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TLED 430

TPACK Template Mobile Applications Assignment

Mobile Application for Creating Mobile Application for Collaborating

Subject Dance
Grade Level IV

Learning Objective DIV.17 The student will develop and articulate DIV.18 The student will assess the effectiveness
personal criteria for evaluating dance of a dance performance and suggest alternative

performances. artistic
choices, describing the impact of such changes
on the work.
Activity I would have to student use Haiku Deck to The students could post their pieces to the
create visual stimuli (flashcards) to bulletin board and other students could
demonstrate knowledge of compositional comment suggestions and critiques for the
terms and characteristics. They’ll share their choreographers. I would monitor the critiques
“deck” with me and I’ll verify the information but wouldn’t suggest my own and allow them
in class before the study them at home. to discuss.

Technology Haiku Deck Padlet


Creating Apps from My Peers Collaborating Apps from My Peers

TLED 430

1. Quiz Creator, Lindsay Sterling, pretty 1. Trivia Maker, Sean Danaher, They can
user friendly app for creating quizzes, I make their own quizzes and test each
Peer Collaboration

was just looking for an app along these other so they can each test their
lines knowledge and compare notes.
2. Draw on Maps, Sean Danaher, simple 2. Evernote, Lindsay Sterling, I think I
concept, could use to demonstrate would have the dancers use this app in
movement of ballet through Europe groups in order to share inspirations,
corrections, outfits ideas etc