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English Task : Simple Present

Rahadian Noor Madany


Bandung 7/9/17 STT Tekstil Indonesia

My name is Rahadian Noor Madany. My first name is Rahadian and my
last name is Noor Madany, you can call me Dian or Adi. I got this name from my
father. The meaning of my name is The Light of The City. I was born in Garut, 29th
December 1997 but now I live in Bandung because I continue my study in here.
My father is a principal in Ma’had Darul Arqam, The modern boarding school in
Garut. His name is Dudung Abdullah and my mother is a teacher in 11 Garut High
School and her name is Susi Erni Wahyuni. I have 2 brothers and a sister. My first
brother is Radea Nasri Erfany he works as an engineer in Jakarta and my second
brother is Rishad Abila El-Kareem he is a student in Muhammadiyah elementary
school and my sister is Hesni Adila Shabrany she works in Faculty of Mathematics
and Natural Sciences University of Indonesia in Dept of Physics. I continue my
study at STTT Polytechnic Dept of Chemistry Textiles. I decided to take this major
because I like chemistry and I wish that I can chase my excellence and being happy
person in this place.
I have daily activities that stimulate me to being better person than
yesterday. I woke up at 4.30 am. Then I got up to the bathroom to take an ablution
and take Shubuh prayer. Afterward I tidied up my room such as opening the
window, turning off the lamp, sweeping the floor and arranging my pillow and
bolsters and folding my blanket. After that I went outside my rented house to work
out. I did jogging for ±15 minutes then I pushed up and sit up to build my muscle.
After doing sport, I took a rest for a while. Then I took a bath on my bathroom and
brushed my teeth. Next I got to take Dhuha Prayer and then eat a breakfast and
then go to campus for studying something new and every night I usually studying
something and then I go to sleep. Usually when i’m still in boarding school, my
family eat a breakfast at 6 am my mother cooking in the kitchen at 5 am and I have
a class after shubuh prayer while my little brother still sleep lol. When I’m still in
boarding school, the class start after shubuh prayer and I studying various religion
subject afterward I take a bath at 5.50 am and then I eat a breakfast at 6 am and
then I go to class again because the class start again at 7 am and it end at 11.50 am.
After that I took a rest for dzuhur prayer and usually we have study dakwah and
then we take a lunch then we have many activities such as extraculicular or
organization. And then we studying again until 9 pm. People think that it is crazy
to studying for ±13 hours but I feel lucky to have study in that place. And I miss
my old friend that being like a family because we live together for 6 years.
I like chemistry because it is a puzzle-like language which defines the
world around us. It is like a secret code that only chemists can read, yet
understanding this language is key to developing modern technology and helping
save lives. Besides of that, Chemistry is the connecting science. As you learn more
about chemistry, you’ll begin to find it is the perfect balance between the more
conceptual sciences like physics and math, and the more palpable sciences like
biology and geology. Chemistry nestles perfectly between the other science
subjects and connects interdisciplinary ideas, such as how quantum mechanics
relates to how cells work in the body. Last week I explain about Acid & Bases and
it application in real life. From the vinegar in your kitchen cabinet to the soap in
your shower, acids and bases are everywhere! But what does it mean to say that
something is acidic or basic? In order to answer this question, we need to examine
some of the theories describing acids and bases. In this article, we will focus on the
Arrhenius theory. Last week I didn’t explain about this theory but in this article I
will explain it.
The Arrhenius theory of acids and bases was originally proposed by the
Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius in 1884. He suggested classifying certain
compounds as acids or bases based on what kind of ions formed when the
compound was added to water.
 Arhenius Acids.
An Arrhenius acid is any species that increases the concentration of 𝐻 +
ions—or protons—in aqueous solution. For example, let's consider the
dissociation reaction for hydrochloric acid, HCl in water:
𝑯𝑪𝒍(𝒂𝒒) → 𝑯+ −
(𝒂𝒒) + 𝑪𝒍(𝒂𝒒)
When we make an aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid, HCl dissociates
into 𝐻+ ions and 𝐂𝐥− ions. Since this results in an increase in the
concentration of 𝐻 + ions in solutions, hydrochloric acid is an Arrhenius
 Arhenius Bases
An Arrhenius base is defined as any species that increases the
concentration of hydroxide ions, 𝑶𝑯− in aqueous solution. An example of an
Arrhenius base is the highly soluble sodium hydroxide, NaOH. Sodium
hydroxide dissociates in water as follows:
𝑵𝒂𝑶𝑯(𝒂𝒒) → 𝑵𝒂+ −
(𝒂𝒒) + 𝑶𝑯(𝒂𝒒)
In water, sodium hydroxide fully dissociates to form 𝑶𝑯− and 𝑵𝒂+ ions,
resulting in an increase in the concentration of hydroxide ions.
Therefore,NaOH is an Arhenius Bases.