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Applications of Static Electricity

A build-up of static electricity can be both useful and a problem as can be

shown by the following examples.
1. Pollution/ electrostatic precipitator
2. Electrostatic spray painting
3. Lightning
4. Lightning rods
5. Fabric Softener sheets
6. Photocopiers
7. Laser printers
8. Electrostatic Speakers
9. Hospital Operating room floors
10. Anti-static electronic wrist strap
11. Van der Graaf generator
Your Assignment:
 You will be assigned a partner and an example from above.
 Prepare a ‘mini-lesson’ slide show that explains your assigned example. Use
google docs presentation format and ‘share’ your slide show with your
partners and me! (you must use google and not another presentation style - this
is for editing and sharing purposes)
 The rest of the class is responsible to take notes from your presentation.
 Use your textbook as a reference (p.310-318). Any other sources must be
documented on your final slide (ex. internet sites)
 On-task behaviour and group participation will be marked.
 This presentation should last no longer than 5 minutes in length and will occur
on Thursday April 13th!!

The following information must be included in your presentation:

1. a Series of slides that clearly state: (can be point form)

·What: describe the example
·When and where: does this occur/ would it be used
·Electricity theory: what components of static electricity theory does this

example make use of (ex. Charging by friction,

conduction,…) and relate your example to it.

·Diagrams: illustration should show charges, pictures!

2. Demonstration
· Using familiar lab equipment or home products, visually represent your example.
OR a video link that shows a related demonstration
3. Optional ·Any additional visual aids are entirely optional
·If you wish to use lab equipment it must be requested in advance and approved by
the end of class

By the end of class today:

1. Have your slides of presentation completed and approved by the teacher

2. Have demonstration formulated, approved by teacher and practiced.
3. Any additional aids for presentation approved by the teacher

Marking Scheme:
Each group will be marked on the following categories.
A group mark /45 will be given.
Students will also peer evaluate their team members after the presentations.

slides /10
– Contains all key headings (5)
– Organized in a logical fashion (3)
– Information is clear and to the point (2)

Content/ Knowledge /10

– Information is correct (6)
– Adequate amount of depth (4)

Communication /10
– Clear voices (2)
– Good explanation of topic (5)
– Each member of the group takes part in the presentation (3)

Use of visuals /10

– Explanation accompanies demonstration (5)
– Demonstration accurately portrays example (5)

Time management /5
– Used time efficiently during preparation in class
– Stayed within the allotted 5 minutes