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Constructive solutions



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Constructive solutions



 Fosroc Membrane HDPE-P &

 Fosroc Membrane HDPE-S





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Constructive solutions



adhesive waterproofing membrane which bonds integrally to poured concrete slabs,
remaining in place if settlement of substrate occurs


Fosroc Membrane HDPE -P is a unique membrane HDPE film pressure sensitive adhesive
which allows poured concrete to bond fully with the membrane.
Fosroc Membrane HDPE-P provides water, water vapour and gas protection to water
excluding structures and protects concrete from aggressive ground salts, chemicals and
Fosroc Membrane HDPE-P is supplied with a self-adhesive selvedge along one side of the
roll to provide sealed laps and a comprehensive range of auxiliary products to simplify the
application process.


Basement waterproofing protection to grades 1,2 and 3 as defined in BS8102:2009

To provide a vapour and waterproof membrane in building and civil engineering structures
Resistant to attack from chemicals and aggressive ground salts.
Forms a unique, integral bond to poured concrete by pressure sensitive adhesive and
remaining in place if
settlement of the substrate occurs
Simple application - no primers or protection material required
Inert product - no risk of a reaction with ponded waste prior to concrete being poured
Protects concrete from attack of chemicals, hydrocarbons and aggressive ground salts in
contaminated sites.
Facilitates flexible construction programming
Full range of Fosroc hydrophilic and PVC water stops available to provide complete solution
to waterproofing

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Constructive solutions



membrane for retaining walls with working space


Fosroc Membrane HDPE - S is a POST APPLIED flexible waterproofing high performance

SELF-ADHESIVE HDPE membrane which allows concrete to be bonded fully with the
membrane. It is supplied as a membrane with 1.2mm thickness of HDPE film and self-
adhesive glue which is post applied to basement walls to bond fully with concrete.


Good bonding with concrete applied to membrane, to block water migration between
membrane and the concrete.
Sound anti-puncture performance.
Excellent VOC gas barrier
Excellent chemical resistance -resist to acid, alkali, mold.
Eco-friendly material.
Basement waterproofing protection to grades 1,2 and 3 as defined in BS8102:2009
Inert product - no risk of a reaction with ponded waste prior to concrete being poured
Full range of Fosroc hydrophilic and PVC waterstops
Available to provide complete solution to waterproofing of the structure

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Constructive solutions


Tensile Strength (ASTM D 412) : 17Mpa

Water Migration 0,7 Mpa, no migration
Breaking elongation @HDPE backing(ASTM D 412) > 500%

Parameter Fosroc Membrane HDPE-P

HDPE film pressure sensitive adhesive which allows poured

1 Description
concrete to bond fully with the membrane.

2 Membrane Thickness 1.2 mm


27 Mpa
3 Tensile Strength, film (ASTM D412)

4 Elongation (ASTM D412) >500%

5 Puncture resistance (ASTM E154) >950 N

6 Peel Adhesion to concrete , (ASTM D903 Modified) 880N/m

7 Resistance to hydrostatic head, (ASTM D751-06(2011) >70 m

8 Low temperature flexibility < -25oC, no crack

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Constructive solutions


Application – Horizontal
The Fosroc Membrane HDPE-P shall be applied with sanded face uppermost to receive
fresh concrete to which it will chemically adhere.

Laps between sheets shall be rolled to ensure good adhesion of the selvedge.

Roll ends or cut edges shall be sealed on the underside with Fosroc Membrane HDPE-P
sealed tape/ HDPE tape sealed on the top side with a seam of Fosroc membrane HDPE-P
sanded tape.

Alternatively heat sealing shall be used to seal roll ends or cut edges and followed by
seamed sanded tape.

Penetrations through the membrane i.e. pipe entries, shall be made watertight using Fosroc
Membrane HDPE-P with the accessories.

Only ancillary products of Fosroc membranes may be used in conjunction with the Fosroc
membrane HDPE-P

Water proof joints at concave and convex corner details, cut the gusset with appropriate
size and eliminate the needle holes at corners. Stick with double-face adhesive tape for
self-adhesive overlapping.

