona Charen In 2015, the pair noted years may have more to do with
More to the point: As Republicans go about claim- the longest sustained the decline of life social media than anything else.
ing victimhood in a “conspiracy” that is a figment
of their collective imagination, this is what actual
decline in life expec-
tancy since the early
Suicide has expectancy among
white middle-aged
Jean Twenge’s work suggests that
girls are particularly vulnerable
election tampering looks like. Not millions of people
voting who shouldn’t but rather votes stolen, by
20th century. Between
1915 and 1918, a period
been rising Americans from these
causes (outstripping
to online cruelty.
But back to family decline.
chicanery, mendacity and intimidation, from people
who have every right to participate in the electoral
that included the First
World War and the
dramatically other ethnic groups).
And in a follow-up pa-
Not only do divorce and rapidly
cycling relationships (and living
And that’s just one example. There are many
worldwide flu pandem- since 1999 per in 2017, they found arrangements) leave adults and
ic that killed 675,000 that the trend was especially children emotional-
more. This year in Georgia, for instance, 4,700 vot- Americans, life expec- — and partic- persistent. In addition ly scarred, the loss of secure
ers found that their vote-by-mail application forms tancy showed a similar to overdoses, this pop- families also leaves millions of
had mysteriously gone missing. In Wisconsin, cer- decline. ularly since ulation was also more people lonely. In 2010, an A ARP
tain voters received fliers warning that ICE would be Today, we are at likely to report chronic survey found that one-third of
patrolling polling places. In New York state, a GOP peace (with the excep- 2006. Rates pain, which is associ- American adults were chronically
candidate sent out fliers with false deadlines for the tion of the occasional ated with depression lonely. In 2000, only 1 in 5 had
return of absentee ballots. All this, according to the death in Afghanistan); in rural areas and can be a marker reported feeling that way. The
nonpartisan Brennan Center for Justice at New York we are experiencing for suicide. Case and Atlantic magazine has described
University School of Law. an economic boom; far exceed Deaton cited family loneliness as “more dangerous
Nor should it surprise anyone that this kind of
flimflam — to say nothing of photo ID laws, bans
and we face no epidem-
ics of communicable
those in cities breakdown as one
cause of the trend.
than obesity, and ... about as
deadly as smoking.” In his book
on early voting, closures of polling places and other
impediments — tends to have its greatest impact
Some might say that
(perhaps due Suicide has been
rising dramatically
“Them,” Sen. Ben Sasse quotes
psychiatrists who believe people
upon Democratic voters; that’s what it’s designed
for. If there is a corresponding litany of abuses that
our problems are those
of overabundance. For
to the greater since 1999 — and par-
ticularly since 2006.
are more comfortable describing
themselves as depressed than
disproportionately suppresses Republican votes, I’ve
never heard of it. I doubt anyone has.
millennia, our spe-
cies was haunted by
availability of Rates in rural areas
far exceed those in
lonely. They noticed that their
patients felt “deep shame” about
So one gets sick and tired of watching Republi-
cans hyperventilate about a problem that does not
plagues, famines and
droughts. Our minds
guns). cities (perhaps due to
the greater availability
their own isolation.
There ought not to be shame
exist while ignoring one that does. If they are really and bodies evolved to grab what of guns). about missing the company of
serious about confronting threats to the integrity of nourishment we could when we There is some evidence that others. We are not meant to be
American elections, the first step is to get a mirror. could. Those years in the caves the fentanyl spike is ebbing — alone, and we don’t find emotion-
The second is to come to terms with reality. and on the savannah didn’t equip as the crack cocaine craze did al succor or physical satisfaction
America is changing, rapidly, dramatically and us very well to cope with a world in the 1990s. Preliminary data in relationships with screens.
irrevocably. And the GOP needs to figure out how to of constantly available Frappuc- from the first four months of The Washington Post suggests
compete in this new nation, how to make itself a par- cinos and cupcakes — to say 2018 show the number of drug that the solution may be found in
ty whose appeal extends beyond angry, older white nothing of fentanyl. overdoses plateauing or dropping more funding for mental health
male voters. That’s a reckoning the right has avoided But overabundance has been slightly. An anti-overdose drug services and drug treatment.
for years, but it becomes less avoidable every day. with us for decades, while the rise called naloxone may be making a Maybe. But it seems to me that
Indeed, not all the dirty tricks and photo ID laws of deaths from overdoses and sui- difference. we facing not so much a drug
in the world can obscure the hard but simple truth cide is relatively recent. Nor are But the overall picture of sig- problem as a heartbreak prob-
Republicans face. Namely, that the future is coming, other developed nations seeing nificant unhappiness in America lem. The road back to emotional
fast. similar declines in life expectan- is clear. Rates of depression have health must include an emphasis
And they can’t cheat their way around it. cy. In 2017, 70,237 Americans died been rising for decades, with on commitment to family.
Leonard Pitts Jr., winner of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize from drug overdoses, which is marked increases since 2005. Mona Charen is a Senior Fel-
for commentary, is a columnist for the Miami Herald. higher than the peak of the HIV What is making so many low at the Ethics and Public Policy
Email him at lpitts@miamiherald.com. epidemic in 1995 or car crash Americans turn to alcohol and Center.
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com Wednesday, December 5, 2018 7A

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CLUBS up. For more information, call
The Town of Artesia, Artesia
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The Columbus East Lions ship is $30 for members; Hearts After School Tutoring
conflict resolution and anger
Club meets every second and $50 for nonmembers. For Program, 109 Lawrence Drive,
management classes. For
fourth Monday of the month more information, call the Columbus, offers tutoring for
information, call 662-368-
at 65 Airline Road. For more Wellness Center 662-495- grades K-5 from 3-4:30 p.m.
information, call 662-251- 9355. Mondays and Wednesdays
1415 or 662-574-7552. n FAMILY RESOURCE or Tuesday and Thursdays.
n CHILDBIRTH CLASSES CENTER No charge, but commitment
n HOST LIONS CLUB Baptist Golden Triangle The Family Resource Center is required. Teacher, parent
The Columbus Host Lions offers Childbirth classes and offers free classes including referrals accepted. For infor-
Club meets every Friday at Breastfeeding classes each parenting, anger manage- mation, call 662-244-8444.
noon at EMCC Lion Hills month, 6 p.m., in room 6, ment, healthy relationships,
Center for a buffet lunch near the Gift Shop, $20. For life skills and youth develop-
and business gathering. For information or to register, call Hearts After School Tutoring
ment education classes. Call
more information, call John 662-386-5592. Program is seeking volunteer
Michael, 601-955-2176. tutors for its K-5 after school
n LOWNDES REPUBLICAN tutoring program from 2:30-5
A lupus support group meets Baptist Golden Triangle
WOMEN p.m. Monday-Thursday. Volun-
from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. the first seeks caring, compassionate
Lowndes County Republican teer one to four days a week.
Saturday of every month in volunteers to help in a variety
Women meets the second For information, call 662-244-
Classroom 6 of the Baptist of hospital settings. For infor-
Tuesday of each month. Buf- 8444.
Golden Triangle Patient Tower. mation, call 662-244-1165
fet line opens at 11:15 a.m., Open to anyone with lupus or n EFFECTIVE PARENTING
or email info.goldentriangle@
with call to order at noon. any family member or friend. Family Resource Center,
n GT QUILTERS GUILD For more information, call Columbus campus, 1575
Rashell Hopkins, 662-570-
n DRUG/ALCOHOL Second Ave. N., offers free
The Golden Triangle Quilters
INTERVENTION effective parenting classes,
Guild meets at 5:30 p.m. 8342.
Narconon offers drug and
every third Thursday at the n CANCER SUPPORT with insight on child safety,
alcohol interventions. For free
Starkville Sportsplex Activi- Baptist Cancer Center hosts appropriate discipline, effec-
screenings or referrals, call
ties Building. a support group for cancer tive communication and more.
For information, call 662-368-
■ DULCIMER PLAYERS survivors and their families,
noon-1 p.m. the third Friday 3603.
Friendly City Strummers meet
Golden Triangle AA meets dai-
twice monthly to practice and of every month. Next class n TENN-TOM WATERWAY
ly for support. If you want to
teach others to play dulci- is Dec. 21 in Classroom 5 MUSEUM
drink, that is your business.
mers. Join for $10/year for of the Patient Towers. Lunch The Tennessee-Tombigbee
If you want to stop drinking,
the whole family. Dulcimers provided. For information and Waterway Transportation
that is our business. For infor-
available to borrow. Contact location, call 662-244-2923. Museum, 318 Seventh St. N.,
mation, call 662-327-8941.
David Saum, 662-386-6836 n HYPERTENSION Columbus, is open for tours
or DrSaum@cableone.net, or SUPPORT
n AL-ANON MEETING Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.
the Switzers, 662-312-6025. The Columbus Al-Anon Family School field trips, civic clubs,
A pulmonary hypertension
Groups meet Mondays and church groups encouraged.
■ BREAKFAST WITH THE support group meets at 2
Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. When
BULLDOGS p.m. the second Saturday of For group tours, call 662-328-
you don’t know where to turn 8936 or 662-574-5794.
MSU alumni, friends are every month at North Missis-
because someone drinks too
invited to Breakfast with the sippi Medical Center-West
much, we can help. For infor-
Bulldogs on second Thurs- Point Education Center, 385
mation, call 888-425-2666 or MEETING
days each month at Starkville Medical Center Drive. For Memphis Town Community
go to msafg.org.
Café. Dutch treat breakfast is information, call Dana Albert, Action Group meets fourth
7:30 a.m. Contact Carol Moss
Read at carolmoss@bell- ■ DIABETES SUPPORT SCHOOL NOTES Tuesdays at 6 p.m. to discuss
issues related to the Kerr-Mc-
south.net or 662-312-0637. Baptist Golden Triangle hosts n ONLINE CLASSES Gee site. For information,
n TOPS day classes for Diabetes Family Resource Center, contact Leon Hines, 662-574-
Take Off Pounds Sensibly Support on third Wednesdays Columbus campus, 1575 Sec- 6109.
No. 288 meets Tuesdays at of each month, 10-11 a.m. in ond Ave. N., offers free online n R. E. HUNT MUSEUM
Community Baptist Church, room 6 PT. For information, classes to earn diplomas. For R. E. Hunt Museum and
Yorkville Road East, Colum- call Lacy Smith at 662-244- information, call 662-368- Cultural Center, 924 20th St.
bus. Weigh-in begins at 5:30 1392 or 800-544-8762, ext. 3603. N., invites the public to tour
p.m. Contact Pat Harris, 662- 1392. the center, 1-5 p.m. every
Weekly education/support
OTHER EVENTS Tuesday-Thursday. For group
tours, call 662-327-6324 or
group for people with conges- n EDUCATION TOWN HALL 662-327-8986.
Take Off Pounds Sensibly
tive heart failure are Thurs- The Columbus Lowndes n DIVORCECARE
No. 270 meets Thursdays
days 11 a.m.-noon in the Out- Chamber of Commerce DivorceCare meets on Tues-
at 4370 Cal-Kolola Road,
patient Pavilion Boardroom, Education Committee hosts day evenings at Connections,
Caledonia. Weigh-in begins at
Baptist Golden Triangle. For Education Town Hall at 5:30 101 E. Lampkin in Starkville.
5-5:30 p.m. Contact Michelle
information, call 244-1953 or p.m. Dec. 6 in the Castle- Don’t go through separation
Holliman, 662-386-3650.
244-2132. berry Ballroom, Courtyard or divorce alone. Call Jake
n SENIOR CRAFTS Marriott, 1995 6th St. N. Free
Senior Crafts meets at the n NUTRITION EDUCATION Adams-Wilson at 662-323-
and open to the business 5722 or Jake@first-umc.org
Starkville Sportsplex Tues- Diabetes education class community and the public. For for more information.
days, 10-11:30 a.m. Crafts meets on fourth Wednesdays, more information, call Lisa
provided by the parks depart- 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m., Baptist James, 662-328-4491 or visit n WRITERS’ GUILD
ment. For information, call Golden Triangle Outpatient Golden Triangle Writers Guild
Lisa Cox, 662-323-2294. Pavilion. Physician referral meets the second Saturday
required. For information, call n FUNDRAISER FASHION of each month at Bryan Public
Quilting Club meets in the 662-244-1597 or email info. Library in West Point. For
goldentriangle@bmhcc.org. Starkville High School senior
activities room adjacent to information, contact Claire
Hannah Jian hosts a fashion
the multi-purpose facility n ABUSE RECOVERY Spradling at clairespradling-
show at 6 p.m. Dec. 11
at the Starkville Sportsplex GROUP books@gmail.com.
at The Mill, Starkville. All
Thursdays 10 a.m.-noon. A Domestic Abuse Recovery proceeds benefit the Central n FREE LIFE SKILLS
Bring your own project to work Group meets Thursdays at 6 Mississippi Down Syndrome CLASSES
on. For information, call Lisa p.m. through Safe Haven Inc. Society. Life skills classes by the Fam-
Cox, 662-323-2294. Group counseling for rape n TOY DRIVE ily Resource Center of North-
n AARP recovery is available. For in- An inaugural Toy Drive is east Mississippi are available
AARP meets the first formation, call 662-327-6118 being held by Barnes Crossing for qualifying participants on
Wednesday of each month or 662-889-2067. Auto Sales and Service of site at your agency or entity.
at 10 a.m. in the Community n CHILDBIRTH CLASSES Starkville through Dec. 17. Classes include positive par-
Room of Regions Bank, Main Baptist Golden Triangle offers Every unopened, unwrapped enting, conflict resolution, life
Street, Columbus. Programs childbirth classes Tuesdays toy will be matched. For more skills, soft skills and healthy
are geared to the needs and at 6 p.m. To register, call information, call 662-320- relationship skills. For infor-
interests of seniors 50 and 662-244-2498 or email info. 2380. mation, call 662-251-1861.

8A Wednesday, December 5, 2018 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Bush visit
Continued from Page 1A
‘look at me’ air about it we I’m gonna do, jump up on
see in our politics today. the stage and whittle him
He was very gracious, to death?’ The guy didn’t
which is how people are laugh, didn’t even smile.
remembering him now.” So I got out of line and
Bush, 94, died Friday when nobody was looking
at his home in Houston. I stuck it in a bush and
He will be buried Thurs- came back later and got
day on the grounds of the it.”
George H.W. Bush Pres- Despite the inconve-
idential Library, located nience, Ammerman said
on the grounds of Texas everyone took the extra
A&M University in Col- security in stride.
lege Station, Texas, next “I don’t remember peo-
to his wife, Barbara, who ple feeling put out,” he
died in April, and their said. “The president of
daughter, Robin, who the United States is giving
died of leukemia at age 3 your graduation speech.
in 1953. That’s a pretty big deal.
You have to expect a few
A short trip inconveniences.”
Bush delivered five From his vantage point
commencement address- on the stage, Ruby re-
es in 1989 after being called few details of the
sworn into office that Jan- speech. What does stand
uary, two of them in Mis- out was the weather.
sissippi and both on the “You know it rained
same day. all morning, almost up
Bush arrived in Missis- to time the president got
sippi that morning, deliv- to the stage,” Ruby said.
ering the commencement “Then it stopped raining
address at Alcorn State in Dispatch file photo and didn’t rain a drop for
Lorman, before boarding President George H.W. Bush, left, tips his hat to the the whole graduation,
Air Force One to Colum- audience at a 1989 commencement address at Missis- which probably took a
bus Air Force Base. The sippi State University in this Dispatch file photo. couple of hours. Almost
presidential motorcade as soon as it was over, it
proceeded down High- started raining again. It
way 45 from CAFB then was almost like some kind
west on Highway 82 to the of divine intervention.”
MSU campus.
George Hazard, then
a reporter with The Dis-
Early evening departure
Another reporter cov-
patch, was assigned to
ered the commencement
cover the president’s
address for The Dispatch,
arrival at CAFB, which
so Hazard’s part of the
came at 2:10 p.m.
coverage was confined to
There was no media
the president’s arrival and
availability, so Hazard’s
reporting consisted en- departure from Columbus
tirely of his observations Air Force Base.
from his spot behind a “After he landed, I just
fence as the president stuck around, had lunch at
made the few steps from the officer’s club and wait-
Air Force One to the wait- ed until he came back,”
ing limousine. The pres- Hazard said. “I could
ident paused only long Dispatch file photo
have left, but I knew that
enough to shake hands At right, Buth McKenzie of Bay Springs keeps an eye if something were to hap-
with CAFB Wing Com- out for President George H.W. Bush while his daugh- pen, everything would be
mander Col. Jim Higham ter, Laurie, and wife, Beenie, read over the schedule coming back to the base.
and a few other Air Force of events for the former president’s 1989 visit to That would be where the
Mississippi State University to give a commencement story was.”
address in this Dispatch file photo. “We’re not here for That the trip went with-
“There wasn’t a big graduation. We are here to see Bush,” Beenie said.
crowd there, as I remem- out incident was some-
ber,” Hazard said. “I think logistics and planning would want to be here to thing Hazard did not have
it was closed to the public, that went into it,” he add- honor Sonny,” Steward to be told. He could see it
so it was just Air Force ed. “We all had to have said. with his own eyes.
personnel and their fam- background checks. I also “I remember how re-
ilies. laxed the President’s
“One thing that stuck
remember vaguely seeing
this Secret Service agent
A break in the weather entourage was when
In the days leading up he came back,” Hazard
with me was his cheerful- on the roof with his big to the commencement,
ness,” he added. “When gun.” said. “It was noticeably
contingency plans were different than when they
he stepped off the plane, put in place to move the
he gave this big enthusi- arrived. It’s like, ‘OK, ev-
astic wave to the people.
A bipartisan friendship event to Humphrey Coli-
erything is safe. Every-
Getting the president seum in case of bad weath-
I don’t know why, but that thing went the way it was
to deliver the commence- er. But officials were re-
stayed with me, just how supposed to.’”
ment address was quite a luctant to make the move
good-natured he seemed Bush boarded Air
coup for Mississippi State, because it would limit the
to be.” Force One and it taxied
something that probably crowd to the 11,000 or so
down the runway at 6 p.m.
would not have happened seats available at the Col-
Preparations without the influence of iseum.
Hazard watched the
plane until it became little
In the weeks prior Mississippi Congressman Despite drizzle, the
to his arrival, MSU and G.V. “Sonny” Montgom- event went on as planned more than small blinking
White House officials ery, a MSU graduate who at Scott Field, where a lights against the darken-
worked out plans for the became a close friend of crowd estimated at 20,000 ing sky.
event, which was held at Bush. filled most of the seating The only surprise of
Scott Field, the universi- Kyle Steward, now the on the “home” side of the day was the veter-
ty’s football stadium. executive director of ex- Scott Field. an reporter’s reaction to
Ralph Null of Colum- ternal affairs at MSU, was Roy Ruby, MSU vice watching Air Force One
bus, then a horticulture on Montgomery’s staff president of student af- disappear on the horizon.
professor at MSU, super- in 1989, and although he fairs at the time, shared “I remember thinking
vised the floral arrange- didn’t make the trip to the stage with the presi- as I watched the plane fly
ments that adorned the Starkville for the event, dent, who stepped out of away, ‘All I have to do is
stage, which was located he remembers the rela- the limousine a few paces go back to The Dispatch
on the east side of the sta- tionship that paved the from the stage. and write my story. The
dium. way for Bush’s appear- “I didn’t even get to man in that plane has the
For Null, who had ance. shake his hand,” Ruby whole country to take
helped decorate Presi- “Sonny and President recalled. “Of course, stu- care of,’” Hazard said. “It
dent Ronald Reagan’s in- Bush became friends al- dent affairs didn’t have was impressive.”
augural ball in 1985 and most the minute they got much to do with the
President Bush’s inaugu- to Washington,” Steward event, so I wasn’t much
ral ceremony in 1989, the said. involved.”
decorations for the com- Both were World War Joseph Ammerman, a
mencement were relative- II veterans who had been Starkville native and for-
ly modest. elected to Congress for mer Dispatch editor, was
“It was a graduation the first time in 1966. one of the roughly 2,000
ceremony, so everything “Here was this Dem- MSU students who grad-
was maroon and white,” ocrat from Mississippi uated that day.
Null said. “It was pretty and this Republican from In one respect, it wasn’t
modest, and one of the Texas and somehow they a typical graduation cere-
reasons for that is that became friends,” Steward mony. For starters, every-
the Secret Service had to said. “They were so close one attending the event
have all these sight lines, the Bushes felt Sonny was had to be seated in the
so we were pretty limit- part of the family. I’m ab- stadium an hour before
ed.” solutely sure that Sonny the president’s arrival at
Snowden was also part had a lot to do with the 2:30.
of the preparations. president accepting the Then there was the se-
“Back then I was a invitation. They would do curity.
member of the College anything for each other.” “What I remember
Republicans, which I at- Bush made a return most is that I had this
tribute to the folly of my visit to MSU in the fall pocket knife that be-
youth,” he laughed. “Our of 2000, when MSU hon- longed to my dad. It has
group got to participate ored Montgomery during about an inch-and-a-half
in some of the planning, halftime of its game with blade, just a regular pock-
working with the White Arkansas as a part of Mili- et knife,” Ammerman
House team on the ar- tary Appreciation Day. said. “The security guard
rangements. “That was another ex- said I couldn’t bring it in
“It was interesting to ample of how close they and I couldn’t believe it. I
be a part of it, to see the were, that the president said, ‘What do you think

