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When I started my first teaching practice I had some teaching

weaknesses and I felt that I might not be the teacher that I
wanted to be, but after my second TP I tried my best to fix my
issues using the help of my MST, I used better class
management techniques, I came always prepared so that I can
manage the class time, and I tried to make a good relationship
with the students, and most important I accepted the fact that
improving come after mistakes and after many tries, and I
learned that in the teaching field you should always keep trying
to be a better teacher, and that mistakes is the best way to learn
and improve.

One of the things that I improved in managing the classroom, is

using positive reinforcement, because once you reward a child
for his behavior he will do it more often, according to Thorndike
law of effect theory "responses that produce a satisfying effect
in a particular situation become more likely to occur again in
that situation, and responses that produce a discomforting effect
become less likely to occur again in that situation (Gray, 2011,
pp 108–109)."