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HyperStudio/Powerpoint Appearance and Content : Google Slide on Benefits of Levitt

Teacher Name: Ashley Blatus

Student Name: ________________________________________

Content - Accuracy All content throughout the Most of the content is accurate
presentation is accurate. There but there is one piece of
are no factual errors. information that might be

Use of Graphics All graphics are attractive (size A few graphics are not attractive
and colors) and support the but all support the
theme/content of the theme/content of the
presentation. presentation.

Spelling and Grammar Presentation has no misspellings Presentation has 1-2

or grammatical errors. misspellings, but no grammatical

Originality Presentation shows considerable Presentation shows some

originality and inventiveness. originality and inventiveness.
The content and ideas are The content and ideas are
presented in a unique and presented in an interesting way.
interesting way.

Date Created: Dec 09, 2018 04:33 pm (CST)

ent : Google Slide on Benefits of Levittown

2 1
The content is generally Content is typically confusing or
accurate, but one piece of contains more than one factual
information is clearly flawed or error.

All graphics are attractive but a Several graphics are unattractive

few do not seem to support the AND detract from the content of
theme/content of the the presentation.

Presentation has 1-2 Presentation has more than 2

grammatical errors but no grammatical and/or spelling
misspellings. errors.

Presentation shows an attempt Presentation is a rehash of other

at originality and inventiveness people\'s ideas and/or graphics
on 1-2 cards. and shows very little attempt at
original thought.