If you don’t read The Dispatch, how are you gonna know?
Caledonia, New Hope Basketball Teams Split
Adam Minichino



Alabama’s Bulldogs
Locksley rally past
named top Cowboys
assistant By Bret t Hudson

Broyles Award winner STARKVILLE

Lamar Peters helped the

takes job at Maryland No. 22 Mississippi State

men’s basketball team re-
From Staff and Wire Reports spond to an unexpected
challenge Tuesday night.
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. Trailing at halftime
— Alabama offensive co- to Mc-
ordinator Michael Lock- Neese, MSU 90,
sley was named Tuesday P e t e r s McNeese 77
the winner of 2018 Broyles had 15
Award. Chris McDill/Special to The Dispatch of his
On Tuesday night, Caledonia High School’s Devonte Martin tries to lean in to block a shot by New Hope’s Duane career-high 27 points in
Mar yland Hughes in their game Tuesday night in Caledonia. The Confederates won 66-53 to improve to 8-1. the second half to lead No.
a nnounced 22 MSU to a 90-77 victory
the hiring of TOP LEFT: at Humphrey Coliseum.
Locksley as Caledonia High “You have to commend
its new foot- School’s Jarvis McNeese State,” MSU
ball coach. Leigh lines up a coach Ben Howland said.
“I am runner in the fourth “They really came in there
thrilled to quarter Tuesday and took it at us in the
Locksley be return- night. Romeo paint in the first half.”
ing home Sanders had a McNeese (2-6), which
and to have the opportu- game-high 28 plays in the Southland
nity to lead the Maryland points and Tyrin Conference, took a 42-39
football program,” Lock- Johnson had 15 for lead at halftime largely on
sley said in a statement. the back of 28 points in the
the Confederates.
“This has always been a R.L. Mattix had 11 See MSU, 3B
See ROUNDUP, 2B points, Krash
Pascasio and Game 9
Rickey Johnson had n Clemson,
COLLEGE 10, Tikorian
Chandler had nine,
3 p.m. Saturday,
At Newark, New Jersey
BASEBALL and Duane Hughes
(ESPN2; WKBB-FM 100.9,
WFCA-FM 107.9.
had eight.


Caledonia’s Nenah
Young shoots over

longer with
Lamar Peters used the
two New Hope
Bulldogs’ research about his
defenders. India shooting habits in practice
Woods paced to his benefit Tuesday night.

New Hope with Page 3B
16 points. Imoni
Harris added 13,

and Anna Prince
By Bret t Hudson
had 10. Young led
Caledonia (2-7) with
STARKVILLE — 17 points. Shanti
Mississippi State con-
firmed Tuesday that pitch-
er Cole Marsh is no longer
Kidd had seven.
edge Tide
at buzzer
a member of the school’s
baseball team.
MSU practiced in the
fall with 38
players on From Special Reports
the roster.
It can only TUSCALOOSA, Ala.
have 35 on — Malik Benlevi’s buzz-
the team er-beater 3-pointer Tues-
during the day night helped the Geor-
season, Chris McDill/ gia State men’s basketball
Marsh meaning two Special to The Dispatch team overcome a 21-point
more players halftime deficit to beat Al-
from the fall must be re- abama 83-80 at Coleman
moved from the roster. Coliseum.
Marsh, a Neville, Loui- Georgia State (6-3)
siana, product, was a pick- trailed
up from Mississippi Delta 5 5 - 3 3 GSU 83,
Community College. The with 18 Alabama 80
right-hander pitched nine minutes,
times in MSU’s run to the 57 sec-
College World Series, but onds to play before rally-
none in the postseason. ing for its second victory
In two starts, he earned a against a Power 5 team
victory against New Mexi- this season. Georgia State
co State and a no-decision defeated Georgia 91-67 in
against Southeastern Lou- the Cayman Islands Clas-
isiana. Marsh ended his sic two weeks ago.
lone season as a Bulldog It is the second time
with a 4.70 earned run av-
Georgia State has defeat-
erage in 15 1/3 innings.
ed two Power 5 teams in
He struck out eight.
the same season.
MSU will begin the first
“I’m just really proud of
season of the Chris Lemo-
nis era on Feb. 15 with a my guys,” Georgia State
three-game home series coach Ron Hunter said.
against Youngstown State. “We were down 21 at the
Fifteen of MSU’s first 18 half and we had not played
games of 2019 will be at See PANTHERS, 3B
Dudy Noble Field.
Follow Dispatch sports Chris McDill/Special to The Dispatch
Game 9
writer Brett Hudson on New Hope High School’s Imoni Harris puts up a shot against Caledonia’s Allison Pennington in their n Arizona, Noon Sunday
Twitter @Brett_Hudson game Tuesday night. The Lady Trojans won 63-36. (ESPN).
2B Wednesday, December 5, 2018 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com


Corbin, Nationals
Prep Basketball
Atlantic Division
W L Pct GB
MSMS soccer teams win region openers Thursday’s Game Toronto
20 5 .800 —
17 8 .680 3
The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science girls Starkville Academy at Columbus Christian Boston 13 10 .565 6

agree to $140M,
and boys soccer teams opened Mississippi High School Activities Brooklyn 8 17 .320 12
Friday’s Games New York 8 17 .320 12
Association (MHSAA) Class 1A/2A/3A, Region 4 play with victories Southeast Division
Tuesday night. New Hope at Shannon W L Pct GB
Orlando 12 12 .500 —
Erin Williams had three goals and an assist in the girls’ team’s 7-1 Starkville High at Noxubee County Charlotte 11 12 .478 ½
victory. Tierah Macon added two goals and an assist. Amber Means Neshoba Central at West Point Washington 10 14 .417 2

six-year contract
Miami 9 14 .391 2½
had a goal and an assist. Samantha Holland had a goal. Aberdeen at Amory Atlanta 5 19 .208 7
“It was a solid team effort tonight,” said MSMS coach Chuck Central Division
Yarborough, whose team improved to 2-0-1. “The girls played together Heritage Academy Shootout W L Pct GB
Milwaukee 15 7 .682 —
well and dominated possession. We also created good opportunities in Oak Hill Academy at Winston Academy Detroit 13 8 .619 1½
Indiana 14 10 .583 2
combination play and finished well. Columbus Christian at Pickens Academy Cleveland 5 18 .217 10½
Winning on the road makes a great start to our district campaign.” By HOWARD FENDRICH
Chicago 5 20 .200 11½
In the boys match, Dylan Johnson had four goals in a 4-2 victory. Prep Soccer The Associated Press
Southwest Division
“I was proud of the effort tonight,” said coach Morri Mims, whose Thursday’s Matches W L Pct GB
Memphis 13 9 .591 —
team improved to 2-1 “The boys implemented what we’ve focused on in Starkville Academy at Heritage Academy, 5 p.m. Dallas 12 10 .545 1
practice and it paid off in the game. WASHINGTON — Add Patrick Corbin to the New Orleans 12 13 .480 2½
“Dylan was an asset coming off the injured list, adding another MSMS at Kosciusko, 5:30 p.m. All-Star starting staff the Washington Nationals Houston 11 12 .478 2½
San Antonio 11 13 .458 3
facet to our attack.” Friday’s Matches have assembled. Northwest Division
W L Pct GB
MSMS will return to action Thursday when it travels to Winona. Indianola Academy at Columbus Christian, 4 p.m.
A person familiar with the deal said the Denver
Oklahoma City
16 7 .696 —
15 7 .682 ½
Louisville at Caledonia, 5 p.m.
left-handed Corbin has agreed to Portland 13 11 .542 3½
Pickens Academy basketball teams split doubleheader Kosciusko at New Hope, 5 p.m.
a six-year contract with the Na-
12 12 .500 4½
12 13 .480 5
Caroline Lewis had 18 points and six rebounds Tuesday night Starkville High at Madison Central, 5:30 p.m. Pacific Division
to lead the Pickens Academy girls basketball team to a 51-32 victory tionals, pending a physical exam. W L Pct GB

against Russell Christian. Men’s College Basketball Another person familiar with the
L.A. Clippers
Golden State
L.A. Lakers
16 7 .696 —
16 9 .640 1
14 9 .609 2
Jessi Latham had 17 points, and Shelby Lowe had 11 rebounds for Thursday’s Game terms said the contract is for $140 Sacramento 12 11 .522 4
the Lady Pirates (4-1). Mississippi University for Women at million. Phoenix 4 20 .167 12½
In the boys game, Seth Peeks had 23 points in a 68-59 loss to
Russell Christian. Hayden Dyer and James Parker had eight points for Bethel University, 7 p.m. The people confirmed the de- Tuesday’s Games
Indiana 96, Chicago 90
the Pirates (2-5). Saturday’s Games tails of the agreement to The As- Orlando 105, Miami 90
Dallas 111, Portland 102
Pickens Academy will play host to Columbus Christian Academy Mississippi State vs. Clemson (Newark, New Corbin sociated Press on condition of an- Sacramento 122, Phoenix 105
Utah 139, San Antonio 105
on Friday Night. Jersey), 3 p.m. onymity Tuesday because nothing Today’s Games
Denver at Orlando, 6 p.m.
Southern-New Orleans at Mississippi University had been announced by the team. Golden State at Cleveland, 6 p.m.
Columbus will hold ODP Super Center for Women, 6 p.m. Corbin’s contract would include $10 million in Oklahoma City at Brooklyn, 6:30 p.m.
Washington at Atlanta, 6:30 p.m.
Columbus United will serve as host for the Olympic Development
Program Super Center from 4-6 p.m. Saturday at the Downtown Colum-
Ole Miss at Illinois State, 7 p.m. deferred money, one of the people said. Charlotte at Minnesota, 7 p.m.
Dallas at New Orleans, 7 p.m.
Corbin, who has played his entire major league Detroit at Milwaukee, 7 p.m.
bus Soccer Complex.
The event will be an opportunity for players to get seen for the state
Women’s College Basketball career for the Arizona Diamondbacks, joins a ro-
L.A. Clippers at Memphis, 7 p.m.
Philadelphia at Toronto, 7 p.m.
Today’s Game San Antonio at L.A. Lakers, 9:30 p.m.
ODP teams and to get more training from licensed coaches. tation in Washington that already includes three- Thursday’s Games
Players who register for the ODP Super Centers will be evaluated South Alabama at Alabama, 11:30 a.m. New York at Boston, 7 p.m.
time Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer and Phoenix at Portland, 9 p.m.
and offered spots on the State ODP team if they are good enough. The Thursday’s Game Houston at Utah, 9:30 p.m.
event is for girls and boys ages 2009-2002. Stephen Strasburg. Corbin was an NL All-Star
Marquette at Mississippi State, 7 p.m.
The cost is $30 to register. Go to http://www.mississippisoccer. Saturday’s Games
selection in 2013 and this year; Scherzer has Football
Savanah State at Ole Miss, 2 p.m.
been picked for each of the past six Midsummer NFL
htm to register. Classics; Strasburg has made it three times. Thursday’s Game
Jacksonville at Tennessee, 7:20 p.m.
Tulane at Alabama, 2 p.m.
The 29-year-old Corbin is coming off his best Sunday’s Games

Mississippi State Ole Miss at Illinois State, 7 p.m.

season in the majors, going 11-7 with a 3.15 ERA
New Orleans at Tampa Bay, Noon
N.Y. Giants at Washington, Noon

Junior College Basketball

Atlanta at Green Bay, Noon
McCowan earns second SEC Player of the Week honor while pitching 200 innings for the second time in Indianapolis at Houston, Noon
N.Y. Jets at Buffalo, Noon
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — With two double-doubles in two road Thursday’s Games his career. Carolina at Cleveland, Noon
games, Mississippi State senior center Teaira McCowan received her New England at Miami, Noon
Women: Itawamba at Snead State, 5:30 p.m. He finished fifth in voting for NL Cy Young Baltimore at Kansas City, Noon
second SEC Player of the Week honor of the season Tuesday. It is the Cincinnati at L.A. Chargers, 3:05 p.m.
sixth weekly conference accolade of her career, the most among active
Men: Itawamba at Snead State, 7:30 p.m. honors; Scherzer was second as he came up just Denver at San Francisco, 3:05 p.m.

SEC players.
Saturday’s Game shy of a third consecutive prize. Detroit at Arizona, 3:25 p.m.
Philadelphia at Dallas, 3:25 p.m.
McCowan also broke the Bulldogs’ career rebounding record with Men: EMCC at Baton Rouge, 2 p.m. Corbin was considered the top starter avail- Pittsburgh at Oakland, 3:25 p.m.
L.A. Rams at Chicago, 7:20 p.m.
her 12th rebound at then-No. 10 Texas. Her 1,109 career rebounds able in an elite free-agent class and became the Monday’s Game
pushed her past MSU great LaToya Thomas (2000-2003). on the air first player among them to sign a big money, mul-
Minnesota at Seattle, 7:15 p.m.

