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Игра-викторина "Музыка в Британии"

Цель мероприятия: активизировать знания учащихся о музыкальных традициях,

музыке, выдающихся композиторах, музыкальных группах и певцах Великобритании.


1. Развивать интерес учащихся к стране изучаемого языка.

2. Укрепить межпредметные связи - английский, история, музыка.
3. Развивать умение работать в команде.


Класс украшен фотографиями выдающихся композиторов Великобритании, размещены

материалы, плакаты с историей и фотографиями известных музыкальных групп
Великобритании. В ходе викторины используютcя презентации об известных группах и
исполнителях Британии, песни, игры, отрывки из произведений в качестве
музыкальных пауз, заранее подготовленных командами. Класс разделен на 2 команды,
каждая имеет свое название.

На доске: “Music in Britain”

The Beatles 100 200 300 400 500

The Beatles 100 200 300 400 500

Famous people 100 200 300 400 500

Mix 100 200 300 400 500

Ход викторины

Good morning, boys and girls! Today we are going to learn lots of new and interesting things
about Great Britain. Also we’ll learn who knows famous English musicians, the
most successful pop groups better, and you have a great chance to practice your English. We
have two teams and a list of questions on four different aspects: The Beatles, famous people
and mix-different questions on various themes.

Teams in turn choose the topic and the question. The price of the question is different
depending on how difficult the question is. The team that gets more points wins. If the team
can’t answer the question they have chosen, those who know the answer may answer and
bring the team additional points.

Quiz + keys.
The Beatles

100 What were the Beatles? c) a song writer.

a.Pop singers and composers
b.Sportsmen 400 The Beatles starred
c.painters a. in one film
200 The Beatles came b.in two films
a) from Belfast
c. in three films
b) from Cambridge
c) from Liverpool
500 The Beatles became world-famous
300 John Lennon was
a) in 1964
a) the leader of the band
b) in1967
b)a singer
c) in1985

The Beatles
100 The Beatles was c. Tom and Jerry.
a) the company
b) the film 400 The Beatles separated in
c) the most famous and popular rock'n'roll a. in 1980
group in the world b. In 1970
200 . Paul McCartney is
c.in 2005
a) a song writer.
b) a singer 500 This group became the most successful
c) an artist pop group the world has ever known
300 The Beatles had their own full length a. the Rolling Stones
cartoon b .the Who
a. Flintstones c. The Beatles
b. Yellow Submarine d. Pink Floyd

Famous People
100 Benjamin Britten- c. a dancer
a. the famous English musician;
b. the British singer; 400 John Lennon was
c. a conductor. a) the leader of the band
200 Sir Michael Tippett - b)a singer
a) composer c) a song writer.
b) singer
c) poet 500 Jessica Ellen Cornish
300 Fatboy Slim a) a singer
a. The master of Big Beat b) a song writer.
b. a British singer
c) composer

100 The national musical instrument of the 400 . Arthur Sullivan - the famous English
Scots composer
a) The bagpipe a) of the 18th century
b) the violin b) of the 19th century
c) the guitar c) of the 20th century
200 Andrew Lloyd Webber
a. a musician 500 . Eric Idle is
b. a composer a. an English comedian
c. a singer b.a singer
300 The founder of the British Opera c. an actor
a. Henry Purcell
b. Benjamin Britten
c. Paul McCartney
1.They are British 2.Benjamin Britten- 3.Regular seasons of 4. The founder of 5. Sir Michael
singers a. the famous opera and ballet are the British Opera Tippett -
a) Pink English musician; given a. Henry Purcell a) composer
b) Britney b. British singer; а) at the Royal b. Benjamin Britten b) singer
c) Justin Timberlake c conductor. Opera House c. Paul McCartney c) poet
b Covent Garden in
c) the National
Youth Theatre
6. Fatboy Slim 7. The national 8. The Welsh 9. among younger 10. Andrew Lloyd
a. The master of Big musical instrument Eisteddfod is held people is extremely Webber
Beat b. a British of the Scots a. early in August; popular : a. a musician
singer a) The bagpipe b. early in July; a. pop music b. a composer
c. a dancer b) the violin c. on May 1st. b. rock music; c. a singer
c) the guitar c. Folk music
11. Arthur Sullivan - 12. ‘The Globe’ was 13. The Promenade 14. The Promenade 15. The Beatles was
the famous English opened to the public concerts take place concerts are held a) the most famous
composer a) in 1599 …. a) in the Queen's and popular
a) of the 18th b)in the 17th a. in the summer; Hall rock'n'roll group in
century century b. in spring; b) in the Royal the world
b) of the 19th c) in the 18th c. in autumn. Albert Hall b) the film
century century c) in the City's c) the company
c) of the 20th Barbican Centre.
16. John Lennon 17. Paul McCartney 18. The Beatles 19. What were the 20. The Beatles
was is came Beatles? became world-
a) the leader of the a) a song writer. a) from Belfast a.Pop singers and famous
band b)a singer b) a singer b) from Cambridge composers a) in 1964
c) a song writer. c) an artist c) from Liverpool b.Sportsmen b) in1967
c.painters c) in1985

21. The Beatles 22. The Beatles had 23. Eric Idle is 24. . Beatles 25. Jessica Ellen
starred their own full length a. an English separated in Cornish
a. in one film cartoon comedian a. in 1980 a) a singer
b.in two films a. Flinstones b.a singer b In 1970 b) a song writer.
c. in three films b. Yellow c. an actor c.in 2005 c) composer
c. Tom and Jerry.