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Honors American Literature Fall 2018 

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Preview unit 10  Read “How it Feels  Intro to  Read “Mother to  New Fiction Friday  Weekend 
vocabulary words.  to be Colored Me”  four-square  Son” by Langston    homework: finish 
Read excerpt in  and answer  literary analysis​.  Hughes in S
​ pring     four-square lit 
SpringBoard​ from  questions in  Read chapter 1 of  Board​ and discuss    analysis for 
The 1920s: The  Spring Board​.  Their Eyes Were  the extended  Discuss chapters  chapters 3-4 (only 
Harlem  Complete chart  Watching God.   metaphor.  1-2 using  top row). 
Renaissance​ and  comparing  four-square 
answer questions  Hurston’s ideals to  Read chapter 2 of  literary analysis​, 
1-7. Analyze ​art  the ideals of the  Their Eyes Were  completing the 
from the Harlem  Harlem  Watching God​ and  second row during 
Renaissance​ using  Renaissance. Read  compare to  discussion. Read 
the ​Feldman  “Sweat” by Zora  “Mother to Son.”  chapters 3-4 and 
method​. Read “To  Neale Hurston and  Complete first row  complete first row 
Usward” by  complete dialect  of ​four-square  of ​four-square 
Gwendolyn B.  translation chart.  literary analysis  literary analysis​.  
Bennett and  handout by 
annotate.  tomorrow’s class. 

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Discuss chapters  Discuss chapters  Discuss chapters  Unit 10 vocabulary  New Fiction Friday  Weekend 
3-4 using  5-6 using  7-8 using  quiz.     homework: Read 
four-square  four-square  four-square  Discuss chapters  Discuss chapters  chapter 18. 
literary analysis​,  literary analysis​,  literary analysis​,  9-11 using  12-14 using 
completing the  completing the  completing the  four-square  four-square 
second row during  second row during  second row during  literary analysis​,  literary analysis​, 
discussion. Read  discussion. Read  discussion. Read  completing the  completing the 
chapters 5-6 and  chapters 7-8 and  chapters 9-10 and  second row during  second row during 
complete first row  complete first row  complete first row  discussion. Read  discussion. Read 
of ​four-square  of ​four-square  of ​four-square  chapters 12-14 and  chapters 15-17 and 
literary analysis​.   literary analysis​.   literary analysis​.   complete first row  complete first row 
  Read chapter 11  of ​four-square  of ​four-square 
for homework.   literary analysis​.   literary analysis​.  
Finish reading as   
homework, if 

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Discuss chapters    Film analysis:  Finals: 1st and 2nd  Finals: 3rd and 4th  Happy break! 
15-18 using  The Great Gatsby  Their Eyes Were  periods only.  periods only.  
four-square  Party  Watching God. 
literary analysis​, 
completing the 
second row during 
discussion. Read 
chapter 19 and 
complete first row 
of ​four-square 
literary analysis​.