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Students with Visual Impairments in Elementary General Music

Emily Gulli
MUED 380, Fall 2018

Article Summaries:
Problem Statement/ Rationale: In Robb's (2003) journal, he discussed the impact
I will be discussing how music educators can
music therapy sessions have on behavior and how this
support young learners who have visual impairments
can be used with students who have visual impairments.
and/or have lost their sight in elementary general
Stated how this can also enhance learning.
music, while keeping them integrated in the
In Knoll's journal, he discussed the importance of
classroom. Throughout my research, I have found a lot
converting music into braille to help students understand
of data supporting how music teachers can show
notation and what music looks like. Teachers should
music notation, the importance of utilizing technology,
understand the basics of braille to help students.
and the importance of developing social skills in the
In Goldstein's (2000) journal, he discussed the
importance of stopping the "othering" that occurs
Research Questions:
What instruments/teaching techniques can be towards students with visual impairments. He created a
modified or adapted to students with these needs? program for students to help them gain confidence and
How can we show music notation? Can music therapy independence in their daily lives.
be useful? Do students with visual impairments In McCord's (2006) journal, he discussed the
process music differently compared to sighted music importance of teacher/student communication and how
students? Why is this? this is needed to have the teacher understand what the
student needs are individually to be successful.
Implications for Practice: In Saslaw's (2009) journal, she discussed adaptive
Music educators should always create a learning technologies to help students with visual impairments.
environment that is inclusive and variable for students Goodfeel, program like finale, but for those with a visual
with visual impairments. To do this, music educators impairment.
should receive academic preparation regarding these
Suggestions for Further Research:
matters, for all severities of blindness. Throughout all
of my research, music teachers can show music To continue research, there are many people you
notation, utilize technology, and develop the can contact to help you learn more about students with
importance of social skills in music classrooms. Doing visual impairments and how to give them the best
individual research and receiving the help one may education possible. The biggest recommendation I
need to help guide and teach students with visual found throughout my research is to refer to the Library
impairments is very important, so all students have the of Congress online to seek help in anything one may
abilities to succeed in and outside of the classroom. need!