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Black cell Green cell Purple cell Blue cell means Red cell means

Big Grammar Revision Board Game means your oral means you need to means you need to you need to use you need to correct
phrase translation correct mistakes use proper tense Passive Voice preposition

I have been 1 I just saw 2

The job _____
I need you to4 From 5 till 75 The new 6
He’ll be 7

START waiting for Marry at the __________ look these a.m. last block of flats writing his test
(It’s time to you for 2 local shop. (do) till 5 p.m. documents at Tuesday the was being tomorrow the
check all your hours already, Let’s greet her, next Tuesday and to find any train _______ built the time I time you’ll
best skills) where’re you? aren’t we? mistakes (construct) was here. come there
15 14 13 12
My sister don’t What _______ The plane took Mitchell I wish my 11 When Sam 10 Put the 9
He doesn’t 8
like classic (do) to receive out and within has delivered fridge was came home wooden ladder sleeping at the
music, she this scientific three hours we the parcel to larger to put yesterday, his under the wall moment, feel
prefer the pop degree? I were back the office at there all the mother _____ in the garden free to come
one think, much. home half past seven food I’ve got (cook) to get upstairs and visit him.

The better 16 I _____(be 17 Who want 18 ____(you, 19 20

Do not let your 21
First Billy had 22
Can it possibly The foreign 23
Steward sleeps able to) to more muffins? ever, be) to brother off, find flowers be true? Are company
the calmer he dance like a I doesn’t see Paris during Mark, he and then seed you the very builds about
is during his professional if yours hands, this famous believes in you a nice vase. David 10% of all
working day I train hard people! film festival? much Beckham? bridges a year
31 30
Finally, I They delivered Please, be 29 When Rob 28 The shelf is 27
Brad could 26 If Bob _____ 25 Can you 24

founded you, the car the so kind to put came to the to be fixed do nothing to (listen) to me, pull yourself
my snookums. next day after I up the entire veterinary, his carefully as change the he wouldn’t apart, Mark,
Come here and had purchased lecture in your dogs _______ soon as it is current agenda have failed his and do all the
hug me. it block note. (check) possible for Thursday driving test task required?
Don’t I wish I _____33 What is the
Tomorrow at 35
Mila seems 36 The bird is 37 How long does 38

panic, dear. (can) turn back 5 a.m. I was not to get flying because it take you to FINISH
Just look away time and mountain in sleeping and around well it has wings, get prepared (You’ve shown
and you will repeat all my your country? seeing my with her tail and for any test? really good
soon find it mistakes seventh dream mother-in-law feathers skills)
Keys (to all cells except for the black ones):

2 – I have just seen, shall we

3 – will have been done
4 – look through
5 – had been constructed
8 – isn’t sleeping
9 – against the wall
10 – was cooking
12 – The parcel has been delivered to the office at 7:30
13 – took off
14 – could have been done / had to be done / can be done / should be done
15 – doesn’t like, prefers
17 – will be able
18 – Who wants, I don’t see, your hands
19 – Have you ever been
20 – Don’t let your brother down (let down)
21 – had found, saw
22 – 10 % of all bridges a year are built by this company
24 – pull yourself together
25 – had listened
26 – Nothing could have been done (could be done) to change the current agenda for Thursday
28 – were being checked
29 – to put down
30 – The car was delivered the next day it had been purchased
31 – I have found you
32 – look around
33 – I wish I could
35 – Yesterday (instead of tomorrow) / I will be sleeping..
36 – to get along well
37 – The bird flies because…