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Lesson Plan Template

Title of Lesson: Percussive Pods (Music Calzones) (Jingle Jangle Ravioli)

Teacher: Amal Ghanimah, Elizabeth Chong
School: University High School
Grade Level[s]: 9-12
Date to be Taught: November 8, 2018

Big Idea that drives Lesson/Unit:

Students will learn the fundamentals of ceramics and functionalities behind key elements such as texture, form,
purpose, and composition. Students will learn how to integrate the subject of music into their artwork, while still
abiding by the necessary steps to properly work with clay.

Fine Arts Goals Met by the Objectives:

 VA:Cr1.1.I – Use multiple approaches to begin creative endeavors
 VA: Cr2.1.II – Through experimentation, practice, and persistence, demonstrate acquisition of skills and
knowledge in a chosen art form
 VA: Cr2.2.V – Demonstrate quality craftsmanship through care for an use of materials, tools, and

Vocabulary Acquisition:
 Composition: The placement of arrangement of visual elements or ‘ingredients’ in a work of art
 Slab: a thick, flat plate or slice of clay
 Texture: The surface quality of artwork
 Found Objects: Objects or products that are not normally considered materials from which art is made

Key Artistic Concepts:

 Texture
 Rolling slabs (and avoid warping)
 Composition
 Sound-making clay form

Artmaking Materials Needed:

 Clay (enough for ~15 students)

 Rolling pins
 Cornstarch
 Paper (enough for ~15 students)
 Pencils (enough for ~15 students)

Contemporary/Historical/Multicultural/Literature exemplars:
 Ocarina
 Barry Hall–globular horns, made with stoneware clay
 Blick example video (

 DISCUSSION: (10 minutes)
o Schedule
 Introduce teachers
 PowerPoint of project introduction
 Show Historical/multicultural exemplars

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Lesson Plan Template

 DEMONSTRATIONS: (5 minutes)
o These are the techniques we will be using on this projects
 Show examples of different bead sizes
 Demonstrate how to evenly roll a slab
 DESIGN/WORK SESSION: (20 minutes)
o Students will work on sketching out compositions for their pods
o Students will make beads and roll them in cornstarch
 Beads will be left to get bone dry
o Students will begin rolling out slabs
o Comments/Questions asked by teachers:
 What do you want the texture of your pod to say about their entire composition?
 Think about the story or meaning you want your pod to have. Is it going to tell a story?
Say something about yourself? Be abstract? Think about how these will tie into your
entire project and how they can be cohesive.
 CLEAN UP: (7 minutes)
o Leave their beads to dry
o Cover and spray slabs
o Wipe down tables and put away extra cray
 CLOSURE: (3 minute)
o Next class, we’ll start adding texture to our slabs and cutting them to our desired shape. Think
about different found objects you might want to use to add the textures you want to your pods.

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