The Brenham, Texas, native averaged 18 points and 13.5 rebounds

tiyear deal this offseason. Hockey
per game while shooting 59.3 percent (16-for-27) from the field. She Today Still on the market is right fielder Bryce Harp- NHL
has now recorded six double-doubles this season and 45 in her career, COLLEGE BASKETBALL EASTERN CONFERENCE
which ranks fourth nationally among active Division I players. 5 p.m. — Lafayette at Connecticut, ESPNU er, the 2012 NL Rookie of the Year and 2015 Atlantic Division
No. 6 MSU will play host to No. 18 Marquette at 7 p.m. Thursday 5:30 p.m. — Ohio at Xavier, FS1 NL MVP for the Nationals. Washington made a Tampa Bay 29 21 7 1 43 114 85
(SEC Network+).
6 p.m. — Hartford at Duke, ESPN2 late-season offer to Harper in a bid to keep him, Toronto
28 20 8 0 40 102 73
29 17 8 4 38 89 82
n State champion Brownlee joins softball team’s signing but that was not accepted.
7 p.m. — VCU at Texas, ESPNU Boston 27 14 9 4 32 71 69
class: At Starkville, Softball coach Vann Stuedeman announced the Montreal 28 13 10 5 31 88 90
signing Tuesday of Houston High School standout infielder/outfielder
7:30 p.m. — Temple at Villanova, FS1 Detroit 28 12 12 4 28 81 93
Aquana Brownlee as the third member of Mississippi State’s 2019
signing class.
8 p.m. — North Carolina (Wilmington) at North
Carolina, ESPN2
SOCCER Florida
26 11 10 5 27 87 91
28 12 13 3 27 100 114
Metropolitan Division

Berhalter: Direction
“Aquana is an extremely talented and athletic player that possess- 9 p.m. — TCU at SMU, ESPNU
27 15 9 3 33 98 88
es a tremendous amount of raw power and speed,” Stuedeman said. 10 p.m. — Washington at Gonzaga, ESPN2 Columbus 27 15 10 2 32 96 92
GOLF N.Y. Islanders 26 13 10 3 29 77 75
“She has the ability to change the game with one swing of the bat as

needed to transform
N.Y. Rangers 28 13 12 3 29 80 88
well as a knack for being around the ball on defense. She is a very ver- 4 a.m. (Thursday) — European Tour Golf, South Carolina 26 12 10 4 28 66 71
Pittsburgh 26 11 10 5 27 89 87
satile player from down the road in Houston. We are excited to be a part African Open, first round, Johannesburg, TGC Philadelphia 25 11 12 2 24 76 88
of her continued development and proud she chose Mississippi State.” NBA
U.S. national team
New Jersey 26 9 12 5 23 75 91
Brownlee is entering her senior season as a captain for Houston WESTERN CONFERENCE
10 a.m. — G-League, Iowa at Raptors 905, ESPNU Central Division
High softball program after leading the Hilltoppers to the 2018 3A State 7 p.m. — Philadelphia at Toronto, ESPN GP W L OT Pts GF GA
Championship with a victory earlier this spring at Nusz Park. 9:30 p.m. — San Antonio at LA Lakers, ESPN Nashville 28 19 8 1 39 90 67
Colorado 28 16 7 5 37 102 79
NHL By RONALD BLUM Winnipeg 27 17 8 2 36 94 78
Mississippi University for Women 7 p.m. — Edmonton at St. Louis, NBC Sports The Associated Press Dallas
28 15 10 3 33 78 72
27 15 10 2 32 86 78

Women’s basketball team beats Judson College Network Chicago 28 9 14 5 23 77 104

St. Louis 25 9 13 3 21 74 85
MARION, Ala. — Rokila Wallace had 21 points and seven 9:30 p.m. — Chicago at Anaheim, NBC Sports NEW YORK — Gregg Berhalter promises to Pacific Division
rebounds Tuesday night to lead the Mississippi University for Women’s Network transform the U.S. national team into a pressing,
28 17 9 2 36 100 82
women’s basketball team to a 66-50 victory against Judson College. SOCCER attack-minded group the Americans rarely have Anaheim 29 14 10 5 33 70 83
The W (6-2), which is the No. 1 team in the United States Colle- 1:55 p.m. — Premier League, Manchester United been.
San Jose
28 13 10 5 31 85 89
29 15 13 1 31 87 81
giate Athletic Association, took a 22-12 lead after the first quarter and vs. Arsenal, NBC Sports Network Arizona 26 13 11 2 28 68 67
rolled to the road victory. “We want to see ball circulation, breaking Edmonton 27 13 12 2 28 71 83
Senior forward Tenazhia Hinkson and junior center Keyahna Jones Thursday lines, creating goal-scoring oppor- Vancouver
Los Angeles
30 11 16 3 25 84 105
28 10 17 1 21 59 84
scored 10 points while pulling down five and nine rebounds, respective- COLLEGE BASKETBALL tunities,” he said at his introduc- NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for
ly. Jones also had a season-high three blocked shots. 7 p.m. — Iowa State at Iowa, FS1
With a game-high 10 rebounds, junior forward and USCAA Player
tion Tuesday. “That should be the overtime loss. Top three teams in each division
and two wild cards per conference advance to
of the Week Qiayon Bailey was just three points shy of a double-double. 6 p.m. — College Football Awards: From Atlanta,
She also had two steals and an assist.
ESPN The 45-year-old is the first Tuesday’s Games
The W will return to action at 2 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 8 when it plays American to coach the national Winnipeg 3, N.Y. Islanders 1
host to Wesleyan College. Bring an unwrapped toy for the MUW Toy CURLING Florida 5, Boston 0
Drive and get free admittance. 7:30 p.m. — Curling World Cup: U.S. vs. Canada, team after playing for it at a World Calgary 9, Columbus 6
Pittsburgh 6, Colorado 3
NBC Sports Network Cup. He spent the last five years Montreal 5, Ottawa 2
Junior Colleges GOLF coaching Major League Soccer’s Tampa Bay 6, Detroit 5, SO
Toronto 4, Buffalo 3, OT
4 a.m. — European Tour Golf, South African Columbus Crew, which reached Vegas 5, Washington 3
EMCC basketball teams sweep Mississippi Delta C.C. Open, first round, Johannesburg, TGC the playoffs four times despite a small payroll but
Minnesota 3, Vancouver 2
Arizona 2, Los Angeles 1
SCOOBA — The East Mississippi Community College basketball 4 a.m. (Friday) — European Tour Golf, South Today’s Games
teams successfully opened their Mississippi Association of Community African Open, second round, Johannesburg, TGC failed to win any titles. Edmonton at St. Louis, 7 p.m.
and Junior Colleges (MACJC) North Division slate by sweeping Missis- NBA “Greg isn’t just the right choice, Greg is the Chicago at Anaheim, 9:30 p.m.
Carolina at San Jose, 9:30 p.m.
sippi Delta C.C. on Monday at Keyes T. Currie Coliseum. best choice,” U.S. Soccer Federation President Thursday’s Games
7 p.m. — New York at Boston, TNT Detroit at Toronto, 6 p.m.
The EMCC women claimed a 75-64 win in the opener, while the
men’s team cruised to a 94-77 victory in the nightcap. 9:30 p.m. — Houston at Utah, TNT Carlos Cordeiro said. “He will push our men’s N.Y. Islanders at Pittsburgh, 6 p.m.
Colorado at Florida, 6 p.m.
Tatyana Norment had a season-high 22 points for the Lady Lions NFL team forward and with an identity and approach Columbus at Philadelphia, 6 p.m.
(4-4). 7:20 p.m. — Jacksonville at Tennessee, WLOV that will be uniquely and fiercely American.” Montreal at Ottawa, 6:30 p.m.
Boston at Tampa Bay, 6:30 p.m.
Former New Hope High School standout Terryonte Thomas had and NFL Network The job had been held by Dave Sarachan Washington at Arizona, 8 p.m.
26 points on 10-for-15 shooting from the field for the Lions (5-4). Former WOMEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL Minnesota at Calgary, 8 p.m.
Starkville High standout Darrious Agnew had 10 points. 6 p.m. — Texas A&M at Houston, ESPN2 on an interim basis for 14 months since Bruce Nashville at Vancouver, 9 p.m.

Chicago at Vegas, 9 p.m.
— From Special Reports New Jersey at Los Angeles, 9:30 p.m.

Continued from Page 1B
special place for me and my saw the running backs there redshirt sophomore defensive in MSU history to bring home Jacques Turner lead 15 Golden
family, and I am honored to from 1997 to 2002. He was the lineman Quinnen Williams back-to-back first-team laurels. Eagles named Tuesday to the
take on this role at the state’s Terps’ offensive coordinator and redshirt junior defensive Senior safety Johnathan All-Conference USA teams.
flagship institution. Our goal is from 2012-15 and was named back Deionte Thompson were Abram and senior offensive Watkins, a sophomore wide
to create an atmosphere and en- the team’s interim head coach named for first-team honors on lineman Deion Calhoun round- receiver from Athens, Alabama,
vironment focused on the total for the last six games of 2015 af- defense. This year’s first-team ed out MSU’s accolades with and Turner, a redshirt sopho-
development of our student-ath- ter Randy Edsall was fired. He honor is the second for Jonah spots on the second team. more defensive lineman from
letes. Our focus will always be went 1-5 as Maryland’s interim Williams (2017). Abram is the first MSU’s safety D’Iberville, earned first-team
to help them become more suc- head coach. Redshirt senior center Ross to earn an All-SEC nod from the selections.
cessful in all areas of their life Locksley also was 1-15 for Pierschbacher was named to league’s coaches since Nickoe On the second team, soph-
through their association with parts of three seasons from the second-team offense with Whitley in 2013. omore defensive back Ky’el
our program.” 2009 to 2011 as New Mexico’s senior running back Damien MSU’s four overall All-SEC Hemby posted a season-best
Locksley, 48, just finished head coach before being fired. Harris, junior tight end Irv selections were the program’s six interceptions for the Golden
his second season as a full- The Broyles Award has been Smith Jr. and sophomore of- most since MSU had five hon- Eagles and finished second on
time assistant on Nick Saban’s presented annually since 1996 fensive lineman Alex Leather- ored in 2014. the team in tackles with 51.
staff at Alabama. It was his first to the outstanding assistant wood. Senior defensive lineman Senior kicker Parker
season as the Crimson Tide’s coach in college football. Locks- Isaiah Buggs, junior linebacker Ole Miss’ Brown, Little earn Shaunfield joined him on the
offensive coordinator. Alabama ley joins former Alabama defen- second team.
heads into the College Football sive coordinator Kirby Smart
Mack Wilson and sophomore All-SEC honors On the C-USA All-Freshman
linebacker Dylan Moses were Junior wide receiver A.J.
Playoff ranked second nation- (2009) as the second Alabama second-team choices on de- squad, center Trace Clopton
Brown and junior offensive line-
ally in scoring offense (47.9 coach to receive the honor. fense. (Brookhaven) was one of nine
man Greg Little were named
points per game). The Crim- n In related news, Ala- freshmen offensive lineman to
first-team All-SEC picks by the
son Tide broke school records bama placed 12 players on the start during opening week. De-
for points (623), total offense All-Southeastern Conference
MSU has four players earn league’s 14 head coaches.
fensive lineman Tahj Sykes, of
(6,859 yards), offensive touch- Coaches’ Team, the league of- All-SEC honors from coaches On Monday, the duo also col-
lected first-team All-SEC hon-
Columbus, and defensive back
downs (77), and passing yards fice announced Tuesday. A second wave of postsea- Shannon Showers also were
son awards saw four Bulldogs ors from The Associated Press.
(4,231). The Crimson Tide led the recognized.
named to the All-SEC Coaches The SEC individual award
According to a report on way with 12 All-SEC selections, Offensive lineman Arvin
Team. winners will be announced
ESPN.com, Locksley will stay including five first-team honor- Fletcher, wide receiver Tim
Senior defensive end Mont- Wednesday and the SEC
on at Alabama throughout the ees. This marks the 11th-con- Jones, tight end Jay’Shawn
All-Freshman Team will be re-
team’s run in the CFP. secutive season Alabama has ez Sweat and junior defensive Washington, defensive lineman
leased Thursday.
His multi-year contract with led the conference in All-SEC tackle Jeffery Simmons earned LaDarius Harris, linebacker
Maryland will average in the picks. spots on the first team, mark- Racheem Boothe, linebacker
range of $2.5 million annually, Junior Jonah Williams and ing the second-consecutive sea- Southern Mississippi places Sherrod Ruff, defensive back
sources said. sophomores Jerry Jeudy and son the duo has brought home 15 on Conference USA squad Picasso Nelson Jr., and defen-
This will be Locksley’s third Tua Tagovailoa were first-team first-team honors. They are the Southern Mississippi soph- sive back Ty Williams earned
stint at Maryland. He over- selections on offense, while first defensive line teammates omores Quez Watkins and honorable mention.
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com Wednesday, December 5, 2018 3B

Peters uses research
South Carolina at Wyoming, 8 p.m.
Tuesday’s Men’s Major No. 22 Mississippi St. 90, Arkansas at Colorado State, 9 p.m.
2 10 15 11 —38
16 11 17 17 —61
Scores McNeese 77 (CBS Sports Network)
Thursday’s Games
3-Point Goals—Furman 1-16 (Duncan
0-1, Davidson 0-7, Petty 1-4, Kirisome 0-4),
EAST MCNEESE (2-6): Kennedy 5-8 1-2 11,

from practice to produce

American U. 95, St. Francis (Pa.) 82 R.Brown 1-2 1-3 3, Hines 9-14 5-8 24, Green- No games scheduled Georgia 2-10 (Robinson 0-1, Cole 0-1, Connally
Boston U. 79, Mass.-Lowell 60 wood 6-9 1-1 14, Hunt 1-2 2-2 4, A.Brown 0-1 Friday’s Game 2-3, Hubbard 0-2, Caldwell 0-2, Morrison 0-1).
Bucknell 92, La Salle 79 0-0 0, Robinson 4-8 2-2 12, Johnson 0-0 0-0 Oral Roberts at Missouri, 6 p.m. (SEC Network) Assists—Furman 8 (Manojlovic 4), Georgia 11
Florida 66, West Virginia 56 0, Harvey 3-6 0-0 9, Touchet 0-0 0-0 0. Totals Saturday’s Games (Cole 4). Rebounds—Furman 32 (Duncan 6),
Holy Cross 82, UMass 78 South Carolina at Michigan, 11 a.m. (FS1) Georgia 51 (Paul 10). Total Fouls—Furman 15,

results against McNeese

29-50 12-18 77.
Indiana 64, Penn St. 62 MISSISSIPPI STATE (7-1): Ado 3-7 Michigan State at Florida, 11 a.m. (WCBI) Georgia 14. A—2,174.
Maine 75, Fordham 68, 2OT Kentucky vs. Seton Hall, 11 a.m. (WLOV)
NJIT 77, Army 72
1-2 7, Holman 2-10 3-4 8, Peters 9-16 1-2 27,
N.Weatherspoon 3-7 4-6 11, Q.Weatherspoon Western Kentucky at Arkansas, 2:30 p.m. Arkansas 65,
Penn 89, Miami 75
Providence 100, Boston College 95, OT
3-7 2-2 8, Feazell 0-0 0-0 0, Perry 5-8 3-3 15, (SEC Network)
Mississippi State vs. Clemson, 3 p.m. (ESPN2) Tennessee Tech 42
Datcher 0-0 0-0 0, Carter 4-8 0-0 10, Woodard TENNESSEE TECH (5-3): Cantrell 1-5
Seton Hall 77, New Hampshire 57 Boston College at Texas A&M, 5 p.m.
0-2 4-6 4. Totals 29-65 18-25 90. 1-2 3, Alexander 2-7 0-2 5, Brock 3-10 0-0 7,
By Bret t Hudson
Syracuse 72, Northeastern 49
Appalachian St. 100, Howard 86
Halftime—McNeese St. 42-39. 3-Point
Goals—McNeese St. 7-13 (Harvey 3-5, Robin-
(SEC Network)
Ole Miss at Illinois State, 7 p.m.
Dayton at Auburn, 7:30 p.m. (SEC Network)
Buckner 4-11 0-0 9, Harris 2-7 1-3 5, Coleman
0-4 0-0 0, Lamb 2-3 0-0 4, Wilkinson 3-6 0-0 6, bhudson@cdispatch.com
Auburn 67, UNC-Asheville 41 son 2-3, Hines 1-1, Greenwood 1-3, Kennedy Brady 1-3 0-2 3, Totals 18-56 2-9 42.
Sunday’s Games
Belmont 76, Lipscomb 74 0-1), Mississippi St. 14-31 (Peters 8-13, Carter Arizona at Alabama, Noon (ESPN) ARKANSAS (6-3): Williams 3-4 0-0
Clemson 65, St. Peter’s 60
Davidson 99, Winthrop 81
2-4, Perry 2-4, N.Weatherspoon 1-2, Holman
1-4, Woodard 0-2, Q.Weatherspoon 0-2). Re-
Incarnate Word at LSU, 1 p.m. (SEC Network) 6, Dungee 12-18 0-0 28, Mason 1-5 1-2 4,
Monk 1-3 0-0 2, Tolefree 2-11 0-0 5, Stout
STARKVILLE — The Mis- The performance proved Pe-
Tennessee vs. Gonzaga, 2 p.m. (ESPN)
Furman 98, Elon 77 bounds—McNeese St. 22 (Hines 6), Missis- 0-0 0-0 0, Thomas 0-1 1-2 1, Weaver 0-3 0-0 sissippi State men’s basketball ters can do it all at the point. He
Georgia St. 83, Alabama 80 sippi St. 36 (Holman 11). Assists—McNeese Tuesday’s Women’s Major 0, Doumbia 0-1 0-0 0, Gaulden 6-16 0-0 12,
Grambling St. 81, St. 11 (Kennedy 3), Mississippi St. 14 (Peters Northcross-Baker 0-2 0-0 0, Spangler 0-4 0-0 team’s extensive work charting also had five assists and a steal.
Centenary College of Louisiana 57 5). Total Fouls—McNeese St. 17, Mississippi Scores 0, Zimmerman 2-6 2-2 7, Totals 27-74 4-6 65.
Jacksonville 94, Presbyterian 88 St. 17. Technicals—McNeese St. coach Heath EAST Tennessee Tech 4 16 7 15 —42 shots in practice produced re- “I was happy for him. He’s put
James Madison 73, Radford 66 Schroyer. A—6,347 (10,575). Buffalo 84, Canisius 66
Louisiana Tech 82, Prairie View 68 Maine 67, Harvard 60
Arkansas 18 17 23 7 —65
sults Tuesday night. an incredible amount of work
Memphis 88, S. Dakota St. 80 Georgia State 83, Manhattan 60, Lafayette 49
3-Point Goals—Tennessee Tech 4-16
(Alexander 1-1, Brock 1-4, Buckner 1-6, Har- The Bulldogs’ research in,” Howland said. “I think this
Mississippi St. 90, McNeese St. 77
SE Missouri 77, MVSU 57 Alabama 80 Stony Brook 73, Sacred Heart 58
Towson 62, Loyola (Md.) 57
ris 0-2, Coleman 0-1, Brady 1-2), Arkansas
7-23 (Dungee 4-6, Mason 1-1, Tolefree 1-8, shows Lamar Peters sometimes is an important moment.”
UAB 73, North Alabama 67 GEORGIA STATE (6-3): Benlevi 6-9 1-2
Yale 72, St. Peter’s 56 Doumbia 0-1, Northcross-Baker 0-2, Spangler
Cent. Michigan 100, Youngstown St. 94, 3OT
16, Thomas 5-12 3-4 14, Wilson 2-3 1-2 7, Si-
monds 8-24 6-6 23, Williams 5-8 2-3 12, Linder SOUTH 0-2, Zimmerman 1-3). Assists—Tennessee makes as many as 80 percent of
Cincinnati 78, N. Kentucky 65
Dayton 98, Detroit 59
0-0 0-0 0, Tyson 1-1 2-3 4, Mitchell 1-5 0-0 3,
Phillips 2-4 0-0 4. Totals 30-66 15-20 83.
Belmont 83, Lipscomb 43
Georgia 61, Furman 38
Liberty 89, ETSU 86
Tech 11 (Alexander 4), Arkansas 9 (Mason 3).
Rebounds—Tennessee Tech 42 (Cantrell 9),
Arkansas 42 (Williams 9). Total Fouls—Ten-
his 3-pointers when he catches
and shoots.
In striking range
E. Illinois 90, Fontbonne 37
High Point 55, Valparaiso 53
ALABAMA (5-3): Hall 3-4 5-6 11, Lewis
6-12 2-2 19, Petty 2-6 0-1 6, Jones 0-6 1-6 1, Louisville 102, UT Martin 62 nessee Tech 12, Arkansas 12. A—915. Holman’s three blocked
Kansas 72, Wofford 47 Mack 5-9 1-2 12, Smith 0-1 1-2 1, Reese 4-9 Middle Tennessee 67, Troy 64
USA Today Peters put some of that work shots brought him within one of
New Orleans 66, Memphis 59
Marquette 76, UTEP 69
Michigan 62, Northwestern 60
1-2 9, Ingram 5-6 5-8 17, A.Johnson 0-1 0-0 0,
Norris 1-2 2-2 4. Totals 26-56 18-31 80. S. Dakota St. 71, Chattanooga 54
Women’s Top 25 in practice into action against a top five spot in school history.
Missouri 65, Texas-Arlington 45
Oklahoma 85, Notre Dame 80
Halftime—Alabama 52-31. 3-Point
Goals—Georgia St. 8-23 (Benlevi 3-5, Wilson
Tulane 71, Nicholls 46
Virginia Tech 55, Radford 44
The weekly poll, with first-place votes in McNeese, scoring a career-high He now has 162 blocks, which
parentheses, records through Dec. 3, points
Abilene Christian 83, Campbell 68
2-2, Mitchell 1-2, Thomas 1-5, Simonds 1-7, W. Carolina 68, SC-Upstate 64
Wofford 107, Warren Wilson 30
based on 25 points for a first-place vote through 27 points on 8-for-13 shooting is one behind Rickey Brown
Phillips 0-1, Williams 0-1), Alabama 10-28
Arkansas St. 87, Evansville 77 (Lewis 5-10, Ingram 2-2, Petty 2-5, Mack 1-5, MIDWEST
one point for a 25th-place vote and previous
ranking: from 3-point range in No. 22 (1976-1980).
Bradley 68, UALR 62 Bradley 82, W. Illinois 68
Houston 79, Lamar 56
A.Johnson 0-1, Norris 0-1, Reese 0-4). Re-
bounds—Georgia St. 29 (Benlevi 8), Alabama Drake 91, Clarke 43

