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Thank you to the chairperson.

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to THE Principal_____ senior

assistants , ,teachers and students.

Before I continue with the speech, I want all the students to sit in a quiet manner.

For your information, Puan Nor. Pn Saila. Pn hidayah, En Riz , Pn Saidah and I were the
teachers on duty last week. Therefore, I will read out a report on the activities which took
place last week.

On Thursday, our school had organized two important events In the morning we had Hari
Keusahawanan. I think it was a huge success. It was really a busy day but I could see
how the teachers and students worked together to manage the stalls successfully. I
believe you had a whale of time enjoying the delicious food and refreshing drinks

In the afternoon. We had “ school open day ” . Congratulations to those who managed to
persuade your parents to come. Hopefully you will get better result in your final exam and
you are motivated to become a better person.

Other than that, I would like to remind you about a few things, First,I want to remind you
not to be in the classroom during recess.

Secondly, it is about your attendance to the school assembly. You are required to be at
___________ by 7.10. You are not allowed to roam around the school while the
assembly is going on. Please be punctual.

Next, I want to emphasize on the classroom cleanliness. Last week, the cleanliness of
the classrooms was satisfactory. To ensure a healthy learning environment, always
collect garbage found in the classroom or around the school compound and dispose the
garbage in the dustbin. In terms of cheerfulness aspect, I think some classes need to do
something to beautify your classroom.

That’s all for my report. Thank you