Application - Vertical
Where Fosroc Membrane HDPE-P is applied to removable formwork; it is recommended
that a minimum concrete compressive strength of 10N/mm² is reached before the formwork
is stripped.

Mechanically fasten the membrane vertically using fasteners appropriate to the substrate
with sanded face uppermost to receive fresh concrete to which it will chemically adhere.
The membrane may be installed in any convenient length. Fastening can be made through
the selvedge using a small and low profile head fastener so that the membrane lays flat and
allows firmly rolled overlaps.

Ensure the underside of the succeeding sheet is clean, dry and free from contamination
before attempting to overlap. Roll firmly to ensure a watertight seal.

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Constructive solutions

Roll ends and cut edges

Overlap all roll ends and cut edges and ensure the area is clean and free from
contamination and apply Fosroc membrane HDPE-P sealed tape and roll.

Different tapes used as accessories for Fosroc HDPE –P membrane

Tape: 1 Self –adhesive tape with sand used for sealing of the needle hole, repairing,
overlapping reinforcement.
Tape:2 HDPE Tape Used for butt joints of the end laps
Tape:3 Self-adhesive double sided tape used for end laps
Tape:4 Reinforced double-side tape used for used for end side laps and overlapping
of different material

Pile tops

Cut the Fosroc membrane HDPE-H tight around the pile top

Create formwork as necessary and mix and pour Supercast EPT to fully encapsulate the
pile top and edges and seamlessly join to the Fosroc Membrane HDPE-P

Adhere a strip of Fosroc Membrane HDPE-P to the Supercast EPT sides all around the pile
top and apply seam of Fosroc polyurea WCS/sanded tape/Nitoproof 600 all around the pile

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Constructive solutions

(As an Optional ) Care shall be taken during soil compaction. Any chances of damaging the
membrane, a 350 gsm Geotextile layer shall be provided as protective layer on membrane
prior back filling.

Concreting (RCC)
After Membrane is placed,.
Concrete shall be admixed with Auramix 300/400 during batch mixing at batching plant.
Fosroc Concrete Technologist shall be contacted.

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Constructive solutions

After filling the Footing area, providing Swellable bar Supercast SW20 with Supercast SWX
adhesive onto the periphery of Footing connected to Grade slab. Placed towards the
positive side of the joint by leaving the 70mm concrete cover. Reference – Above system

Post concreting Application: Fosroc Membrane HDPE S

After concreting the top exposed concrete surface of footing top / Retaining wall toe top /
shall be provided with Self Adhesive Fosroc Membrane HDPE S. Same shall be continued
onto the existing Fosroc Membrane HDPE P

Swellable Bar application

Recommending Integral sealing for construction joints in concrete cast in-situ with
Supercast SW 20 Swellable water bar bonded to the substrate with Supercast SWX
Supercast SW20 should be used to prevent the passage of water through non-movement
joints in both new in-situ concrete and between new and existing concrete.

Supercast SW20 waterstops should be positioned to ensure that a minimum of 70 mm

cover of concrete is present to accommodate pressure developed during the swelling
Supercast SW20 increases in volume in the range of up to 300% and gives a resistance to
hydraulic heads of up to 100 metres.
It will not deteriorate under prolonged wet/ dry cycling.
It will be able to withstand a hydrostatic head of 100 metres (10 bars).

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Constructive solutions

Termination of Fosroc Membrane HDEP P on retaining walls

The HDPE membrane as shown in the drawing shall be terminated on the Retaining wall
300 mm above the ground level by anchoring with Aluminium strip.
Followed by covering it up with epoxy mortar Nitomortar FC at 3mm thickness.
Nitomortar FC shall be mixed first by adding the Hardener into the Base container
Prior to mixing individual items shall be stirred thoroughly in its container to disperse any
settlement of material at the base of the container.
Mixing shall be done by using a mixing paddle attached to a slow speed (400-500 rpm)
heavy duty drill until an uniform grey colour consistency obtained.
Then the mixed material shall be applied over the termination zone.

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Constructive solutions

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