1. UConn (31)
Rec. Pts Pvs
7-0 775 2
MSU’s 90-77 victory at Hum- Holman needs another
Incarnate Word 82, Trinity (TX) 57
40 (Hall 11). Assists—Georgia St. 10 (Williams
5), Alabama 10 (Hall, Petty, Ingram, Jones
Illinois St. 61, Austin Peay 49
N. Iowa 64, North Dakota 60
2. Notre Dame 7-1 722 1 phrey Coliseum. 20 blocks after that to reach
3. Oregon 7-0 707 3
CS Bakersfield 67, UC Merced 53
Colorado 82, South Dakota 58 2). Total Fouls—Georgia St. 23, Alabama 18. SE Missouri 82, Illinois at Springfield 46 4. Louisville 8-0 678 4 “Lamar really played well,” Kalpatrick Wells in fourth place
Technicals—Smith. A—9,076 (15,383). South Dakota 85, Missouri St. 74
New Mexico St. 100, New Mexico 65 UConn 98, Saint Louis 42
5. Baylor 7-0 660 5
MSU coach Ben Howland said. and 15 beyond that to reach Ty-
Saint Mary’s (Cal) 93, Bethune-Cookman 61 Florida 66, Wisconsin 67, Marshall 49
6. Mississippi State 8-0 627 6

The Associated Press SOUTHWEST

7. Maryland 8-0 583 8 “(He) shot the ball extremely rone Washington in third, but
West Virginia 56 8. Oregon State 6-1 555 9
Men’s Top 25 Fared FLORIDA (5-3): Stone 2-5 4-5 9, Hayes
Arkansas 65, Tennessee Tech 42
Rio Grande 70, Texas A&M-CC 57
9. Tennessee 6-0 512 11 well, made a lot of good deci- Holman had 66 blocks last sea-
10. N.C. State 8-0 473 13
Tuesday 2-3 2-6 6, Allen 5-13 6-9 19, Nembhard 1-6 4-6
7, Locke 1-5 5-6 8, Bassett 0-0 0-0 0, K.John-
Texas State 92, St. Thomas (TX) 39 11. Stanford 6-1 471 7 sions. I thought the way they son and is on pace for more this
1. Gonzaga (8-0) did not play. Next: vs. FAR WEST 12. Texas 7-1 459 10
Washington, Wednesday. son 4-5 1-2 9, Stokes 1-1 2-4 4, Hudson 0-4 0-2
0, Okauru 0-0 1-2 1, Ballard 0-6 3-4 3. Totals
S. Utah 60, Utah Valley 59 13. California 7-0 319 18 played ball screens, they were season.
2. Kansas (7-0) beat Wofford 72-47. Next:
16-48 28-46 66.
Wyoming 78, Denver 74 14. Syracuse 7-2 310 12 giving up the three a little
vs. New Mexico State, Saturday.
WEST VIRGINIA (5-3): Ahmad 3-9 0-5 7, The AP Women’s 15. Marquette 6-1 291 17 Senior guard Quinndary
3. Duke (7-1) did not play. Next: vs. 16. Iowa 5-2 279 15 more and why wouldn’t they?
Hartford, Wednesday. Harris 3-7 1-2 9, Konate 2-10 0-0 4, Bolden 1-10
Top 25 Fared 17. DePaul 5-3 245 14 Weatherspoon remains eighth
4. Virginia (8-0) did not play. Next: vs. 0-0 2, Harler 4-5 0-0 11, West 0-6 1-2 1, Routt
18. Minnesota 7-0 217 — We were a team that’s shooting
VCU, Sunday. 1-4 0-0 2, Gordon 3-5 0-1 6, Matthews 0-0 2-2 Tuesday
19. Arizona State 5-2 200 23 in school history with 160 steals,
5. Michigan (9-0) beat Northwestern 2, McCabe 0-0 2-2 2, Haley 0-2 3-4 3, Knapper 1. UConn (8-0) beat Saint Louis 98-42. 29 percent from three, so why
62-60. Next: vs. South Carolina, Saturday. 2-6 2-2 7. Totals 19-64 11-20 56. Next: vs. Seton Hall, Saturday.
19. Kentucky 8-0 200 25
one behind Timmy Bowers, two
6. Nevada (8-0) did not play. Next: vs. No. Halftime—Florida 30-27. 3-Point 2. Notre Dame (7-1) did not play. Next: at
21. Drake 7-1 182 24
wouldn’t they force us to take
20 Arizona State, Friday. Goals—Florida 6-21 (Allen 3-7, Stone 1-1, 22. Gonzaga 8-1 99 — behind Barry Stewart, and five
7. Tennessee (6-1) did not play. Next: vs. Nembhard 1-2, Locke 1-4, Ballard 0-3, Hudson
Toledo, Saturday. 23. Miami 7-2 83 20 more threes. He knocked them
No. 1 Gonzaga, Sunday. 3. Oregon (7-0) did not play. Next: at 24. South Carolina 4-4 77 19 behind Chuck Evans in fifth.
8. Auburn (7-1) beat UNC Asheville 67-41.
0-4), West Virginia 7-23 (Harler 3-4, Harris Michigan State, Sunday. 25. Missouri 6-2 63 — down.”
2-5, Knapper 1-3, Ahmad 1-4, Bolden 0-2,
4. Baylor (7-0) did not play. Next: vs. Also Receiving Votes: Iowa State 54, His eight points give him
Next: vs. Dayton, Saturday. West 0-5). Fouled Out—Konate, Gordon. Re-
Morehead State, Wednesday, Dec. 12. Peters entered the game
9. Kentucky (7-1) did not play. Next: vs. bounds—Florida 37 (Stone 8), West Virginia 42 Southern California 45, Texas A&M 45,
1,514 for his career, which is
Seton Hall, Saturday. (Ahmad 9). Assists—Florida 12 (Nembhard 6), 5. Louisville (9-0) beat UT Martin 102-62. Florida State 34, South Florida 31, West
shooting 31.1 percent from
10. Michigan State (7-2) did not play. West Virginia 9 (Haley 5). Total Fouls—Florida Next: vs. No. 19 Kentucky, Sunday. Virginia 25, Virginia Tech 16, 10th in school history. He is 44
Next: at Florida, Saturday. 22, West Virginia 30. A—8,499 (19,812). 6. Mississippi State (8-0) did not play. Kansas 12, Michigan 8, South Dakota 5, 3-point range. His effort against
11. Florida State (7-1) did not play. Next: Next: vs. No. 18 Marquette, Thursday. Alabama-Birmingham 4, UCF 2, New points behind Jamont Gordon in
vs. UConn, Saturday. Missouri 65, 7. Maryland (8-0) did not play. Next: vs. Mexico 2, South Alabama 2, Indiana 1, the Cowboys (2-6) helped him
12. Wisconsin (8-1) did not play. Next: at Michigan State 1, Tulane 1. ninth.
Marquette, Saturday. Texas-Arlington 45 James Madison, Saturday.
8. Oregon State (6-1) did not play. Next:
tie the single-game school re-
13. Texas Tech (7-0) did not play. Next: TEXAS-ARLINGTON (3-6): Ibarguen
vs. Santa Clara, Sunday. SEC Women cord for made 3-pointers.
vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Wednesday.
14. North Carolina (6-2) did not play.
Next: vs. UNC Wilmington, Wednesday.
4-7 1-3 9, Mwamba 1-4 1-4 3, Azore 0-4 0-0
0, Warren 3-14 0-0 8, Davis 2-3 2-2 6, Nouhi
0-1 0-2 0, Narcis 2-3 0-0 4, Bryant 1-1 0-0 2,
9. Tennessee (6-0) did not play. Next: vs.
Stetson, Wednesday.

Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
0-0 .000 8-0 1.000 Even with defenders grant- Holman the showman
15. Virginia Tech (6-1) did not play. Next: Jackson-Young 2-3 0-0 5, Castro 3-6 0-0 8. 10. N.C. State (8-0) did not play. Next: vs. Mississippi State 0-0 .000 8-0 1.000
Tennessee 0-0 .000 6-0 1.000 ing him opportunities to shoot Holman had another produc-
vs. VMI, Wednesday. Hampton, Wednesday.
16. Kansas State (6-1) did not play. Next:
Totals 18-46 4-11 45.
MISSOURI (5-3): Tilmon 2-4 6-6 10, 11. Stanford (6-1) did not play. Next: vs. Auburn 0-0 .000 6-1 .857 off the dribble, Peters waited tive game with eight points, 11
at Tulsa, Saturday.
17. Buffalo (7-0) did not play. Next: vs. Le
Puryear 3-5 0-0 7, Pickett 4-9 0-0 10, Ma.Smith
2-4 0-0 5, Geist 4-10 0-0 9, Nikko 0-1 2-4 2,
No. 4 Baylor, Saturday, Dec. 15.
12. Texas (7-1) did not play. Next: vs. No.
0-0 .000 6-2
0-0 .000 4-2
.667 until the time was right. The rebounds, three blocks, two as-
Moyne, Wednesday.
18. Iowa (6-2) did not play. Next: vs. Iowa Mi.Smith 1-5 0-0 3, Pinson 3-5 1-4 7, Watson 9 Tennessee, Sunday. Texas A&M 0-0 .000 4-2 .667 junior point guard established sists, and a steal, but he added a
4-9 1-2 12. Totals 23-52 10-16 65. 13. California (7-0) did not play. Next: at Arkansas 0-0 .000 6-3 .667
State, Thursday.
19. Ohio State (7-1) did not play. Next: vs. Halftime—Missouri 37-21. 3-Point Saint Mary’s, Saturday. Georgia 0-0 .000 6-3 . 6 67 his shooting rhythm as three bit of flair.
Goals—Texas-Arlington 5-18 (Castro 2-4,
Illinois, Wednesday.
20. Arizona State (7-0) did not play. Next: Warren 2-10, Jackson-Young 1-1, Nouhi 0-1,
14. Minnesota (7-0) did not play. Next: vs.
Incarnate Word, Wednesday.
Alabama 0-0 .000 5-3 .625
of his 3-pointers in the first half Holman’s second assist start-
South Carolina 0-0 .000 4-4 .500
vs. No. 6 Nevada, Friday.
21. Villanova (6-2) did not play. Next: vs.
Mwamba 0-1, Davis 0-1), Missouri 9-25 (Wat-
son 3-6, Pickett 2-6, Puryear 1-1, Ma.Smith 1-2,
15. Syracuse (7-2) did not play. Next: vs. Vanderbilt 0-0 .000 3-3 .375 — two by senior forward Aric ed by receiving a pass on the
Maryland-Eastern Shore, Wednesday.
Temple, Wednesday. Mi.Smith 1-2, Geist 1-7, Pinson 0-1). Fouled
Out—Tilmon. Rebounds—Texas-Arlington
16. Iowa (6-2) did not play. Next: vs. Iowa
Ole Miss
0-0 .000 3-6
0-0 .000 1-6
.143 Holman — were assisted. With right wing with an open lane to
22. Mississippi State (7-1) beat McNeese
90-77. Next: vs. Clemson, Saturday. 25 (Mwamba 9), Missouri 33 (Tilmon 12). As- State, Wednesday.
17. Arizona State (5-2) did not play. Next: his flow established, Peters took the rim. He started down that
23. Maryland (7-1) did not play. Next: at sists—Texas-Arlington 11 (Warren 4), Missouri
Purdue, Thursday. 10 (Geist 3). Total Fouls—Texas-Arlington 13, vs. Southern University, Friday.
Tuesday’s Games
Georgia 61, Furman 38 control in the second half. His crease and curled the ball be-
18. Marquette (6-1) did not play. Next: at
24. Nebraska (7-1) did not play. Next: at
Minnesota, Wednesday.
Missouri 13. A—9,428 (15,061).
No. 6 Mississippi State, Thursday. Arkansas 65, Tennessee Tech 42 first 3-pointer of the half tied the hind his back and fired a pass
Southeastern Conference 19. Kentucky (8-0) did not play. Next: vs. Today’s Games
to Peters, who shuffled into
25. Furman (9-0) beat Elon 98-74. Next:
South Alabama at Alabama, 11:30 a.m. game at 50. His second, which
at South Carolina Upstate, Saturday.
Men Rhode Island, Thursday.
position on the left wing to hit
No. 8 Auburn 67, Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
20. DePaul (5-3) did not play. Next: vs.
Northwestern, Wednesday.
Stetson at Tennessee, 6 p.m.
Bethune-Cookman at Florida, 6 p.m.
was in transition, capped a 19-0
UNC-Asheville 41
0-0 .000
0-0 .000
21. Drake (8-1) beat Clarke 91-43. Next: Appalachian State at South Carolina, 6 p.m. run. a 3-pointer. The play gave the
UNC-ASHEVILLE (1-7): Peck 3-4 0-0 6,
Jude 2-5 2-2 8, Jones 1-10 2-4 5, Worthy 1-7
Mississippi State 0 -0 .000 7-1 .875 at South Dakota State, Saturday.
22. South Carolina (4-4) did not play.
Thursday’s Games
Rhode Island at Kentucky, TBD In those moments, Peters re- Bulldogs (7-1) their biggest ad-
Tennessee 0-0 .000 6-1 .857
0-0 2, Baker 2-10 0-0 4, Lawson 3-5 0-0 9, Arkansas 0-0 .000 5-1 .833 Next: vs. Appalachian State, Wednesday. Texas A&M at Houston, 6 p.m. (ESPN2) called Howland’s message from vantage of the first half at seven
Gilmore 1-1 0-0 2, Edoka 0-0 0-0 0, Woodyard 23. Missouri (6-2) did not play. Next: vs. Auburn at Saint Joseph’s 6 p.m.
0-0 0-0 0, Heath 1-1 0-0 3, Seegars 0-2 2-2 2. LSU
Ole Miss
0-0 .000
0-0 .000
.714 UMKC, Thursday. Vanderbilt at Ball State, 6 p.m. practice. points.
Totals 14-45 6-8 41.
AUBURN (7-1): McLemore 2-5 1-2 5, Vanderbilt 0-0 .000 5-2 .714 24. Gonzaga (8-1) did not play. Next: vs.
Washington State, Sunday.
Marquette at Mississippi State, 7 p.m. “Take better shots. Instead The theatrics weren’t what
Okeke 2-5 1-2 7, Brown 3-9 0-0 7, Harper 2-6 Georgia 0-0 .000 5-3 .625 UMKC at Missouri, 7 p.m.
3-3 9, Doughty 4-7 3-4 13, Spencer 2-2 0-0 4, Alabama 0-0 .000 5-3 .625 25. Miami (7-2) did not play. Next: vs. New Friday’s Games of just taking hard, contested Howland wanted to see.
Orleans, Sunday.
Parker 0-1 0-0 0, Collier 0-0 0-0 0, Blackstock
0-0 0-0 0, Wiley 5-7 4-5 14, Maasdorp 0-1 0-0
0-0 .000
0-0 .000
No games scheduled
shots, get some open ones and “I wasn’t excited about it. Im-
0, Macoy 0-1 0-0 0, Williams 0-0 0-0 0, Cook South Carolina 0-0 .000 4-3 .571 Georgia 61, Furman 38 Saturday’s Games
Arkansas at Abilene Christian, 1 p.m. the hard ones start to fall,” Pe- pressive, maybe in the too loose
0-0 0-0 0, Dunbar 3-4 0-2 8. Totals 23-48 12- Missouri 0-0 .000 5-3 .625 FURMAN (4-4): Duncan 2-6 0-0 4, David-
18 67.
Halftime—Auburn 33-18. 3-Point
Texas A&M 0-0 .000 3-4 .429 son 0-11 6-7 6, Hunter 3-5 0-0 6, Manojlovic
0-2 0-0 0, Petty 1-8 2-2 5, Donovan 0-0 0-0 0,
Tulane at Alabama, 2 p.m.
Savannah State at Ole Miss, 2 p.m. ters said. “Wait until you come way, for me,” Howland said.
Goals—UNC-Asheville 7-19 (Lawson 3-5, Jude Today’s Games
Taborn 3-5 2-2 8, van Rij 0-0 0-0 0, Wilson 0-0 Central Arkansas at Texas A&M, 2 p.m. open, knock a few of them down “During that juncture, at that
2-4, Heath 1-1, Jones 1-4, Seegars 0-1, Bak- 0-0 0, Boone 0-0 0-0 0, Kirisome 0-5 2-2 2, Sunday’s Games
er 0-4), Auburn 9-25 (Dunbar 2-3, Okeke 2-3, Georgia State 83, Alabama 80
Missouri 65, UT Arlington 45
Mateo 0-0 2-2 2, Outten 1-2 1-2 3, Sellinger 0-0 Tennessee at Texas, Noon (ESPN2) then you can take some off the time, I wasn’t excited about it.
Harper 2-5, Doughty 2-5, Brown 1-6, Parker 0-0 0, West 1-2 0-0 2, Totals 11-46 15-17 38.
0-1, Macoy 0-1, McLemore 0-1). Rebounds— Mississippi State 90, McNeese 77 GEORGIA (6-3): Paul 5-7 5-7 15, Robin-
Florida A&M at Florida, 1 p.m.
Kentucky at Louisville, 1 p.m.
bounce. I normally take some Glad it worked out.”
Auburn 67, UNC Asheville 41
UNC-Asheville 22 (Gilmore 4), Auburn 30
(Dunbar, Okeke 7). Assists—UNC-Asheville Florida 66, West Virginia 56
son 4-14 0-0 8, Cole 4-9 1-2 9, Connally 4-8
2-2 12, Hubbard 3-10 2-4 8, Staiti 1-4 0-0 2, (ACC Network Extra) shots early, but he told me when Follow Dispatch sports writer
8 (Baker 3), Auburn 19 (Harper, Okeke 5).
Total Fouls—UNC-Asheville 15, Auburn 16.
Today’s Games
Middle Tennessee at Vanderbilt, 6:30 p.m.
Caldwell 1-8 1-2 3, Henderson 0-0 0-0 0, Hose
0-1 0-0 0, Johnson 1-4 0-0 2, Morrison 0-2 2-2
South Carolina at Duke, 1 p.m.
(ACC Network Extra)
I take good shots, I’m a good Brett Hudson on Twitter @Brett_
A—7,121 (9,121). (SEC Network) 2, Totals 23-67 13-19 61. Missouri at Saint Louis, 5 p.m. shooter.” Hudson

