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A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Remedial Instruction Program in Phonics with their Right Blending Sounds

Kinder Garten

Dumaliang, Reeva

Sicdadoy, Norilyn

Decca, Jennalyn

Oras, Jackeilou

Guanzo, Lea

Ignacio, Angel

Dumas, Allizier

Mateo, Maricel

Placido, Baby

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson the students must have:
a. Identified the blending sounds of a word
b. Read and fit the words with the right blending sounds
c. Appreciated the importance of phonics with their right blending sounds
II. Subject Matter:
Materials: printed labeled pictures
Coke float cup with plastic cover
III. Procedure:
A. Motivation
 The teacher will divide the class into two groups. Each group will pick 5 pictures and each
picture should be placed in the right cup with its blending sounds.
 The first group who finished the task will be the winner.
B. Lesson proper:
 The teacher will identify and teach the right blending sounds of a word.
 The teacher will do the activities and give examples about blending words for better
understanding of the pupils.
C. Application:
 The teacher will display the pictures on the table and each group will have their 5
representatives, each of them will pick 5 pictures, the pictures are labeled with its name
containing the blending sound.
 Then ask the students to put the pictures inside the cup with the right blending sounds.
 As they put it inside the can, the students are required to read the words with their right
blending sounds.
 As the child reads and pronounce the words, he/she is becoming aware of the right blending
sounds of a word.
D. Generalization:
 The teacher will review/discuss the activity that was done by the students for the summary of
the subject.
E. Evaluation:
 The teacher will ask the students to write down 5 words that has the blending sounds “UE, UI,
 Then the students are asked to present their work in front and read their work with the written
blending sounds.
IV. Assignment: