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Purdue School of Engineering: Students who would like

Plan of study
Electrical Engineering Electrical engineering:
Electrical Engineering is a major Calculus 1-3 and
where you use applied physics and linear algebra People that enjoy
mathematics to design electrical 2 physics courses, problems solving,
systems and solve problems that will designing and
introductory chemistry
arise in the development of these experimenting
and one selective
systems. In your coursework, you will
science course People that fall under
learn how to analyze electrical
No foreign language the categories of
systems and develop an intuition for
how each component works. requirement Investigative and
Examples of some of the more Realistic
advanced classes taken by electrical People that have the
engineering students include ECE personalities traits of
30500 (Semiconductor Devices), intuitive and thinkers
ECE 31100 (Electric and Magnetic
Fields) and ECE 43800 (Digital
Signal Processing With Applications).
CODO Requirements: Post graduation

3.0 minimum GPA

After graduation, Electrical
Completed 2
Engineering majors can find jobs
semesters of First
very easily. They are most
year engineering.
needed in the computer
Additional  Insights Has taken:
hardware and software sectors,
Internships and co-ops communication, navigation and
are highly recommended. research in the private or
Physics 17200,
Many companies seek government sector.
CHM11600 and an
students that majoring in Oral and written
Engineering for communication
Internships so finding one course.
shouldn't be difficult.
You will take many lab
classes. Junior and senior
year have the most labs While it is not required, many
as you are free to choose students choose to get a
your lab class. graduate degree and find will
Research areas: Machine themselves doing more
Learning, Robot vision, advanced work in the field of
and Microelectronics electrical engineering.