Continued from Page 1B
paint and a 65.5-percent maining. MSU led for at
shooting from the field. least 10 points the rest of
McNeese countered the way.
the size of MSU starters Peters capped the flur-
Abdul Ado (6-foot-11) ry with a layup. He also
and Aric Holman (6-10) found Reggie Perry (15
with Jackson native Malik points off the bench) for a
Hines, a 6-10 center, and dunk and canned another
forward Shamarkus Ken- 3-pointer to help the Bull-
nedy, who is 6-8. Hines
dogs bounce back.
led the Cowboys with 24
“This was an important
points on 9-for-14 shoot-
ing, while Kennedy was win,” Howland said. “It
5-for-8 from the field and sets up a big two weeks,
had 11 points. and two practices coming
“We were able to catch up for the game against
them on some slips, put Clemson on Saturday.
them in rotation a little “This was an import-
bit,” said McNeese coach ant win that we did a
Heath Schroyer, referenc- much better job. If we
ing a play where a screen don’t start with the defen-
creates action in one di- sive end, we’re going to
rection just for the post struggle.”
opportunity to come on McNeese followed 28
the other side. first-half points in the
“We really worked on paint with four in the sec-
spacing the floor the right ond half. MSU also had a
way and getting them in Blake Williams/Mississippi State Athletic Media Relations 40-23 rebounding edge.
rotation, and Ben is such Nick Weatherspoon, left, had 11 points, and Tyson Carter, right, had 10 in the No. 22 Mississippi State men’s
“This group is a sec-
a good defensive coach, basketball team’s 90-77 victory against McNeese on Tuesday night.
ond-weekend team in
it’s easier said than done.
We ran a lot of stuff to respond to communica- couple of tough shots, and percent from the field. 50-47 at the 17-minute, the NCAA tournament,”
try to get their bigs away tion, particularly from they were way more pa- The Bulldogs turned the 36-second mark, Peters Schroyer said, “because
from the basket and lull the weak side to react to tient than we expected,” tide when the Cowboys tied the game with a of its size and because
our guys back in, get ad- the slip. He also thought Peters said. “We had to go missed eight-consecutive 3-pointer off a pass from of a elite guard in Lamar
vantages on some seals, the team wasn’t proactive into the second half with a shots in the second half, Quinndary Weather- Peters who can go win a
run some slips and things enough in denying entry little more energy.” including five 3-pointers, spoon. (eight points) The basketball game.”
like that.” passes to the post. MSU responded with as the lane became diffi- basket ignited a 19-0 run Follow Dispatch sports
Howland credited “We want to give cred- a 51-point second half cult to access. that gave the Bulldogs a writer Brett Hudson on
his team’s inability to it to them. They made a that saw it shoot 48.6 With McNeese leading 65-60 lead with 11:59 re- Twitter @Brett_Hudson

Continued from Page 1B
well. It has been a rough minutes in the second and eight rebounds, while year with 11 points and them on their heels. We the weak side. Offensively
road stretch the last few half. Simonds, the Sun Belt 11 rebounds, while junior were attacking with ball we had too long of a scor-
weeks, but I told them to A layup by junior Preseason Player of the forward Tevin Mack start- movement, player move-
go out and leave it on the D’Marcus Simonds with Year, had 23 points and ed his first game and had ment and our shots were ing drought. We saw it a
court in the second half. 43 seconds to play gave five rebounds. 12 points. falling and I thought we little bit in our last game,
They gave me everything the Panthers their first Kira Lewis Jr. hit five “It was a tale of two did a decent job at the line
but we just didn’t do a
they had and I am ex- lead, 80-78. Dazon In- 3-pointers for a team-high halves tonight,” Alabama in the first half. It all fell
tremely proud of each and gram tied the game on 19 points for Alabama. In- coach Avery Johnson apart in the second half. good job.”
everyone one of them.” the other end before Ben- gram had a season-high said. “We got off to a re- We just didn’t do a very Alabama will play
Georgia State held Ala- levi hit the game-winner 17 points off the bench. ally good start with shoot- good job on either end of
bama (5-3) without a field as time expired. Donta Hall recorded his ing the ball really well the floor. We didn’t get host to Alabama at noon
goal for more than nine Benlevi had 16 points third double-double of the in the first half and kept enough support help from Sunday (ESPN).
4B Wednesday, December 5, 2018 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Continued from Page 2B
Arena quit after the shocking with a never-give-up attitude we start the ball with the goalie in essarily the right person of the national team job.
failure to qualify for this year’s and superior conditioning. Per- the back. Teams try to press us, we best person,” said former Amer- Berhalter said he now felt pre-
World Cup. Sunil Gulati made sistence and perseverance dissi- play through them.” ican defender Alexi Lalas, now a pared, and Stewart traveled to
the decisions to hire Bob Brad- pated among an aging core in the Columbus captain Wil Trapp, Fox analyst. “It puts baggage and Columbus for an interview. Berh-
ley in 2006, Jurgen Klinsmann in last four-year cycle. who captained the U.S. eight challenges on Greg that he un- alter went to Chicago and spoke
2011 and Arena in 2016 after con- Sarachan gave debuts to 23 times this year, said Berhalter derstands.” with Stewart, USSF chief sport
sulting within the USSF, but the players in 12 matches, and Ber- was remarkable for his nonstop Jay Berhalter, the coach’s development officer Nico Romei-
federation established new pro- halter will decide what veterans eye contact with his players. 47-year-old brother, was part of jn and chief soccer officer Ryan
cedures after Cordeiro replaced to integrate among the team’s “At first he can be a very intim- that search for GM in his role as Mooney. Berhalter then spoke
Gulati last February. emerging core of Christian Pu- idating person for a young player the USSF’s chief commercial and with former U.S. captain Carlos
Former midfielder Earnie lisic, Tyler Adams and Weston like myself when I started at 19, 20 strategy officer. He did not partic- Bocanegra, who in April became
Stewart, who played alongside McKennie, all 20 and younger, years old with him,” said Trapp, ipate in the coaching search but co-chairman of the federation’s
Berhalter on the national team, and even rawer players such Tim now 26. “But getting to know him could succeed Dan Flynn as the new technical development com-
was hired in June for the new po- Weah and Josh Sargent, both 18. and how much he cares for his federation’s CEO, perhaps in the mittee, and Flynn.
sition of men’s national team gen- Stewart said part of success players was something that I was next year. “I think Greg’s biggest chal-
eral manager. Stewart started his will be “making sure that the way really, really shocked about.” “We will have a selection com- lenge is to build a culture that
job in August and picked Berhal- we play, that it’s identified to our Berhalter and Oscar Pareja, mittee,” Cordeiro said. “We’ll fosters a winning environment
ter, a decision ratified Saturday fans so that what they see on the who left FC Dallas last month for have internal candidates. Jay against,” said former American
by the USSF board. field is what they want to see.” Mexico’s Tijuana, were the only could be one of them. We’ll have midfielder Stu Holden, a Fox
“Today is another example of “The idea is we’re an attack- ones interviewed. Stewart said a external candidates.” commentator. “I think the most
the change we’re bringing to U.S. ing-based team that wants to create third finalist was unavailable. Stewart said he first contacted important thing is building a
Soccer. That includes making sure goal-scoring scoring opportunities Some American fans have crit- Berhalter in late August or early team on and off the field, a group
that soccer operations are run by by disorganizing the opponent,” icized the lack of a larger pool of September. He wanted Berhalter of players that want to come in
soccer experts,” Cordeiro said. Berhalter said. “Consistently over interviewees. to explain his October 2017 state- and want to be a part of this. The
The U.S. often has resorted my time in Columbus, we’ve done “A lot of it is actually because ment that “I’ve got a lot of coach- national team, it’s a privilege and
to counterattacking to go along it through build up, right, where they don’t feel that Greg is nec- ing to do before I’m ready” for the an honor. It’s not a chore.”

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: the help you’re of peace and confidence I have
I am a looking for would experienced in a long time, but
53-year-old be the Rape, her birthday is coming up, and
woman who is Abuse and Incest I worry that I am being a bad
a sexual abuse National Network daughter by continuing not to
survivor. This has (RAINN). It’s the talk to her. What’s more im-
consumed every nation’s largest portant — healing the breach,
aspect of my life. anti-sexual or my own mental health? —
It started when I violence network. CONFLICTED DAUGHTER
was around 2, I You can find it DEAR DAUGHTER: For both
believe, and was online at rainn.org your sakes, do both if you can
a daily occurrence or by calling 800- manage it. Try this: Explain to
until I was 14. My 656-4673. I wish your mother the reason for your
ZITS abuser was my pa- you healing and sudden silence. Set some firm
ternal grandfather, success. Please boundaries. If she cooperates,
now deceased. let me hear from you will still be able to have
I’ve sought you again and tell a relationship with her. If she
counseling and Dear Abby me how you are doesn’t, at least you will know
therapy groups — doing. you tried.
whatever I could DEAR ABBY: DEAR ABBY: I have asked
— over the years, to no avail. I I’m a 29-year-old woman living my husband to please not spit
just can’t shake it. I have dealt on my own an hour away from in the kitchen sink or to floss
with flashbacks, nightmares, my family. My parents were his teeth at the kitchen table.
failed marriages, etc. I just bitterly divorced 10 years ago, He responds by getting mad
want to be and feel normal, and and a year ago I lost my father and huffing off like I am being
I don’t know how. to cancer. At the time, my moth- a nag. Am I in the wrong? Does
Am I searching for some- er voiced her disapproval of he have the right to gross me
thing that does not exist? I my going to be with him on his out this way? — DISGUSTED IN
don’t know if you can help deathbed. The day he passed, MINNESOTA
GARFIELD me, but PLEASE, if you have she told me not to be too sad DEAR DISGUSTED: Con-
any advice at all, I would be because “he was thinking siderate spouses refrain from
beyond grateful. — LOST IN about suicide anyway.” I have doing things they know will
THE SOUTH so much anger toward her for annoy their partner. I’m sure
DEAR LOST: My heart goes these and other things her emo- if your gem of a husband told
out to you. You have experi- tional immaturity has led her to you not to do something that
enced an atrocity. The groups do or say. bothers him, you would respect
you have been attending may On the one-year anniversary his wishes. Well, it’s supposed
not have been the right ones of Daddy’s death, she tried to to work both ways.
for you. One-on-one sessions pick a fight with me for “obvi- Dear Abby is written by
with a licensed mental health ously not wanting to talk” to Abigail Van Buren, also known
professional, someone who her. It prompted me to do exact- as Jeanne Phillips, and was
specializes in working with ly that, and I calmly discontin- founded by her mother, Pauline
victims of sexual abuse and/or ued speaking with her. Phillips. Contact Dear Abby
PTSD, might be more appro- The past two weeks without at www.DearAbby.com or P.O.
priate. my mother’s voice in my life Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA
CANDORVILLE A good place to start finding have been the longest stretch 90069.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Dec. take time and life experience to you care much more about than
5). You’re considered a taste- learn – bear with them. looking good to the neighbors.
maker, and your recommenda- TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Because you’re not worried
tions will enhance and in some Maybe it’s not, as they say, “all about status, your status rises.
cases change lives. Highlights good,” but there is little time to LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).
of this solar return will include: waste rejecting the parts that Does the world seem to be in
a dance of love that spans aren’t. It is “much good,” and it disarray? Sometimes it’s our
seasons, an event that involves will take a while to count all this way of mentally ordering infor-
several moving parts and brings goodness. Take your time. mation that makes it confusing.
BABY BLUES together different groups, and GEMINI (May 21-June 21). A teacher can help us find
something done in the spirit You’ve an even temper much of another point of view – one that
of justice. Capricorn and Virgo the time, but this shouldn’t be will bring context and clarity.
adore you. Your lucky numbers taken for a steadfast rule. When VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
are: 4, 7, 14, 30 and 20. your passion is stirred, it will Cheerfulness is charming. As
ARIES (March 21-April 19). surprise and impress all. you continue to make optimism
Self-worth and net worth are CANCER (June 22-July 22). your default, you cultivate even
not interchangeable values. For Status is important, but it’s nev- greater powers of enchantment
you, this fact is a no-brainer. For er been your high priority. Right and become a charismatic
some others you know, it will now there are a hundred things influencer.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
Wisdom comes out of adversity.
Hardship is the greatest teach-
er. But you don’t have hardship
now. The second greatest
BEETLE BAILEY teachers are people you don’t
agree with. Learn where they’re
coming from and become wise.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
21). There will be conflicts,
mostly one of your responsibil-
ities clashing with another of
more or less importance. Put it
all on paper. That’s how you’ll
sort it out.
21). What are you doing on
a daily basis to support your
emotional and spiritual health?
What are you doing every day
MALLARD FILLMORE to prove that you love yourself?
“Excellence is not an act, but a
habit.” – Aristotle.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
19). You’re making plans.
Ideally, you’d include everyone,
but this might not be possible.
Don’t worry, the right people
will show up, which is to say the
people who most need to be a
part of this.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). You’ve been on a learning
curve, but now you’re getting
the swing of things and it’s all
FAMILY CIRCUS starting to flatten out a bit.
Enjoy the successful feeling that
comes with hitting your stride.
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). You’re in the mood to
share, and you have much to
give. Presentation will be key.
It’s not the face value, but the
spirit in which a thing is given
that really counts.

Jan Swoope: 328-2471

Gingerbread gets elegant

Joe Keller/America’s Test Kitchen via AP

Lighten up a heavy dish with this
recipe from America’s Test Kitchen.

Yukon Gold
are the gold
for this gratin

otato gratin is a notoriously
heavy side dish, laden with
cream and gooey cheese. We
wanted to shift the focus of this
classic side dish to the potatoes.
We chose Yukon Gold potatoes
for their rich flavor and moderate
starch content, which helped them
hold their shape when cooked.
Tossing the potatoes with fruity,
flavorful extra-virgin olive oil
heightened the flavor of the pota-
toes but didn’t overpower them.
For a crisp, cheesy topping, we
mixed more olive oil with panko
bread crumbs and sprinkled the
dish with sharp, salty pecorino-Ro-
mano. For added depth, we added
sauteed onions, fresh thyme, and
Carl Tremblay/Amreica’s Test Kitchen via AP
Move over plain gingerbread squares; this gingerbread cake can take center stage. The recipe is from the cook-
book “The Perfect Cake.” OLIVE OIL POTATO GRATIN
Servings: 6-8

Elevate gingerbread to a pretty

Start to finish: 2 hours

2 ounces pecorino-Romano cheese,

grated (1 cup)

layer cake for the holidays

1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1/4 cup panko bread crumbs
Salt and pepper
2 onions, halved and sliced thin
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 teaspoon minced fresh thyme
BY AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN bit more flour. But both strategies ginger over the top of the cake 1 cup low-sodium chicken broth
would lighten the color and dull the completed the holiday gingerbread 3 pounds Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled

ood gingerbread is dark and flavor. revamp. Use a 2-cup liquid measur- and sliced 1/8 inch thick, preferably with
moist, with an intriguing hint Instead, we added a convention- ing cup to portion the cake batter. a mandoline
of bitterness and a peppery al cake ingredient that’s uncon- Do not use blackstrap molasses
n Adjust oven rack to upper-middle
finish. Usually it’s a rustic square ventional in gingerbread: cocoa here as it is too bitter. position and heat oven to 400 F. Grease
cake or maybe even an attractive powder. Cocoa contains a high 13-by-9-inch baking dish. Combine pecori-
Bundt, but it’s never quite sophis- no, 3 tablespoons oil, panko, and 1/2
ticated enough to serve as the
proportion of absorbent starch; just
1/4 cup of it soaked up the cake’s
GINGERBREAD LAYER CAKE teaspoon pepper in bowl; set aside.
Servings: 12-16 n Heat 2 tablespoons oil in 12-inch skil-
centerpiece holiday dessert. excess moisture, so the crumb was Start to finish: 3 hour 30 minutes let over medium heat until shimmering.
We wanted to transform homey no longer objectionably sticky. The Add onions, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/4
1 3/4 cups (8 3/4 ounces) all-purpose teaspoon pepper and cook, stirring fre-
gingerbread into a stately layer cocoa also deepened the color and flour quently, until browned, about 15 minutes.
cake. The problem? Traditional flavor of our gingerbread without 1/4 cup (3/4 ounce) unsweetened cocoa Add garlic and 1/2 teaspoon thyme and
recipes are too moist to be stacked making the cake taste chocolaty. powder cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds.
four layers high. We knew we could As a bonus, it diluted some of the 2 tablespoons ground ginger Add 1/4 cup broth and cook until nearly
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder evaporated, scraping up any browned
fix the excess moisture problem gluten, making the cake’s crumb 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon bits, about 2 minutes. Remove from heat;
by cutting back on the molasses more tender. 3/4 teaspoon salt set aside.
or coffee in our recipe or adding a Sprinkling chopped crystallized See Gingerbread, 6B n Toss potatoes, remaining 3 ta-
blespoons oil, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/2
teaspoon pepper, and remaining 1/2
See Potatoes, 6B

Old stale bread

can be transformed
Tenderize and tackle tough short ribs in a sous vide bath
into croutons BY AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN texture similar to a medium-rare
steak or you can deliver a more

BY AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN eef short ribs are a prime traditional flaky, braised texture
example of how the precise — or land almost anywhere in

on’t throw out stale bread. control of time and tem- between.
Seriously, don’t. Baguettes, perature afforded by sous-vide For this recipe, we were
sliced sandwich bread and cooking can affect a piece of looking for a fall-apart tender, pot
even loaves of crusty white bread meat. (Editor’s note: Sous-vide roast-style texture, so we decided
can be recycled into homemade is a method of cooking in which on a higher-temperature water This short
croutons. food is prepared by partial cook- bath (160 F) while keeping the rib “pot
Use a chef’s knife to cut the ing, followed by vacuum-sealing cooking time under 24 hours. roast”
bread into cubes (1/2-inch to and cooking in a water bath.) This cooking time and tem- cooked
3/4-inch cubes are ideal). Toss Short ribs are a tougher cut, perature combination allowed us using the
with a good amount of collagen to break down this tough cut’s in- sous-vide
the cubes with olive oil and some
method is
salt, and then spread them out on a and intramuscular fat so they are tramuscular collagen, tenderizing paired with
rimmed baking sheet. traditionally braised to a fall-apart the meat while keeping it moist mashed
Bake them in a 350 F oven, stir- texture. But with sous-vide, you and preserving a rosy interior potatoes.
See Croutons, 6B can achieve short ribs that have a See Short ribs, 6B Steve Klise/America’s Test Kitchen via AP
6B Wednesday, DECEMBER 5, 2018 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Crinkle cookies look pretty but can they taste better?

