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Jalan Sunan Ampel No. 7 Ngronggo Kediri 64127 Telp. 0354-619282

with this Year’s Theme:

“Character Building in English Language Teaching”

Saturday, October 19, 2013

No Time Program Room

1 08.00-08.30 Confirmation of registration Sport
Sign the Attendance List and get the Conference Kits Centre
2 08.30-09.00 1. Welcome speech by the Chair of the Committee Sport
2. Opening speech by the Vice Principal of STAIN Kediri Centre
MC: Ary Setya Budhi Ningrum
3 09.00-12.00 PLENARY SESSION Sport
Caroline Bently, Director of IALF (Indonesia Australia Language Centre
Foundation) Bali
Prof. Suwarsih Madya, Ph.D., Yogyakarta State University
Effendi Kadarisman, Ph.D., State University of Malang
Moderator: Dr. M. Abdullah, M.Ag
4 12.00-13.00 Break

5 13.00-14.00 Parallel Sessions 1

Character Building in English language Teaching: Some Aspects can be
Considered to Build Students Character in Getting Success on English
Dr. Hj. Huriyah Saleh, M.Pd. -- STAIN Cirebon

Planting Character Building in English language Teaching through

Internship Program
Irma Soraya – IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya

Reflection of Wisdom in the Teaching of English Poetry: A Character

Education at a University Level
Muzakki Afifuddin – UIN Malang

Promoting Religious Values in the Teaching of Linguistics

Toyyibah, M.Pd & Nur Afifi, M.AppLing – STAIN Kediri

Parallel Sessions 2

Islamic Character Building in English Language Teaching K.102
Sri Wahyuni, M.Pd -- STAIN Kediri

Inserting University’s values to English Reading-Writing Materials for

Character Building
Agus Eko Cahyono – UIN Malang

Visual Novel as a Media for Building Character in Education (The Role of

Literature and Media Character Education)
Lilik Untari, Nur Asiyah, Novianni Anggraini – IAIN Surakarta

Incorporating Character Building Materials into Extensive Reading Class:

An Alternative Effort
Chotibul Umam, M.Pd -- STAIN Kediri

Parallel Sessions 3
Implementing the 2013 Curriculum: Opportunities and Challenges
Burhanudin Syaifulloh, M.Ed – STAIN Kediri

A Case Study on the Use of English in the Religious Speeches of Indonesian

Islamic High School Students
Srifani Simbuka – STAIN Manado

To Give is Better than to Receive: Islamic Charity Concept of Philantrophy

Applied in EFL Writing
Rohmani Nur Indah -- Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University

Character Education in Cultivating Virtue through Literature

Nurul ’Ain, M.Pd – STAIN Kediri

Parallel Sessions 4
The Politics of ELT: Threats to Teachers’ identity and National Character J.102
Taufiq Effendi – UNSW, Australia

Interaction Of Local And Western Cultures In English Language Teaching:

Teachers As Role Models
Fathor Rasyid, M.Pd – STAIN Kediri

Integrating Character Education through the Development of Course-based

Service Learning in Teaching Literature
Rizka Safriya – IAIN Suanan Ampel Surabaya

Teaching Character Education through Literature (Awakening the Living

Values Education Approach in English Language Teaching)
Muhyiddin, M.Pd – STAIN Kediri

6 14.00-14.30 Closing and Award of Certificates


A presenter in the parallel session should take turns to be a moderator for another presenter.