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August 2022

Volume 1, Issue 1 How to help your Student

Room 121
 Set a regular schedule
for completing home-
 Provide guidance, but

2nd Grade Adventures

not answers.
 Read aloud to your
child and have them
read to you.
Welcome, Parents
 Work with simple skills
My name is Madeline Goehman and I will be like telling time.
your child’s second grade teacher. I am from  Have your student tell
Pilot Grove, Mo. I recently married my husband you what they learned
last fall! I graduated from high school in 2018. I new that day or what
continued my education at State Fair Community they
College and then to University of Central Mis-
souri where I received my bachelors and masters
in elementary education. I have worked with chil-
dren my entire life. I worked at a daycare all
through college and it has always been my pas-
sion to teach and help students prepare for their Upcoming events-
future. I can’t wait to have your child in class
August 26th–
and look forward to an amazing year of fun and
Informational at
learning! school
One thing I would like to ensure is that you  September 2nd
and your child feels comfortable talking to me. NO SCHOOL
If your student needs help ask. If you have  September 5th–
questions or concerns ask. If there is a problem Labor Day, NO
address it! Lets fix it together! I want to do SCHOOL
everything in my power to make sure the stu-  September 16th–
dents learn as much as they can this year. School Pictures

Some of my Classroom expectations include…  September23rd-

Movie night at
 Being respectful of everyone in the room School
 Follow all of the classroom rules that have been given
 Treat others as you want to be treated
 Keep all body parts to yourself at all times
Today you Lunch for the Week!
are you! Monday– Blueberry muffins, yogurt
That is BBQ chicken sandwiches, buttered corn, baby carrots,
truer than fruit, milk
Tuesday- Breakfast pizza
true! Hot ham & cheese sandwiches, dill pickle, celery sticks,
There is fruit, milk
Wednesday- Cereal, hash brown patty
no one Corn dogs, macaroni & cheese, fresh broccoli, fruit,
alive who milk
Thursday- Skillet omelet, toast
is you-er Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes & gravy, green
than you! beans, fruit, milk
Dr. Seuss