BY AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN We had been refrigerating 1/2 cup granulated sugar
this fluid dough overnight 1/2 cup confectioners’ sugar

olled in powdered sugar before portioning and baking n Adjust oven rack to middle posi-
before baking, chocolate the cookies, but the cold dough tion and heat oven to 325 F. Line two
crinkle cookies (often didn’t begin to spread very baking sheets with parchment paper.
called earthquakes) feature much until after that dried Whisk flour, cocoa, baking powder,
chocolaty fissures that break exterior had formed, forcing baking soda, and salt together in
through the bright white the cracks to open wide. The n Whisk brown sugar; eggs; espres-
surface during baking. While solution was to bake the cook- so powder, if using; and vanilla
striking in appearance, these ies after letting the dough sit at together in large bowl. Microwave
cookies often fall short on room temperature for 10 min- chocolate and butter in bowl at 50
taste. percent power, stirring occasionally,
utes, which was just enough until melted, 2 to 3 minutes.
Using a combination of time for the dough to firm up to n Whisk chocolate mixture into egg
cocoa powder and unsweet- a scoopable consistency. mixture until combined. Fold in flour
ened bar chocolate rather mixture until no dry streaks remain.
than bittersweet chocolate Let dough sit at room temperature
(which contains sugar) cer- CHOCOLATE CRINKLE for 10 minutes.
Spread granulated sugar in shallow
tainly upped the intensity, and COOKIES dish. Spread confectioners’ sugar
swapping brown sugar for the Servings: 22 in second shallow dish. Working in
granulated created a complex Start to finish: 1 hour batches, drop 2-tablespoon mounds
sweetness. of dough (or use #30 scoop) directly
1 cup (5 ounces) all-purpose flour into granulated sugar and roll to coat.
At this point, the cookies 1/2 cup (1 1/2 ounces) unsweet- Transfer dough balls to confection-
had deep, rich flavor, but the ened cocoa powder ers’ sugar and roll to coat; space
exterior cracks were too few 1 teaspoon baking powder dough balls evenly on prepared
and too wide, and the cookies 1/4 teaspoon baking soda sheets, 11 per sheet.
weren’t spreading enough. 1/2 teaspoon salt n Bake cookies, 1 sheet at a time,
1 1/2 cups packed (10 1/2 ounces) until they are puffed and cracked and
Using a combination of bak- brown sugar edges have begun to set but centers
ing soda and baking powder 3 large eggs are still soft (cookies will look raw be- Carl Tremblay/America’s Test Kitchen via AP
helped — the bubbles pro- 4 teaspoons instant espresso pow- tween cracks and seem underdone), America’s Test Kitchen tried various ingredients and steps to de-
der (optional) about 12 minutes, rotating sheet velop this recipe for chocolate crinkle cookies.
duced by the leaveners rose to
1 teaspoon vanilla extract halfway through baking. Let cookies
the surface and burst, leaving 4 ounces unsweetened chocolate, cool on sheet for 5 minutes, then Nutrition information per serving: 35 mg cholesterol; 103 mg sodium;
fissures — but the cracks chopped transfer to wire rack. Let cookies 165 calories; 50 calories from fat; 6 29 g carbohydrate; 2 g fiber; 22 g
gapped. 4 tablespoons unsalted butter cool completely before serving. g fat (3 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); sugar; 3 g protein.

Short ribs
Continued from Page 5B
from edge to edge. ribs and finished the short ribs, trimmed medium-high heat until just n Divide ribs, sauce, thyme to serving dish. Tent with
To make things even dish with a sprinkling Salt and pepper smoking. Brown half of ribs sprigs and bay leaves between aluminum foil and let rest while
2 tablespoons vegetable oil on all sides, 8 to 12 minutes; two 1-gallon zipper-lock freezer finishing sauce. Strain cooking
easier, we frontloaded of fresh parsley. Easy 1 large onion, chopped transfer to plate. Repeat with bags and toss to coat. Arrange liquid through fine-mesh strain-
the work. We quickly pot roast, no pot or 2 celery ribs, chopped remaining 1 tablespoon oil and ribs in single layer and seal er into medium saucepan,
seared the short ribs, roasting required. Make 1 carrot, peeled and chopped ribs. bags, pressing out as much pressing on solids to extract
and then we built a sauce sure that the ribs are at 1 tablespoon tomato paste n Add onion, celery, carrot, air as possible. Place each as much liquid as possible;
1 garlic clove, minced 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 bag in second 1-gallon zip-
with traditional pot roast least 4 inches long and 1 cup dry red wine teaspoon pepper to fat left
discard solids. Bring to simmer
per-lock freezer bag and seal over medium heat and cook
ingredients: mirepoix, 1 inch thick. Be sure to 1 cup beef broth in pot and cook over medium bags. Gently lower bags into until reduced to 2 cups, 4 to 6
tomato paste, red wine, double-bag the ribs to 8 sprigs fresh thyme heat until softened and lightly prepared water bath until ribs minutes. Season with salt and
beef broth and herbs. We protect against seam 2 bay leaves browned, 8 to 10 minutes. Stir are fully submerged, and then
2 tablespoons minced fresh in tomato paste and garlic and pepper to taste. Spoon sauce
bagged up the beef and clip top corner of each bag to
failure. parsley cook until fragrant, about 1 side of water bath container, over ribs, sprinkle with parsley,
sauce together for their minute. Stir in wine, scraping allowing remaining air bubbles and serve.
sous-vide bath. n Using sous-vide circulator, up any browned bits, and cook to rise to top of bag. Reopen 1 Nutrition information per
Afterward, we SHORT RIB POT ROAST bring water to 160 F in 7-quart until reduced by half, 2 to 4 corner of each zipper, release serving: 464 calories; 211
Servings: 4 container. minutes. remaining air bubbles, and calories from fat; 23 g fat (10 g
strained the sauce and saturated; 0 g trans fats);135
Sous vide time: 20-24 hours n Pat ribs dry with paper n Stir in broth and simmer for reseal bags. Cover and cook
briefly reduced it on the (Active time: 1 hour) towels and season with salt 2 minutes. Transfer mixture for at least 20 hours or up to mg cholesterol; mg sodium; 6
stovetop, we poured it and pepper. Heat 1 table- to blender and process until 24 hours. g carbohydrate; 1 g fiber; 2 g
over the tender short 3 1/2 pounds boneless beef spoon oil in Dutch oven over smooth, about 1 minute. n Using tongs, transfer ribs sugar; 44 g protein.

Continued from Page 5B
ring once or twice so they brown evenly,
until crisp and golden brown, about 15
minutes. Once cool, the croutons can
be stored in an airtight container for a
week or so. Use them in soups or sal-
ads. Follow this recipe with your kids.


Servings 1-2 (Makes 2 cups)
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

8 ounces carrots, peeled and cut into 1-inch
1 (1-inch) piece fresh ginger, peeled and
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/3 cups chicken or vegetable broth
1/3 cup milk Carl Tremblay/America’s Test Kitchen via AP
That stale bread can be turned into
n In large saucepan, heat oil over medium croutons for a hot soup, like this carrot
heat for 1 minute (oil should be hot but not ginger soup.
smoking). Add carrots, ginger, and salt and
cook, stirring occasionally with wooden spoon, dish towel. Process until smooth, about 1 min-
until lightly browned, about 5 minutes. ute. Pour soup into bowls or mugs and serve.
n Stir in broth, increase heat to high, and bring n Ginger prep: Use side of small spoon to
to boil. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and scrape skin from one end of large piece of gin-
simmer until carrots are very soft, about 15 ger. Peel away skin from about 1 inch of ginger.
minutes. Turn off heat and slide saucepan to Use a chef’s knife to cut off peeled portion of
cool burner. Use oven mitts to remove lid and ginger. Chop peeled ginger into small pieces.
let cool for 5 minutes. Nutrition information per serving: 142 calories;
n Use ladle to carefully transfer carrots and 72 calories from fat; 8 g fat (1 g saturated; 0 g
liquid into blender jar (liquid will be hot; ask trans fats); 4 mg cholesterol; 435 mg sodium;
an adult for help). Add milk. Place lid on top of 15 g carbohydrate; 3 g fiber; 7 g sugar; 4 g
blender and hold lid firmly in place with folded protein.

Continued from Page 5B
1/2 teaspoon ground white baking soda in second large 3/4 cup frosting evenly over
pepper bowl until combined. Add sug- top, right to edge of cake.
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper ar, oil, eggs, and fresh ginger Repeat with 2 more cake
1 cup brewed coffee to coffee mixture and whisk layers, pressing lightly to
3/4 cup molasses until smooth. adhere and spreading 3/4 cup
1/2 teaspoon baking soda n Whisk coffee mixture into frosting evenly over each layer.
1 1/2 cups (10 1/2 ounces) flour mixture until smooth.
Top with remaining cake layer
sugar Pour 1 1/3 cups batter into
3/4 cup vegetable oil each prepared pan. Bake and spread remaining frosting
3 large eggs, lightly beaten until toothpick inserted in evenly over top and sides of
2 tablespoons finely grated center comes out clean, 12 cake.
fresh ginger to 14 minutes. Let cakes cool n Garnish top of cake with
5 cups frosting in pans on wire rack for 10 crystallized ginger, if using.
1/4 cup chopped crystallized minutes. Refrigerate until frosting is
ginger (optional) n Remove cakes from pan, set, about 30 minutes, before
discarding parchment, and let serving. (Cake can be refriger-
n Adjust oven rack to middle cool completely on rack, about ated for up to two days; bring
position and heat oven to 350 2 hours. Wipe pans clean with to room temperature before
degrees. Grease and flour paper towels. Let pans cool serving.)
two 8-inch round cake pans completely, regrease and re- Nutrition information per
and line pans with parchment flour pans, and line with fresh
paper. parchment. Repeat process serving: 590 calories; 201
n Whisk flour, cocoa, ground with remaining batter. calories from fat; 23 g fat (3 g
ginger, baking powder, cinna- n Line edges of cake platter saturated; 5 g trans fats); 38
mon, salt, pepper and cay- with 4 strips of parchment to mg cholesterol; 365 mg so-
enne together in large bowl. keep platter clean. Place 1 dium; 94 g carbohydrate; 1 g
Whisk coffee, molasses and cake layer on platter. Spread fiber; 75 g sugar; 3 g protein.

Continued from Page 5B
teaspoon thyme together in tightly with aluminum foil and minutes. Serve.
bowl. Arrange half of potatoes bake for 1 hour. Nutrition information per serv-
in prepared dish, spread onion n Remove foil, top gratin with ing: 313 calories; 160 calories
Know a good cook? Drop us a line.
mixture in even layer over reserved Pecorino mixture, from fat; 18 g fat (5 g satu-
potatoes, and distribute re- and continue to bake until top rated; 0 g trans fats); 15 mg
maining potatoes over onions.
Pour remaining 3/4 cup broth
is golden brown and potatoes
are completely tender, 15 to
cholesterol; 545 mg sodium;
30 g carbohydrate; 3 g fiber; 4 email: jswoope@cdispatch.com
over potatoes. Cover dish 20 minutes. Let cool for 15 g sugar; 11 g protein.
entity pre-approved by
the successor trustee, The Dispatch
thence North 79 de-
• www.cdispatch.com
grees 15 minutes West Wednesday, December 5, 2018 7B
during the legal hours 75 feet; thence South
(between the hours of 00 degrees 25 minutes
11 o'clock a.m. and 4 West along the East

o'clock p.m.) at the side of before said 30
southeast front door of foot roadway 201.9 feet
Courthouse, on Decem- the Point of Beginning,
ber 19, 2018, the fol-
lowing described land
and property being the
containing 0.5 acres,
more or less, together
with a perpetual, non-ex-
Phone: 662.328.2424
same land and property
described in said Deed
clusive easement for in-
gress and egress
of Trust, situated in
Lowndes County, State
across the following de-
scribed property: Begin-
of Mississippi, to-wit: ning at the Northwest
corner of the East half P.O. Box 511 • 516 Main Street
Lot 82 of an unrecor- SUBSTITUTED TRUST-
ded plat of First Colony, EE'S NOTICE OF SALE
Phase III, containing
of the West half (E 1/2
of W 1/2) of Fractional
Section 17, Township
Columbus, MS 39701
0.24 acre, more or less, WHEREAS, on March 20 South, Range 17

lying in the Northwest 10, 2008, Roy Joseph West, Lowndes County,
Quarter and the North- Evans and Donna Taylor Mississippi; thence

east Quarter of Section Evans, husband and
subject to19
1, Township change.) REGULAR RATES South 00 degrees 25
South, wife executed a certain minutes West, for a dis- SUPER SAVER RATES GARAGE SALE RATES
Range 18 West, deed of 4 Lines/6 Daystance
trust to Thomas ...................
of 2170 feet $19.20
to 6 Days ...................................... $12.00 4 Lines/1 Day..................$9.20
Lowndes County, Mis- F. Vetters, Trustee for
4 Lines/12 Days
the US Army Corps of
................. $31.20 12 Days.................................... $18.00 4 Lines/3 Days..............$18.00
For Placing/Canceling Classified Line Ads:
sissippi, and being de- the benefit of Mortgage Engineers easement
Over 6 lines is $1 per additional line.
Sunday Paper Deadline is Thursday 3:00
scribed as follows: Com- Electronic
P.M. 4 Lines/26
RegistrationDays line;.................
thence Easterly $46.80 Price includes 2 FREE Garage Sale
mencing at the North- Systems, Inc. as nomin- along said easement Six lines or less, consecutive days.
Rate applies
LLC, it's to commercial operations signs. RAIN GUARANTEE: If it
Monday Paper Deadline is Friday 12:00east P.M.corner of Lot 32 of ee for GMFS, line 30 feet; thence Rate applies to private party ads of non-commer-
First Colony, Phase I, a successors and andas- merchandise North 00 over $1,000.
degrees 25 rains the day of your sale, we will re-
Tuesday Paper Deadline is Monday 12:00 P.M.
residential community in signs which deed of minutes East 2030 feet cial nature for merchandise under $1,000. Must
Wednesday Paper Deadline is TuesdayLowndes 12:00 P.M. County, Mis- trust is of record Call in the328-2424 to thefor rates on
beginning of a include price in ad. 1 ITEM PER AD. run you ad the next week FREE!
sissippi, as shown by office of the Chancery additional
curve tolines.
the right; No pets, firewood, etc. You must call to request free re-run.
Thursday Paper Deadline is Wednesday 12:00 P.M.
plat recorded in Plat Clerk of Lowndes thence Northeasterly

