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Jack Johnson

By: Samuel Beck

Music 1010
Professor Larson
Biography - About Jack
● Soft rock and acoustics

● Grew up on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii

● Born on May 18, 1975

● Heavily involved in environmentalism and


● Married college sweetheart, Kim

Biography -

Born and raised on Oahu

● Professional surfer

● Jimi Hendrix

● “Greening”
Biography - Career
● 7 studio albums

● First commercial success with Brushfire

Melodies album

● #1 spot on Billboard top 200 list with

his Curious george sing-a

Biography - Albums
● In Between Dreams

● Sing-A-Longs and lullabies for the Film Curious George

● Better Together

● 7 albums and a few soundtracks

Composition History -
Do You Remember
● Released in 2005 with in In Between

Dreams Album

● Wrote about and for his wife Kim

Timing Form Timing Form Descriptions:
Rhythm, Melody, Harmony,
Dynamics, Timbre, Texture
Do You Remember
0:00 Introduction Guitar begins playing with an
opening rift that continues on
and off for the duration of the

0:11 Verse 1 The rift is temporarily stopped

Listenin as the guitar does a quick

ascending climb and then
goes back to the rift. Jack
comes in with the start of the

g Guide - 0:53 Midsection

first verse

Guitar changes from base rift

until 1:14

Do You 1:14 Verse 2 Rift continues as Jack sings

the next verse

1:56 Midsection - B Guitar plays sme back and
forth notes that continue the
flow but are subtle enough to
not crowd the sound while he

er 2:18 End As Jack sings the last words

of the song the same
underlying rift plays one more
time and holds the last note
Composition History -
Better Together
● Single hit from album In Between


● Jack’s most played song

● Love song for his wife

Timing Form Timing Form Descriptions:
Rhythm, Melody, Harmony,
Dynamics, Timbre, Texture
0:00 Introduction Guitar solo introduction to the
(3:37) song. Some notes are
plucked and a few are slid to
give some extension to the

note without drawing it on

0:08 Verse 1 Jack begins to sing the first

lyrics of the song. The guitar
changes its pattern to a just a

g Guide subtle slap that keeps the

rhythm going. A bass guitar
comes in and plays most of
the notes you hear. They rise

- Better and fall all the while keeping

a ‘da da’ pattern. Each note is
hit twice, giving it the ‘da da’

Togethe 0:42 Continuing Verse 1 Verse 1 is still going and the

guitar and bass remain the
same but the symbols come

join the sound with a constant
little tap

1:01 End of chorus The same musical pattern of

the beginning of the song
comes in, no words.
Composition History -
● Another single from In Between Dreams

● About slowing down and paying attention to the

world around you

● Using a train crash as a metaphor for life

Timing Form Timing Form Descriptions:
Rhythm, Melody, Harmony,
Dynamics, Timbre, Texture
0:00 Introduction Jack strums the beginning
notes on the ukulele. Fast
strums on the first 4 notes
and holds the 5 notes slightly

0:14 Verse 1 He continues with the same
rift he had going in to
introduction and starts
singing the first verse

Guide - 0:25 Still verse 1 Bass comes in with a low

‘bum bum’ with each note.
Same thing still happening on

the uke. Symboles come in
for a light tap in the
background following the

wn 0:59 Verse 2 Uke plays the same rift it was

before that is throughout the
whole song. Symboles start
tapping a few seconds before
this and then right at 0:59 the
bass drum starts

2:08 Midsection Jack starts to sing much

faster, almost speaking the
words rather than singing. A
Composition History -
Banana Pancakes
● Chill relaxed song

● Sleeping in and shedding responsibility

● Spending time with your One

Timing Form Timing Form Descriptions:
Rhythm, Melody, Harmony,
Dynamics, Timbre, Texture
Pancakes 0:00 Introduction Guitar starts it out with 8
(3:11) notes and then a drawn our
pause, and then again setting
the tone for the song and
setting a theme that recurs

Listenin 0:18 Chorus

later in the song

Slight pre chorus to this and

then goes into the lyrics.

g Guide
Guitar slaps to create rhythm,
bass has a bouncing playful
sound with its ‘bum bum’
‘bum bum’

- 0:51 Verse 1 Starts singing the first first

after the chorus which i found
unusual. Music plays the

same as the chorus almost to
the T. Exception is at the very
beginning if this fist there are
2 big slaps and then it goes

back into it

1:59 Midsection Much of thee music sites

similar to what is playing
before it. Lots of the music
has this repetition. Here the
bass starts to play a lower
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