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Title of the Program:- Recent trends - LASER Welding

Institute Details

Institute Permanent ID No. 1-3512489523

Name of the Institute
Institute detailed address TECHNOLOGY JAYARAM NAGAR,
Institute Discipline Engineering
ISTE Institutional Membership Number of your
Yes 1912
Institute Email ID principal@ckcet.com
Principal Email ID principal@ckcet.com
Telephone(With STD Code) 04142- 227455
Reference of Extension of Approval letter by AICTE 1-3512489523
for current year (2018-19) Letter No
Reference of Extension of Approval letter by AICTE 10.04.2018
for current year (2018-19) date
Number of programmes conducted in the years 2016- 15
2017 & 2017-2018 for Self Financing
Number of programmes conducted in the years 2016- 4
2017 & 2017-2018 for Financing
ISTE Chapter Yes Chapter No.: TN234
Details of the Coordinator

Faculty ID 1-415347581
Name of the Coordinator Yes Mr.K.Mallieswaran
Department Mechanical Engineering
Appointment Type(preference will be given to regular
staff only)
Contact Details Cell No.: 9842376476
ISTE Life Membership Number& year of joining LM72505 2011
Details of the Refresher Programmes

Title of the Programme Recent trends - LASER Welding

Tentative dates of the Programme From: 06.05.2019 To: 11.05.2019
Technical area of the Programme Metal Joining Technology
Department under which Programme is to be
conducted (AICTE approved course of the department Mechanical Engineering
is mandatory)
Credentials of the Coordinator


Teaching Experience in years 10 Industrial Experience in years 7
Papers published in National
Research Experience in years 7 0
Journals during last 5 years
Papers published in
Number of Ph.D. Students
International Journals during 6 0
last 5 years
Membership of the
Professional/Learned 1
Awards No Details
Number of Patents Registered No Details
Relevant Experience of
conducting/coordinating similar
programmes funded by AICTE Yes Details
and other funding agencies in
past three years
Credential of the Organising Institute

Type of Institute(Whether selected under TEQIP) No Number of years in existence 16

Number of courses Accredited in the Institute 7 Year of Accreditation 2002
Status of the institute non-Autonomous
Credential of the Organising Department

Whether the course under which the proposal is

submitted, accredited by NBA?
Credentials of Programme

The progress of several welding and joining processes

is ever increasing with the development of new
materials and their application in modern
technologies. The micro joining and nano joining is
even more challenging area with the development of
Objectives & Context
miniature components. This Programme is primarily
designed from fundamental understanding to the most
recent advances in welding and joining technologies.
The outcome of the programme is oriented to the
advancement of the joining technologies which is
Participants will be equipped with the Latest
Developments in LASER Welding
Participants will be able to develop fundamental
understanding on different perspective and recent
development in this field through the lectures by field
Benefits to Faculty
experts. So that they can able to deliver the content
during lectures in class room also it will be useful for
them to guide the students for projects in this area.
Participant will surely gain the knowledge about
various LASER welding technologies and recent
Expected Outcome
developments along with safety precautions to be
followed while using this technology
No. and Level of Participants 40 - POST GRADUATE

12 Professors from NIT's, Scientist from Central

No. and level of Guest Speakers Government Organization & Members from Indian
Welding Society
1. Dr.V.Balasubramanian,Director (CEMAJOR)
Centre for Material Joining and Research. Annamalai
University, 2. Dr.V.Anandhakrishnan,Assistant
professor, Production Engineering, National Institute
of Technology Trichirappalli, 3. Dr. D. Lenin
Do you have enough expertise within your institute
Singaravelu, Assistant professor, Production
and neighbouring places to offer the course
Engineering, National Institute of Technology
satisfactorily? List the names and addresses of outside
Trichirappalli, 4. Dr. N. Sendhil Kumar, Professor,
facultiesneeded. (preference should be given to
Mechanical Department, NIT Trichy,
faculties from IIT’s & NITs)
5.Dr.R.Padmanabhan, Professor VIT University,
Chennai Campus. 6. Dr.S.Malarvizhi, Professor
Annalamalai University, 7. Dr. T. Senthilvelan,
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Pondicherry
Engineering College, 8. Dr. L. John Baruch,
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, CK college of
1. K.Sivakumar,Scientist F, CVRDE, DRDO
Avadi,Chennai, 2. R.Shanmugarajan, Deputy
Do you have any support from any industry for Manager from WRI, 3. Mr.G.Prasanna Scientist, SF
conduction of this programme, if yes, give details Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre(ISRO)
Trivandrum.Kerala, 4. P.Sasianand, Regional
Manager, (Expert in welding Power source) Fronius
India, Chennai,
1. Build skills toward industry standards. 2. Develop
Significance & Objectives of the programme (one or
the skills necessary to do research and Guide the
two major objectives)
Students for Projects
Yes, Centre for Materials Joining and Research
Collaboration with industry/other
Laboratory (CEMAJOR), Manufacturing Engineering,
institutions/departments (indicate name of
Annamalai University, Chidambaram. Real Time
organization, nature of collaboration and experts
Laser welding methods, Technology will be
demonstrated by Experts.
Amount 1536
Transaction No 217626044
i. The programme conducted by the college in the last
12 months till the date of application to ISTE
ii. Title of the programmes, No,. of participants NO
trained, source of funding, amount of funding,
duration of programmes etc.
Confirmation Status:- Y Confirmed On - 14-11-2018
a) I, Mr.K.Mallieswaran, herewith undertake that I read all the Rules of Application for the year 2017-18 and
after fully understanding all the rules, I have filled in this application form.
b) The information given by me in my application form is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
c) If at later stage, it is found that I have furnished wrong information and/or submitted false certificate (s), I am
aware that my Application stands cancelled and fees paid by me will be forfeited. Further, I will be subject to
legal and/or penal action as per the provisions of the law.
Name of the Coordinator: Mr.K.Mallieswaran Signature:


State: Tamil Nadu Seal And Sign of Head/Principal of the Institution

Print Date:14/11/2018 5:59 am