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Mobile Communications Priority Areas
Strategy & Operations
Spectrum management and
ICT Evolution radio monitoring
Partnership ¡¡ Broadcasting
Next Generation Networks
ICT Eye Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Mobile communications
Study Groups is a term used to describe technologies in Broadband networks
manipulating and communicating information. As Rural communications
TDAG telecommunication systems have evolved, they Outside plants
have increasingly used computing technology in
switching nodes and then in non-switching nodes [TND Home page]
Regional Presence supporting services. With mobile
telecommunications, the amount of information
WSIS Events
processing required to manage mobility and
services has increased enormously and this has
resulted in a tremendous increase in computer ITU Regional Workshop on IMT,
Activities / Programmes communications within the telecommunications Da Nang, Viet Nam, 7-8 June
environment. 2010
Regulatory & Market
Environment [More events on Mobile
The parallel emergence of computer
Technology & Network communications in science and business, the
Development enormous increase in the capabilities and
numbers of personal computers and the
ICT Applications &
extraordinary changes brought about by the
TND IMT Home Page
Internet have driven a merging of computing Introducing IMT
ICT Statistics & Indicators technology and telecommunications as the two ICT Evolution
areas have moved from analog to digital and then "Connecting the
Capacity Building unconnected"
to packet technologies, and as the Internet has
Emergency emerged to become the dominant data Future Networks
communications system in use today, whether as Business Aspects
the “public Internet” or “managed Internet.” Tools and
Least Developed Countries & Newcomer
SIDS What started as a circuit-switched voice network Intermediate
has evolved to a packet switched data network. Advanced
Climate Change
Initially, data was handled by making it look like Special Topics
Special Initiatives voice (modems.) Now voice is handled by making
it look like data (Voice over IP or VoIP.) While
voice remains the dominant revenue generator, More Information
Project & Initiatives the shift to VoIP brings major challenges to
telecommunications operators as they manage the For more information, click on:
Projects enormous shifts taking place in the nature and • Manual for Measuring ICT Access
volume of traffic they carry on their networks. and Use by Households and
ICT capabilities vary widely. In developed • ITU ICT Eye website provides ICT
countries, they are widespread and sophisticated, information, indicators and statistics,
while in developing countries, they may be less regulatory and policy profiles, national
available and offer less capacity. Developing tariff policies and scientific institutions,
countries are catching up quickly by leapfrogging and more.
older generations of technology as well as Additional resources are listed under
creating solutions that suit the needs of their user Tools and Resources above.
communities. In some cases, the lack of a legacy
infrastructure makes rapid modernization easier.

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