Friday Paper Deadline is Thursday 12:00 Book P.M.
5 at page 6 in the County, State of Missis- along said curve for 125
LEGAL NOTICES must be submitted 3 Office of the Chancery
business days sippi in Book 2008 at feet to a point that is
Clerk of Lowndes Page 7787; and 40 feet South of the
prior to first publication date
County, Mississippi; run North side of said East
thence South 00 de- WHEREAS, Carrington half of the West half (E
grees 17 minutes West Mortgage Services, LLC 1/2 of W 1/2); thence
• Please read your ad on the first day of publication. We accept
along the East line of has heretofore substi- South 87 degrees 00with Elderly/Sick
responsibility only for the first incorrect insertion. Lots 32, 33, 34 and 35 tuted Shapiro 0 Legals& Mas-
1780 Sitting
minutes East 3250 feet 4000 Merchandise 5000 Pets & Livestock 8000 Real Estate
• The Publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors nor
of said subdivision for forsey, LLC 1000as Trustee by parallel with 1790 Stump
said North Removal 4030 Air Conditioners 5100 Free Pets 8050 Commercial Property
Service 1800 Swimming
omission of copy. Liability shall not exceed 240 feet to
the cost ofthe
of dated April side to the West side ofPools 4060 Antiques 5150 Pets 8100 Farms & Timberland
SUBSTITUTE 1030 Air Conditioning & Heating 1830 Tax Service
space occupied by such error. TRUSTEE'S OF BEGINNING; thence 9, 2018 1060 and recorded
Appliance Repair
a county road; thence 4090 Appliances 5200 Horses/Cattle/Livestock 8150 Houses - Northside
NOTICE OF SALE continue South 00 de- in the aforesaid Chan- Northwesterly1860 along
Tree Service 4120 Auctions 5250 Pet Boarding/Grooming 8200 Houses - East
• All questions regarding classified ads currently running should be
grees 17 minutes West cery Clerk's Office in 1070 Asphalt & Paving said county road to the
directed to the Classified Department. 1890 Upholstery 4150 Baby Articles 5300 Supplies/Accessories 8250 Houses - New Hope
WHEREAS, on the June along the East line of 1090 Automotive
Book MORT2018 at Services North side of said East
1910 Welding
• All ads are subject to10, the2016,
approval of this paper.
Jacqueline Lots 35The andCommercial
36 of said Page 7793; and Half of West Half (E 1/2 4180 Bargain Column 5350 Veterinarians 8300 Houses - South
1120 Building & Remodeling
Dispatch reserves the right toWynn,
Santrese reject,ex-revise,subdivision
classify orfor cancel any
80 feet; of W 1/2); 2000
thence Announcements
North 4210 Bicycles 5400 Wanted To Buy 8350 Houses - West
1150 Carpeting/Flooring
advertising at any time.ecuted a Deed of Trust thence South 89 de- WHEREAS, default hav- 87 degree 002050 minutes 4240 Building Materials 8450 Houses - Caledonia
to Wilburn J. Evans, grees 43 minutes East ing been 1180 madeChildcare
in the West 3310 feet along
Card of Thanks
4250 Burial Plots
6000 Financial 8500 Houses - Other
Trustee for the use and for 130 feet to the West terms and 1210 Chimney Cleaning
conditions of said North side 2100toFraternal
the & Lodge 6050 Business Opportunity
Advertisements must be 2150 Goodto- Things To Eat 4270 Business Furniture & 8520 Hunting Land
benefit of Mortgage right-of-way of a public said deed1240 ofContractors
trust and point of beginning, 6100 Business Opportunity Wanted
Equipment 8550 Investment Property
Electronic Registration road known as First the entire1250debt secured
Computer Services gether with a2200 In Memorial
perpetual, 6120 Check Cashing
paid for in advance.
Systems, Inc., as nom- Colony Drive (formerly
inee for FirstBank, its known as First Colony
thereby having
clared to be due and
been de- non-exclusive2250
1270 Electrical
ment for ingress
ease-Instruction & School
and& Found
2300 Lost
4300 Camera Equipment
4330 Clothing
6150 Insurance
6200 Loans
8600 Lots & Acreage
8650 Mobile Homes
successors and as- Circle); thence North 00 payable in accordance egress across the fol- 4360 Coins & Jewelry 8700 Mobile Home Spaces
You may cancel atsigns, anywhichtime Deed
during of regular business
degrees 17 minutes hours 1320 Fitness
with the terms of Training
said 2350
lowing described prop- Personals
4390 Computer Equipment
6250 Mortgages
8750 Resort Property
and receiveTrust
a refund
is on fileforand daysof re-not published.
East along said West 1330 Furniture
deed of trust, Carring- Repair & Refinishing 2400
erty; Beginning at the Special Notices
4420 Farm Equipment & Supplies
6300 Stocks & Bonds
8800 River Property
cord in the office of the right-of-way (25 feet ton Mortgage Services Northwest corner
1360 General 2600 Travel/Entertainment
of the 6350 Business for Sale
4450 Firewood 8850 Wanted to Buy

Chancery Clerk of from centerline) for 80 LLC, the 1380
legal holder of Southeast Quarter of
Lowndes County, Mis- feet; thence North 89 said indebtedness, hav- the Northwest3000 QuarterEmployment 4460 Flea Markets 7000 Rentals 8900 Waterfront Property
sissippi, in Deed of degrees 43 minutes 1390 Insulation
ing requested the under- (SE 1/4 of NW 30501/4)
Clericalof& Office 4480 Furniture 7050 Apartments
Trust Book No. 2016, at West for 130 feet to the signed Substituted 1400 Insurance Section 17, Township
3100 Data Processing/ Computer 4510 Garage Sales 7100 Commercial Property
9000 Transportation
Page 12544 thereof; point of beginning. Trustee to 1410 Interior Decorators
execute the 20 South, Range 17 Help 9050 Auto Accessories/Parts
Bargain Column Ad must fit in 4 lines (approximately
WHEREAS, said Deed of Title to the above de-
trust and1440
and property
said landRepairWest, Lowndes County,
in accord-
1470 Lawn Care/Landscaping
3150 Domestic
Mississippi; thence run
Hunting Land
9100 Auto Rentals & Leasing
9150 Autos for Sale
20 characters per line) and will run for 3 days. For
Trust was ultimately as- scribed property is be- items $100 or ance with1500 theLocksmiths
terms of 3200
East 30.0 feet to a General Help Wanted 4630 Lawn & Garden 7190 Land for Rent/Lease
9200 Aviation
less ONLY. More than onetoitem
signed may by
FirstBank be inlieved
sametoad, be but
good, prices
but I said deed of trust and
1530 Machinery
point; run thence South
Repair 00 degrees 25
Management Positions 4660 Merchandise Rentals 7200 Mobile Homes
9250 Boats & Marine
may not total over $100, assignment
no on file and will convey only such
relists. for the purpose of rais- 3300minutes
Medical/Dental 4690 Musical Instruments 7250 Mobile Home Spaces
of record in the office of title as is vested in the ing the sums 1560 Mobile
dueHome there- ServicesWest 93.1 feet 3350toOpportunity
the Information 9300 Camper/R.V.’s
4700 Satellites 7300 Office Spaces
Free Pets the Chancery Clerk of
Up toLowndes
4 lines,County,
runs for
sissippi, in November
Mis-6 days.
aforementioned Substi- under, together
tute Trustee.
1590 Movingwith
torney's fees,
& Storage
1620 Painting
at- point of beginning;
& Papering thence South3450 79 de-
3400 Part-Time
Positions Wanted
Stereos &
9350 Golf Carts
9400 Motorcycles/ATVs
fees and 1650expense of grees 15 minutes East
Lost & Found 22, Up2016, to 6 lines, ad will run for 6 days.
2016, at Page 26144
TURE, this the 13th day
Pest Control
1680 Plumbing
525.0 feet
run thence North
a Professional
3550 Restaurant/Hotel
00 de-
4780 Wanted To Buy 7450 Rooms
7500 Storage & Garages
9450 Trailers/Heavy Equipment
9500 Trucks, Vans & Buses
thereof; and of November, 2018. 1710 Printing I,
NOW, THEREFORE, grees 25 minutes East
3600 Sales/Marketing 9550 Wanted to Buy
These ads are taken by fax, e-mail or in person at Shapiro &1740 Roofing & Guttering
Massey, LLC, 289.6 feet to3650Trades a point;
7520 Vacation Rentals
7550 Wanted to Rent
our office. Ads will not be take by telephone.
WHEREAS, the legal Sincerely,
holder of the said Deed /s/ Jillian Wilson,
Substituted Saws & LawninMowersrun thence South
1770 Trustee
said deed of trust, will grees 10 minutes
67 de-
3700TruckEastDriving 7600 Waterfront Property
of Trust and the note WILSON & ASSOCIATES, on January 2, 2019 of- 54.1 feet to a point;
secured thereby, substi- PLLC, Substitute fer for sale at public thence South 00 de-
Legal Notices 0010 tuted Wilson
Legal Notices & Asso-
0010 Trustee
Legal Notices 0010 outcry and sell
Legal Notices 0010 within grees 25 minutes
Legal Notices 0010 West General Services 1360 Tree Services 1860 General Help Wanted 3200 Furniture 4480
ciates, PLLC, as Trust- legal hours (being 619.54 feet to a point;
NOTICE TO CREDITORS ee therein, as author- PREPARED BY: between the hours of run thence South 77 de- MUSIC THEORY LES- A&T Tree Service FULL TIME EMPLOYEE CORINTHIAN LEATHER
ized by the terms there- Wilson & Associates, 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 grees 15 minutes West SONS Bucket truck & stump NEEDED. SOME MECH- sofas with dual re-
THE STATE OF MISSIS- of, by instrument recor- PLLC p.m.), at the Southeast 51.2 feet to a point; run $25 per hour removal. Free est. ANICAL KNOWLEDGE, cliners, new, burgundy,
SIPPI ded in the office of the 400 West Capitol Aven- Door of the County thence North 00 de- Chords, Scales, Modes Serving Columbus LIFTING & DELIVERY OF oxblood. Barely used!
LOWNDES COUNTY aforesaid Chancery ue Suite 1400 Courthouse of Lowndes grees 25 minutes East & more! Call Jimbo @ since 1987. Senior EQUIPMENT. APPLY IN Purchase price was
Clerk in October 29, Little Rock, AR 72201 County, located at 505 28.88 feet to a point; 662-364-1687 citizen disc. Call Alvin @ PERSON AT HANDY- $2400. Will sell both for
Letters of Administra- 2018, in Book No. (501)219-9388 2nd Avenue North, run thence North 79 de- If no answer leave 242-0324/241-4447 MAN RENTALS, INC. ON $1800 or $900/$1000
tion have been granted 2018, at Page 22701 File # 333384 Columbus, MS 39701, grees 15 minutes West voicemail or text. "We'll go out on a limb HWY. 82 WEST, STARK- sep. Serious inquires
and issued to the under- thereof; and to the highest and best 525.0 feet to a point; for you!" VILLE. only. H 662-798-4375
signed upon the estate PUBLISH: 11/28, 12/5 bidder for cash or certi- thence North 00 de- RETAINER WALL, drive- or C 662-574-0369.
of ALFRED LEE TAYLOR, WHEREAS, default hav- & 12/12/2018 fied funds the following grees 25 minutes East way, foundation, con- VICKERS TREE Noweta's Green Thumb
deceased, by the Chan- ing been made in the described property situ- 50.8 feet to the point of crete, masonry restora- SERVICE, LLC is accepting applica-
cery Court of Lowndes performance of the con- IN THE CHANCERY ated in Lowndes beginning, all lying in tion, remodeling, base-
Tree trimming and re- tions for 2 positions:
County, Mississippi, on ditions and stipulations COURT OF LOWNDES County, State of Missis- the Northwest Quarter moval. Fully insured. delivery personnel & General Merchandise 4600
COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI ment foundation, re- Free estimates.
the 20th day of Novem- as set forth by said sippi, to-wit: (NW 1/4) of Section 17, pairs, small dump truck general help. Driver
ber A.D., 2018. This is Deed of Trust, and hav- Township 20 South, *Now Accepting Credit must know the area & HOVERROUND CHAIR,
hauling (5-6 yd) load &
to give notice to all per- ing been requested by IN THE MATTER OF THE Lot One(1) of an unre- Range 17 West, demolition/lot cleaning.
& Debit Cards* have good driving his- needs battery. New.
sons having claims the legal holder of the ESTATE corded subdivision Lowndes County, Mis- Call Curt 662-418-0889 tory. Apply in person @ $300, Cash Only.
against said estate to indebtedness OF LORENA A. PRUDEN, known as Kincade Land- sissippi and containing Burr Masonry or 662-549-2902 1325 Main St. 662-386-2915.
DECEASED 662-242-0259. “A cut above the rest”
Probate and Register secured and described ing, described as fol- 1.32 acres, more or M-F, 3-5 & SAT, 9-1.
same with the Chan- by said Deed of Trust so lows: less, together with a No phone calls.
cery Clerk of Lowndes to do, notice is hereby CAUSE NO. 2018-0249 Beginning at the Northw- perpetual and perman- WORK WANTED: Good Things To Eat 2150
County, Mississippi, given that Wilson & As- est corner of the South- ent non-easement for in- Licensed & Bonded-car-
sociates, PLLC f/k/a FLOYD E. PRUDEN, JR., east Quarter of the gress and egress over pentry, painting, & de- PEEPLES PECANS Medical / Dental 3300 MILLERMATIC 180 wire
within ninety (90) days welder. New. $1200
from this date. A failure Adams & Edens, P.A., EXECUTOR Northwest Quarter (SE the following described molition. Landscaping, 754 Pecan Drive
Substitute Trustee, by 1/4 of NW 1/4) of Frac- land, to-wit: Beginning gutters cleaned, bush Starkville, MS GENERATIONS OF firm. CASH ONLY.
to so Probate and Re- Text, 662-386-2915.
virtue of the authority NOTICE TO CREDITORS tional Section 17, Town- at the Northwest center hogging, clean-up work, Custom cracking, VERNON is looking for
gister said claim will
forever bar the same. conferred upon me in ship 20 South, Range of the Southeast pressure washing, mov- shelling, & blowing your compassionate and
said Deed of Trust, will Letters Testamentary 17 West, Lowndes Quarter of the Northw- ing help & furniture pecans. We also sell energetic LPN’s and
offer for sale and will have been granted and County, Mississippi; est Quarter (SE 1/4 of repair. 662-242-3608 shelled, halved, & RN’s to join our caring
This the 26th day of Sporting Goods 4720
November, 2018. sell at public sale and issued to FLOYD E. thence East 30 feet to NW 1/4) of Fractional pieces! 662-574-1660. team. If you are as
outcry to the highest PRUDEN, JR., Executor the East side of a 30 Section 17, Township Lawn Care / Landscaping passionate about long ED SANDERS Gunsmith
and best bidder for cer- of the Estate of LORENA foot roadway and the 20 South, Range 17 General Help Wanted 3200 term care as we are, Open for season! 9-5,
/s/ Lowreen Taylor 1470
tified funds paid at the A. PRUDEN, deceased, point of beginning; West, Lowndes County, we welcome you to Tues-Fri & 9-12, Sat.
conclusion of the sale, by the Chancery Court thence South 00 de- Mississippi; thence Accountant Position - apply in person at Over 50 years experi-
of Lowndes County, Mis- JESSE & BEVERLY'S Generations of Vernon,
PUBLISH: 11/28, 12/5, or credit bid from a grees 25 minutes West East 30 feet; thence LAWN SERVICE. Mow- Columbus A/R, A/P, ence! Repairs, cleaning,
bank or other lending sissippi, on the 27th along said East side South 00 degrees 25 Payroll, Sales Tax, 1050 Convalescent Rd., refinishing, scopes
& 12/12/2018 ing, cleanup, landscap-
entity pre-approved by day of November, 2018. 93.1 feet; thence South minutes West 143.9 Journal Entries, Recon- Vernon, AL 35592 mounted & zeroed,
This is to give notice to 79 degrees15 minutes feet; thence South 79 ing, sodding, & tree cut- or call 205.695.9313
the successor trustee, ciliations, Closings for handmade knives.
IN THE CHANCERY all persons having ting. 356-6525. multiple companies. and speak with Human
COURT OF LOWNDES during the legal hours East along the North degrees 15 minutes Located: Hwy 45 Alt,
(between the hours of claims against said es- right of way of a 50 foot East 344.5 feet to the Attention to detail & Resources for more in- North of West Point,
COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI tate to Probate and Re- roadway 75 feet; thence point of beginning; Painting & Papering 1620 accuracy are req. Com- formation. We have
11 o'clock a.m. and 4 turn right on Yokahama
o'clock p.m.) at the gister same with the North 00 degrees 25 thence South 00 de- petitive salary w/ bene- competitive wages, sign Blvd, 8mi & turn left on
IN THE MATTER OF THE Chancery Clerk of SULLIVAN'S PAINT fits & health insurance. on bonus for nurses,
ESTATE OF southeast front door of minutes East 295 feet; grees 25 minutes West SERVICE Darracott Rd, will see
Courthouse, on Decem- Lowndes County, Mis- thence North 79 de- 252.0 feet; thence Send Resumes To: and uniform allowance. sign, 2.5mi ahead shop
LULA PEARL TURNER sissippi, within ninety Certified in lead jobs@
LEIGH, DECEASED ber 19, 2018, the fol- grees 15 minutes West North 81 degrees 21 removal. Offering spe- on left. 662-494-6218.
lowing described land (90) days from this 75 feet; thence South minutes West 344.5 prographicsms.com
date. A failure to so Pro- cial prices on interior & Bargain Column 4180
No: 2018-238-KMB and property being the 00 degrees 25 minutes feet; thence South 00 exterior painting, pres- EXPERIENCED CIVIL
same land and property bate and Register said West along the East degrees 25 minutes sure washing & sheet Estimator/Project 6-FEET Christmas Tree.
described in said Deed claim will forever bar the side of before said 30 East 337.0 feet; thence Pets 5150
PETITIONER, CHESTER same. rock repairs. Manager needed. Apply Still in the box. $25.
A. LEIGH, JR of Trust, situated in foot roadway 201.9 feet South 21 degrees 00 Free Estimates in person at John Plott Call 662-425-2256 or
Lowndes County, State the Point of Beginning, minutes West 57.0 AMERICAN BULLDOG
THIS the 30th day of Call 435-6528 Company, Inc. 2804 662-425-2454. puppies, no papers, par-
NOTICE TO CREDITORS of Mississippi, to-wit: November, 2018.
containing 0.5 acres, feet; thence Northeast- Rice Mine Road, ents on premises. $100
more or less, together erly along the normal Tuscaloosa, AL 35406
Lot 82 of an unrecor- with a perpetual, non-ex- water level of the Plumbing 1680 Computer Equipment 4390 ea. 205-480-4351.
Letters of Administra- or email resume to
tion having been gran- ded plat of First Colony, /s/ Floyd E. Pruden, Jr. clusive easement for in- Aliceville Pool 30 feet; kwyatt@jplott.com
Phase III, containing FLOYD E. PRUDENT, gress and egress thence North 21 de- ACME, INC. APPLE IMAC, 2.0 GHz
ted on the 15th day of JR., Executor Stan McCown
November, 2018 by the 0.24 acre, more or less, across the following de- grees 00 minutes West CAMGIAN MICROSYS- Core Duo computer. Business Opportunity 6050
lying in the Northwest scribed property: Begin- 40.0 feet; thence North Licensed Plumber TEMS has a position Built-in monitor. 2GB
Chancery Court of PUBLISH: 12/5, 12/12, ning at the Northwest "We fix leaks."
Lowndes County, Mis- Quarter and the North- 00 degrees 25 minutes opening for a Corporate RAM, Keyboard, mouse, HISTORIC DOWNTOWN
east Quarter of Section & 12/19/2018 corner of the East half East 281.0 feet; thence 662-386-2915 Accountant. This is a printer & desk incl. Columbus: 411 Main
sissippi to the under-
signed upon the Estate 1, Township 19 South, SUBSTITUTED TRUST- of the West half (E 1/2 North 79 degrees 15 full-time position. $300. 205-246-8704. St. Office, Retail, Res-
of Lula Pearl Turner Range 18 West, EE'S NOTICE OF SALE of W 1/2) of Fractional minutes West a dis- Stump Removal 1790 Primary responsibilities taurant Space available.
Leigh, (d), notice is Lowndes County, Mis- Section 17, Township tance of 30.5 feet to will include leading the Farm Equipment & Supplies Call 423-333-1124.
hereby given to all per- sissippi, and being de- WHEREAS, on March 20 South, Range 17 the point of beginning. accounting functions
sons having claims scribed as follows: Com- West, Lowndes County, Said property is located and overseeing the gen- 4420
10, 2008, Roy Joseph
against said estate to mencing at the North- Evans and Donna Taylor Mississippi; thence in Lowndes County, Mis- eral ledger. For more de-
tails about the position 2016 JOHN Deere Apts For Rent: Northside 7010
present the same to the east corner of Lot 32 of Evans, husband and South 00 degrees 25 sissippi.
Clerk of said Court for First Colony, Phase I, a wife executed a certain minutes West, for a dis- and requirements, go to 5100E Tractor, 210
residential community in deed of trust to Thomas tance of 2170 feet to Municipal Address: 853 www.camgian.com/ hours. $46,500. 520 11TH St. N. -
probate and registra- Also, 2016 15ft Renovations almost
tion according to law Lowndes County, Mis- F. Vetters, Trustee for the US Army Corps of Kincade Road, Colum- careers. Send resume
sissippi, as shown by bus, MS 39702 ALLSTUMP GRINDING to Camgian-HR Kubota Bush hog avail. complete. 2BR/1BA,
within ninety (90) days the benefit of Mortgage Engineers easement 205-329-1790. Central H&A, fresh
from the first date of plat recorded in Plat Electronic Registration line; thence Easterly Tax Parcel Number: SERVICE @camgian.com
Book 5 at page 6 in the Systems, Inc. as nomin- along said easement 92W210003000 paint, new flooring,
publication of this no- GET 'ER DONE! appliances and more.
Office of the Chancery line 30 feet; thence We can grind all your EXPERIENCED DIESEL
tice or they will forever ee for GMFS, LLC, it's
be barred. Clerk of Lowndes North 00 degrees 25 I WILL CONVEY only stumps. Hard to reach Mechanic needed. WANTED TO BUY! Good Taking applications
successors and as- Apply in person at John used drawbar pulled roll- now. $450/mo + $450
County, Mississippi; run signs which deed of minutes East 2030 feet such title as vested in places, blown over deposit with good refer-
This the 15th day of thence South 00 de- trust is of record in the to the beginning of a me as Substituted roots, hillsides, back- Plott Company, Inc. a-bar type hay rake
November, 2018. grees 17 minutes West office of the Chancery curve to the right; Trustee. yards, pastures. Free 2804 Rice Mine Road, (such as N/H 256) and ences only. No HUD or
pets. Call Long & Long
along the East line of Clerk of Lowndes thence Northeasterly estimates. You find it, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 a good used Kuhn
/s/ Chester A. Leigh, Jr Lots 32, 33, 34 and 35 County, State of Missis- along said curve for 125 WITNESS MY SIGNA- we'll grind it! or email resume to GMD600 (or equivalent) 662-328-0770.
of said subdivision for feet to a point that is TURE on this 6th day of 662-361-8379 kwyatt@jplott.com 6 disc mower. Also look-
CHESTER A. LEIGH, JR sippi in Book 2008 at
ADMINISTRATOR OF 240 feet to the POINT 40 feet South of the November, 2018. ing for a good cattle
Page 7787; and PCA NEEDED. Part-time, trailer. 662-328-5248.
THE ESTATE OF OF BEGINNING; thence North side of said East but long-term to work
continue South 00 de- half of the West half (E Shapiro & Massey, LLC Tree Services 1860
LULA PEARL TURNER WHEREAS, Carrington with paralyzed man in STUDIO APT for rent.
LEIGH, DECEASED grees 17 minutes West Mortgage Services, LLC 1/2 of W 1/2); thence SUBSTITUTED TRUSTEE his home. Columbus Newly remodeled.
along the East line of South 87 degrees 00 J&A TREE REMOVAL Firewood / Fuel 4450
has heretofore substi- residents only. If dedic- $400/mth rent & dep
PUBLISH: 11/21, Lots 35 and 36 of said tuted Shapiro & Mas- minutes East 3250 feet Shapiro & Massey, LLC Work from a bucket req. Convenient to town
subdivision for 80 feet; parallel with said North 1080 River Oaks Drive truck. Insured/bonded. ated to your patients, FIREWOOD FOR Sale.
11/28 & 12/5/2018 sey, LLC as Trustee by Call Jimmy for a free es- call after noon for an in- Various lengths. & CAFB. No hud. No
thence South 89 de- instrument dated April side to the West side of Suite B-202 terview. 662-329-3234. 662-295-2274 pets. 662-328-2340.
grees 43 minutes East a county road; thence Flowood, MS 39232 timate 662-386-6286.
SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE'S 9, 2018 and recorded
NOTICE OF SALE for 130 feet to the West in the aforesaid Chan- Northwesterly along (601) 981-9299
right-of-way of a public cery Clerk's Office in said county road to the
WHEREAS, on the June road known as First Book MORT2018 at North side of said East 853 Kincade Road
10, 2016, Jacqueline Colony Drive (formerly Page 7793; and Half of West Half (E 1/2 Columbus, MS 39702
Santrese Wynn, ex- known as First Colony of W 1/2); thence North 18-022583MS
ecuted a Deed of Trust Circle); thence North 00 WHEREAS, default hav- 87 degree 00 minutes
to Wilburn J. Evans, degrees 17 minutes ing been made in the West 3310 feet along Publication Dates:
Trustee for the use and East along said West terms and conditions of said North side to the December 5, 12, 19
benefit of Mortgage right-of-way (25 feet said deed of trust and point of beginning, to- and 26, 2018
Electronic Registration from centerline) for 80 the entire debt secured gether with a perpetual,
Systems, Inc., as nom- feet; thence North 89 thereby having been de- non-exclusive ease- Building & Remodeling 1120
inee for FirstBank, its degrees 43 minutes clared to be due and ment for ingress and
successors and as- West for 130 feet to the payable in accordance egress across the fol- HOME REPAIRS & CON-
signs, which Deed of point of beginning. with the terms of said lowing described prop- STRUCTION WORK
Trust is on file and of re- deed of trust, Carring- erty; Beginning at the WANTED. Carpentry, Take down
cord in the office of the Title to the above de- ton Mortgage Services, Northwest corner of the small concrete jobs,
scribed property is be- Southeast Quarter of electrical, plumbing,
Chancery Clerk of
Lowndes County, Mis-
LLC, the legal holder of
lieved to be good, but I said indebtedness, hav- the Northwest Quarter roof repairs, pressure that “for rent”
sissippi, in Deed of will convey only such ing requested the under- (SE 1/4 of NW 1/4) of washing and mobile
Trust Book No. 2016, at title as is
vested in
the signed Substituted Section
20 South,
17, Township
Range 17
home roof coating and
underpinning. No job
sign and get
Page 12544 thereof; Trustee to execute the

