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Valencia Baptist Christian Academy

3rd Periodical Exam

Grade 9 - Values
Name:____________________________________________________________ Section:_____________
I – Choose the letter of the best answer. Write your answer on the space before the number.
A. Identify which is being defined.
_____1. It is work done with utmost care and the highest skills.
A. High Honors C. Personal Excellence
B. Achievement D. Performance Task

_____2. The meaning of expanding one’s knowledge.

A. Learning endlessly C. Getting a college degree
B. Learning tirelessly D. Getting a PhD

_____3. It will keep you going amidst difficulties.

A. Motivational speeches C. Inspirational people
B. Belief in yourself D. A healthy and positive attitude

_____4. What are values that make you work beyond compliance of requirements or rewards?
A. Diligence and commitment C. Justice and fortitude
B. Faith and passion D. Humility and determination

_____5. It is the ultimate goal of excellence at work.

A. Being on top of the company C. Working with the common good in mind
B. Getting a raise in your salary D. Receiving the best work incentives

_____6. It means exerting effort and making sacrifices to make hard work easy.
A. Industriousness C. Optimism
B. Diligence D. Perseverance

_____7. Complete the statement, “If you don’t succeed, at least..

A. you tried. C. you have gained experience.
B. you can shift jobs. D. you have earned money.

_____8. The desire to improve oneself starts with…

A. graduating from the elementary level. C. being inspired from an experience.
B. the desire to honor your parents. D. being truthful about one’s knowledge, skills and attitude.

_____9. “A good leader should always be a good…

A. follower C. teacher
B. example D. worker

_____10. As a student, what is your work?

A. to become popular C. to study
B. to please your friends D. to join activities
B. Tips to learn the value of hard work.

_____11. Finding the right person who can teach you the value of hard work by doing.
A. Learning by example C. Learning by being inspired
B. Learning by observing D. Learning through listening

_____12. “When you commit mistakes, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself.” What does it mean?
A. To appreciate yourself. B. To not condemn, hate, or blame yourself.
C. To punish yourself . D. To find the cause of mistake.

_____13. How do you establish good relationships at your workplace?

A. By befriending everyone on social media.
B. By taking time to have conversations and know about other people’s life.
C. By isolating yourself to avoid conflicts.
D. By smiling at everyone every day.

_____14. How does one learn to become better and grow in their profession?
A. By getting advice and assistance. C. By proving to everyone that you can do it by yourself.
B. By setting the bar high for oneself. D. By reading all kinds of self-help books.

_____15. How do you stay alert in becoming a better worker?

A. By taking opportunities that can upgrade your knowledge and skills.
B. By taking in the right amount of energy drink everyday.
C. By keeping oneself updated of the latest trends.
D. By actively serving your client/customer/boss.

II. Essay

1. As a student, how will the tips to learn the value of hard work apply to you?

2. What does excellent work do to us, human beings?