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Reader Summary

Reader: Jason J.
Grade: 3rd
Tutor: Simone Guio
Date: 7 December 2018

Quantitative Summary:

The grade level that I assessed Jason at was level 24 text titled A New Skatepark. Based on his
scores for accuracy and comprehension, this text is at Jason’s independent reading level. His
reading accuracy was calculated at 98%, self-correction rate was at 1:2, and he read 82 words
correct per minute.

Qualitative Summary:

When reading the text, Jason only made 4 errors and majority were insertions and substitutions.
These substitutions, insertions, and a few omissions did not disrupt the meaning of the passage or
the syntactic structure of the sentence. However, if there was a substitution, he would repeat
himself majority of these substitutions. For example, Jason read the sentence, “Skateboarders
have even damaged benches…” as, “Skateboard have even damaged benches…” After he read
the word benches, he went back to the start of the sentence and self-corrected himself. There
were two times that Jason made a substitution but did not correct himself after he repeated. For
example, the sentence was written as, “It could be built beside the new tennis courts.” Jason read
it as, “It could be bill beside the new tennis courts.” Many of these substitutions were based on
whether or not Jason knew the word and could pronounce it correctly. Although Jason made few
errors in his reading, this did not have negative impacts on his understanding of the information
in the text and how he comprehended it.

Jason’s fluency would be rated at 2 out of 4 based on his expressions and tone of voice while
reading the text. Jason has shown improvement in pausing at appropriate punctuation but needs
more guidance for certain expressions at the appropriate punctuation. Jason is lacking in
expression when he reads a question mark or exclamation point at the end of a sentence which
goes along with his intonation. Jason reads at monotone intonation and rarely changes the pitch
in his voice. Despite seeing less improvement in Jason’s reading fluency, Jason has excelled in
his comprehension skills.

Jason’s comprehension check has improved including answering 4 out of the 5 questions
correctly. He answered the literal questions with confidence and gave insightful answers for the
inferential questions. For example, Jason answered the inferential question, “Explain why the
children wrote the email to the city council.” Jason answered that they wanted to have a safe
skate-park and the only people to ask for that is those in city council. This answer reflected his
great interpretation of the text and a higher level of thinking. Based on his answers, Jason’s
comprehension was determined at the independent level.

Reader Summary:

Jason’s motivation to read has depleted since his first assessment. Although Jason has shown his
love for reading, he has voiced before that he felt he was reading too much and wanted a break.
However, I have explained to him that the more practice he has reading, the better of a reader he
will become. Jason’s prior knowledge of the topic was very minimal. For example, he read the
title, before reading the text, with a puzzled look. Jason has shown many times his adequate
vocabulary knowledge in his assessments and other informational texts. For example, I would
ask him if he knew the word, “barriers" This word can be difficult for most 3rd grade students.
He said yes and explained the definition of the word in the context of the text. Jason’s vocabulary
knowledge is much higher compared to his 3rd-grade peers. Jason approached the reading and
comprehension tasks with focus and engagement making a positive impact on the results of the

The reader has excelled in his comprehension skills and improved his reading level. Since his
first assessment, Jason’s independent reading level is now at level 24 compared to his first
assessment. In his first assessment, his frustration level was at level 23. Besides his assessment,
Through Jason’s progress monitoring on reading informational texts, he has shown improvement.
His understanding of using different comprehension skills, before and after reading, has
increased. Jason has also learned different strategies in approaching new concepts. Even though
his goal in the first assessment was to increase his reading fluency, he has improved in other
areas of reading. Jason and I have worked to improve his skills and motivation in reading and his
growth is highlighted in his final assessment.