WHEREAS, said Deed of

tute Trustee. trust and sell said land West, Lowndes County, too small. 549-7031.
and property in accord- Mississippi; thence run SUGGS CONSTRUCTION
fast results
Trust was ultimately as- WITNESS MY SIGNA- East 30.0 feet to a
signed to FirstBank by TURE,
the 13th
ance with the terms of
said deed of trust and point; run thence South Building, remodeling,
metal roofing, painting
with an easy
assignment on file and for the purpose of rais- 00 degrees 25 minutes & all home repairs.
of record in the office of
the Chancery Clerk of Sincerely,
ing the sums due there- West 93.1 feet to the
under, together with at- point of beginning; run
662-242-3471 classified ad.
Lowndes County, Mis- /s/ Jillian Wilson, torney's fees, trustee's thence South 79 de-
WILSON & ASSOCIATES, fees and expense of grees 15 minutes East Tom Hatcher, LLC
sissippi, in November
22, 2016, in Book No. PLLC, Substitute
sale. 525.0 feet to a point;
run thence North 00 de-
Custom Construction,
Restoration, Remodel- Call today
2016, at Page 26144 ing, Repair, Insurance
thereof; and
NOW, THEREFORE, I, grees 25 minutes East
Shapiro & Massey, LLC, 289.6 feet to a point;
claims. 662-364-1769.
Licensed & Bonded
to place
Wilson & Associates, run thence South 67 de-
WHEREAS, the legal
holder of the said Deed PLLC
Substituted Trustee in
said deed of trust, will grees 10 minutes East
General Services 1360
your ad.
of Trust and the note 400 West Capitol Aven- on January 2, 2019 of- 54.1 feet to a point;
secured thereby, substi- ue Suite 1400
fer for sale at public thence South 00 de- NEED A Privacy Fence?
tuted Wilson & Asso- Little Rock, AR 72201 outcry and sell within grees 25 minutes West Call JB@662-549-7167
ciates, PLLC, as Trust- (501)219-9388 legal hours (being 619.54 feet to a point; Columbus Area Only!
ee therein, as author- File # 333384 between the hours of run thence South 77 de-
8b Wednesday, December 5, 2018 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com
Apts For Rent: West 7050 Apts For Rent: Other 7080 Houses For Rent: Northside Rooms For Rent 7450
7110 Penny
RENT FREE! 1 & 2 Bed- Room - $120/wk.

room Apts/Townhomes.
Stove & refrigerator.
$335-$600 Monthly.
3BR/2BA, ch/a, double
garage, chain link
Large Room (priv entr) -
$150/wk. All furnished
w/ furn, appl, utils &
fenced backyard, newly
Apartments Credit check & deposit. remodeled, $115,000. cable. 662-295-4701.
Coleman Realty,
& Houses 662-329-2323.
Investment Property 8550
1 Bedrooms Houses For Rent: New Hope
2 Bedroooms 7130 terest (other owner has
3 Bedrooms COLEMAN 4BR/2BA, 1.25 Acres
80%) in beautiful devel-
opment property at the
Christopher Hills Sub;
Furnished & RENTALS $197K (15K below ap-
southeast intersection
TOWNHOUSES & APARTMENTS of two four-lane high-
Unfurnished praisal). New Hope ways, US Hwy 82 and

1, 2, & 3 Baths
1 BEDROOM School District. Avail-
able to rent $1,000/
US Hwy 45. Equidistant
to Starkville, Columbus,
Use and read
2 BEDROOMS mth - must meet minim- and West point. About
Lease, Deposit 3 BEDROOMS quirements. Military
um credit/income re- four miles from Golden classifieds
& Credit Check Triangle airport. 80%
viceinvestments.com LEASE,
families welcome. Move owner likely wants to and your
© The Dispatch

in ready. Dep $500 plus develop. 205-826-

327-8555 DEPOSIT first month’s rent. Hot

tub, detached apart-
dollars will
AND ment, & large wired Lots & Acreage 8600
Apts For Rent: Other 7080
shop. Contact James
CREDIT CHECK Thompson @ 662-574- 2.28 +/- Acre Lot. go further.
6269. 149 Tanyia Lane. Off of
1BR/1BA in Historic Mobile Homes for Sale 8650
Downtown Columbus. Has asphalt drive &
$525/mo. No pets. USED SINGLEWIDE.
662-328-8655. school, clean, 2BR/ parking, 1200 ft. shop
2BR/1BA. Delivery, Set- YESTERDAY’S
2411 HWY 45 N 1BA, a/c, gas heat, w/d w/ living area, septic up & Tie down included. Sudoku is a number-
hook up. No pets, no tank & water meter. No
Only $17,950. placing puzzle
Sudoku based on
is a number-
2 5 4 8 7 9 6 1 3
COLUMBUS, MS HUD. 662-327-2798. trailers. $45,000. Call
1BR/1BA located in His- Lv msg after 3rd ring, 662-574-0345. a 9x9 grid
placing with based
puzzle severalon 1 8 6 3 5 2 4 7 9

2018 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

toric Downtown Colum- available for showing.
bus, Open space, very 3.5 Acre Lot. 3 estab-
Campers & RVs 9300 agiven
9x9 grid with several
numbers. The object 9 3 7 6 1 4 2 5 8
nice. $650/mo. 662- Commercial Property For given numbers. The object
lished trailer lots. Play-
Houses For Rent: South 7140 ground. Located on TOMBIGBEE RV Park, is to place the numbers 6 7 9 1 4 8 3 2 5
Rent 7100 located on Wilkins Wise is
Morgan Lane. Off of 1 to place
to 9 the
in the numbers
empty spaces
COMMERCIAL PROPER- 2BR/2BA, 2300 sqft, Harris Road. Caledonia
Rd & Waverly Rd. Full
Hookups available.
9 ineach
the empty spaces
row, each 8 2 1 5 3 7 9 6 4
TIES/Retail/Office very nice w/ 2 car gar-
1BR/1BA Loft in Histor- Schools. $25,000.
age, lg back yard. Pets 662-574-0345. $300/mo. 662-328- so that each
column row, each
and each 3x3 box 3 4 5 9 2 6 7 8 1
ic Downtown Columbus. Spaces starting @ 8655 or 662-574-7879. column and each 3x3 box
$285/mo. Downtown & need approval. $1,050 contains the same number
1,200 sqft. Available
12/1. $700 per month East Columbus loca- per mo + dep. 662-574-
LOWNDES COUNTY 45 contains the same number
5 9 2 7 8 3 1 4 6
7879 or 662-328-8655. only once. The difficulty
662-328-8655. tions. 662-435-4188. acres on Sobley & Dav- only once. The difficulty 4 6 8 2 9 1 5 3 7
is Rd. Excellent hunting. level increases from
Houses For Rent: Starkville 1 mile west of Hwy. 69. Let your level increases from 7 1 3 4 6 5 8 9 2
Monday to Sunday.
1, 2, 3 BEDROOM apart-
7170 Small creek runs thru fingers do the Monday to Sunday. Difficulty Level 12/04

ments & townhouses. property. $1375 per

Call for more info. square feet. 294 3BR/2BA House, very acre. 205-799-9846 or walking.
Chubby Dr. Flexible leas- nice, 2 mi SW of Stk & 205-695-2248.
ing terms. Available Find your
MSU. $1500/mo.
now. 662-328-8254. 205-515-6579. WINTER SPECIAL dream job in
DOWNTOWN: 2BR/1BA, 1.95 acre lots. the classifieds!
CH&A, 1 story, W/D, Houses For Rent: Other 7180 Good/bad credit.
10% down, as low as
historic district, 1 block HISTORIC DOWNTOWN
from downtown, $625/ Columbus Office, Retail, SMALL COTTAGE: $299/mo. Eaton Land.
mo. + $625 dep. NO
PETS. 662-574-8789.
Restaurant Space avail- 1BR/1BA, all appl. incl. 662-361-7711
able. Call 662-328- Water, trash, lawn incl.
Five Questions:
Peaceful & Quiet area. 8655 or 662-574-7879. in lease. Near Stark- Mobile Homes for Sale 8650
ville, Columbus & West
Apts For Rent: Other 7080 Point. No pets.
$500/mo. $400 dep.
3BR/2BA, Singlewide 1 Infallible
App/refs/lease req. $299/month
662-242-2923. 3BR/2BA Doublewide
4BR/2BA, Doublewide 2 Tea
Land For Rent / Lease 7190 $400/month
Call 205-372-7273.
25 ACRES, Hay or Pas-
ture land in Steens for
rent. 662-327-4392.
3BR/2BA, Central A/C,
Skirting, Delivery, Set-up
Hunting Land 7200 & Tie down included.
Only $48,995.
135 ACRES in Caledo-
4 Annapolis
Columbus Home Center
nia. $1,400 for hunting 662-570-1375
lease. 662-327-4392.
2BR/2BA, Central A/C.
Mobile Homes for Rent 7250
Skirting, Delivery, Set-up
3BR/2BA Trailer, New & Tie down included.
Hope school dist. Only $32,900.
$500/mo & $500 dep. Columbus Home Center
Call between 10a-7p.
662-570-1375 5 Yale


MH in North Columbus.
Close to schools &
CAFB. $600/mo +
$600 dep. 662-308-
7781 or 601-940-1397.

RENT A fully equipped

camper w/utilities &
cable from $145/wk -
$535/month. Colum-
bus & County School
locations. 662-242-
7653 or 601-940-1397.
Houses For Sale: Other 8500 Even if you
don’t get out much
these days, you can
still “go shopping” in the
Classifieds. You can find
exactly what you’ve
been looking for.
Find someone to mow the lawn

Find someone to clean the house ACROSS
• 1 Some football
Find that special recliner players
• 6 Plummet
Buy a computer system 10 Plain silly
• 11 Zellweger of
Buy a used car “Chicago”
• 12 Easy two-pointer
Buy that rare coin 13 Heart, e.g.
for your collection 14 Leave out
. . . and lots more 15 Truthful

The CommerCial
16 Dieter’s no-no
17 Bottom-line

18 Zodiac sign
19 Sweet-talks
22 Wow ’em at the
516 Main St. comedy club
Columbus, MS 39701 23 Staff member DOWN 20 Spigot
26 Waiters’ aids 1 Took on, as work 21 Canine com-
662-328-2424 29 Affectionate
2 Zoo residents mand
3 Star on a map 24 Satyr, e.g.
www.cdispatch.com 32 Rink stuff 4 Make booties 25 Sign of error
33 Comic Bernie 5 Capitol Bldg. 27 Play part
34 Turmoil figure 28 Play parts
36 Stand 6 Forest plant 29 Corn covers
37 Publicity act 7 Brat’s opposite 30 Loosen, as laces
38 Started 8 Renter’s paper 31 Sty sound
39 Sorts 9 Slow tempo 35 Finishes
40 Find darling 11 Hotel door 36 Make over
41 Workout divi- posting 38 Outlaw
sions 15 Color
42 Network points 17 Salon staffers

Log cabin