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Celine Naoum

47 Chandler Gray Rd
West Yarmouth, MA 02673
(508) 280-2747
Date of birth: June 15, 2001
Email: ​c.naoum@aol.com

High School: Saint John Paul II High School, Hyannis, MA

Co-ed Catholic College Preparatory High School of 250 students.
Founded in September of 2007.
Academic Status: Class of 2019, ninth graduating class.
Cumulative Grade Point Average 3.22/4.00
I have partaken in a mixture of College Prep, Honors, and AP course.
Online Pre-Calc
AP English; Honor roll each quarter
Activities & Awards: ​Sports​- Volleyball (2012-19); Most improved player (2016)
Basketball (2013-16)
Volunteer Service ​- The BabyCenter (2014-19)
- Ecuador Trip
-Miles for Megan
-Arts and Crafts for Hospice
- Cystic Fibrosis Walk
-Sesobel (Lebanon)- Learning Center for the disabled

All of these services has been a great opportunity to work with and help others, but the
BabyCenter has gone above and beyond. It has been a tremendous opportunity to meet the little
children and their families while learning some of their stories year round.
Clubs-​ Reachout Leadership (2017-19)
- Prom Committee (2017-19)
- French Club (2015-17)
- Soul Sisters (2015-17)
- Morning Announcements (2015-2019)
- Yearbook
Work Experience:​​ ​Cape Cod Farms​ - Cashier, part-time, 2015-present
Working at a family owned convenience store/gas station has allowed me to interact and
socialize with many people with different personalities.
​Babysitter​ - part-time, 2015-present
Babysitting has been a great opportunity to be with children and care for the needs of others.
Hobbies & Interests:
Traveling, Writing, Volleyball, Caring for children, Organizing,
Socializing- Volunteer Work,
Special Skills:
Two languages, (Lebanese and English) Working with others, Organizing,
Communication, Leadership, and Self-Motivation
College & Career Goals:
My goal in the future is simply to be successful and happy. To live a
fulfilled life never full of any regret, while getting to know myself better
than I do. I plan on attending college and becoming a Pharmacist. I hope
to graduate college with honors and obtain my masters degree soon after.