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Jareth Barbosa Barbosa 1

Professor McGriff

Composition 1

22 October 2018

How is technology affecting our society?

Do you really thought that the world would stay the same forever? Well, think again

because we are in a new era of revolution and evolution induced by technology. Technology has

its fans and its doubters, due to this there is a vast controversy about it. Technology is right now

in a stage of resiliency from some people that argue that is impacting language and intelligence

of humanity negatively. Although some people are being affected negatively by how

communication is changing, the new era of technology is bringing positive aspects to our lives

like: a new language, human’s IQ are improving, and access to reliable information.

Nowadays, a new language is evolving and is widely used by society as a form of

communication. This language it is known as texting and is impacting the lives of humanity to

the point that people need to be able to understand what is written. David Cristal, author of “2b

or Not to 2b?” stated, that the latest studies (from a team at Conventry University) have found

strong positive links between the use of text language and the skills underlying success in

standard English in pre-teenage children (752). The brain is a machine ready to work all the time

and when is exposed to new things, learns them, adapts to them and keep up going. Contrarily,
Barbosa 2

around the world many people are dissatisfied with the new era of communication. They argue

that abbreviation and slang using in text messages is destroying the language. For example, John

Sutherland argue, that texting masks dyslexia, poor spelling, and mental laziness (745). I believe

that texting allows us to express in a unique and original dialect. In this way we are expose to a

new complete language, which facilitates communication in an informal way. I sympathized with

David Crystal quote “In texting what we are seeing is a language in evolution” (753).

In addition, worldwide technology is taking over, consequently is affecting humans IQ.

With just one click we have access to any type of information. The internet is a tool that

everyday more people are depending on it. Steven Pinker author of “Mind Over Mass Media”

stated, “That in addition to science “other activities in the life of the mind” are flourishing”

(894). Our brain is a centralized force ready to retain everything to which is exposed. In contrast,

some people fear that the internet has a negative impact on the brain because creates a lack of

intelligence. One of the reasons is the amount of time a person spent online. Graff and

Birkenstein, authors of “They say I say” mentioned, the essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by

Nicholas Carr, who argues “that the kind of skimming we do when we read online destroys deep

reading and thinking” (171). I considered that the internet is positive for society. It breaks the

barriers of the world making this smaller. This allows us to share valuable information to each

other, and in this way acquire more knowledge. Steve Pinker imply, “Far from making us stupid,

these technologies are the only things that will keep us smart” (895).
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Furthermore, the internet contains an extensive amount of reliable information, to which

people has access all the time. The environment of the internet is too broad, for this reason you

can depend on it when you need it for any kind of topic, from the easiest to the most complex.

Steven Pinker, argue “that the internet and information technologies are helping us manage

search at different scales” (895). On the other hand, with the expansion of technology some

people claim that not everything that you see in the internet is true, and for this reason is

damaging our society. The online searching implies to be caution and careful with the sides that

are being used. This is not always in easy task. Graff and Birkenstein stated, “As a result, too

many online exchanges end up being not true conversations but a series of statements without

clear relation to one another” (167). I recognized that when searching online you need to be

smart about it. Be caution and know how to identify accurate and reliable information. There is

valuable information waiting to discover!

In conclusion, new technology is taking over our lives with multiple devices impacting

how we processes information and how we communicate to each other. Texting is a new kind of

language, which eventually humanity would have to learn in order to communicate in social

media. The internet exposes us to valuable information allowing society to become more

intelligent with just one click. Know how to use the internet efficiently is a key to develop good

strategies to find reliable information. Stop resisting! Enjoy the new era of technology.
Barbosa 4

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