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Lynn Wilcox

10 September 2017
SLM 502: Organization and Access
Professor Candace Blessing

Assignment 1: Library Facilities Design Project

Part I. AASL Standards, Mission, and Vision Statements

ALA/AASL Standards

 3.2 Access to Information. Candidates support flexible, open access for library services.
Candidates demonstrate their ability to develop solutions for addressing physical, social,
and intellectual barriers to equitable access to resources and services. Candidates
facilitate access to information in print, non-print, and digital formats.
 5.3 Personnel, Funding, and Facilities. Candidates organize library facilities to enhance
the use of information resources and services and to ensure equitable access to all
resources for all users.

School Information
Williamsport Elementary School is part of a 3 school campus. The Williamsport campus has a
STEM focus and offers Magnet programs available to students throughout Washington County,
Maryland. The student population is approximately 570 students including two Pre-Kindergarten
classes. The Library Media is located at the front entrance of the school and visible visitors. The
space is used for 6 classes allowing 120 students to have daily access. In addition, the space is
used for college graduate courses held after school hours. Supervisors frequently request the
library facilities due to the school’s close proximity to the Central Office.

The Williamsport community has a great deal of pride. Most of the families are lower middle
class and the school has a population of 83.9% Caucasian students. The remainder of the school
is 3.8% Hispanic, 2.1% Asian, 4.1% African American, and 6.2% multi-racial.

In 2000, the entire Williamsport Elementary School building was renovated. During the
renovations, the school cafeteria was transformed into the current library. While the physical
space is large, the high ceilings make acoustics challenging. Therefore, the creation of a media
production is imperative to promote video and media production. Using AASL Standard 5.2, my
library design has been created with careful consideration of all stakeholders including students,
staff, parents, and the community. In addition, the furniture and the design have been selected to
help allow all users to access the library materials and space.

Williamsport Elementary Mission Statement

Students, staff, parents, and community will work as a collaborative team to provide a safe and
supportive environment where people, questions, and ideas are valued and accepted. All students
will be given diverse, challenging, and engaging opportunities for future success in a global
Personal Philosophy for the Williamsport Elementary Library
The Williamsport Elementary Library is a space designed for all students to learn, collaborate,
and use critical thinking skills to become college and career ready. The goal for my students is to
become independent readers and thinkers in an environment where students feel safe to take risks
and make new discoveries.

Washington County Public Schools Library Vision

According to the Washington County Public School Library Media programs LibGuide, the
library vision statement is “The school library media program is an integral part of student
learning and achievement. It has a central place in the educational process and provides all
students and staff with equitable and timely access to ideas and information. Through the school
library media curriculum, library media specialists empower students and staff to be enthusiastic
readers, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens in the information age.”
Washington County Public Schools Library Media Program Mission Statement
The Washington County Public Schools Department webpage includes the statement, “The
mission of the school library media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective
users of ideas and information. The school library media specialist (SLMS) empowers students
to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information

 collaborating with educators and students to design and teach engaging learning
experiences that meet individual needs.
 instructing students and assisting educators in using, evaluating, and producing
information and ideas through active use of a broad range of appropriate tools, resources,
and information technologies.
 providing access to materials in all formats, including up-to-date, high-quality, varied
literature to develop and strengthen a love of reading.
 providing students and staff with instruction and resources that reflect current
information needs and anticipate changes in technology and education.
 providing leadership in the total education program and advocating for strong school
library media programs as essential to meeting local, state, and national education goals.”

The Washington County Public Schools Program Mission statement was developed and taken
from Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs (AASL 1998).

Part II. Reflection

Williamsport Elementary School is part of a STEM campus. In an article written by Duff, “if we
want STEM to grow in our schools, librarians need to plant the seeds in libraries today” (Duff

6.01.01 Study and Research Area—on map add the workstation

The study and research area will be located near the side entrance at the front of the library.
Since the area is located next t
6.01.02 Informal Reading Area

The Informal Reading area is located in the right corner at the front of the library. The corner is
visible from the circulation desk. While the corner is in close proximity to the side door, students
will not be able to see or become distracted by the hallway traffic. The corner will have two
sofas placed to make an L shape. In addition to the sofas, there will be 6 small circular chairs for
students to move and use for independent reading. Students will have the choice to move the
circular chairs to any space in the library where they feel as though they will be able to
independently read. A tower feature display will be placed next to the couch featuring the newest
books added to the library collection. Biography books are also located next to the reading corner
allowing easy access.

In addition to there are two comfortable chairs placed near the primary instructional space to
provide seating and a quiet space for reading and learning. Students will also be permitted to
utilize the Puzzler seats housed in the Primary Instructional area.

6.01.03 Instructional Area

The instructional area will be divided into two sections, Primary and Intermediate. The Primary
instructional area will feature a rug that has seating for 30 students. A whiteboard space on the
wall will be used to help facilitate the discussion. 6 tables will be placed around the perimeter of
the rug. The same library tables will be utilized with the table height adjusted to accommodate
primary students.

A second space designed for Intermediate learners will be at the front of the library. The space
features an ActivPanel, view of a document camera and projector, and TV. The square tables will
be arranged in a horseshoe shape. Since the tables have built

Part IV: Furniture, Technology and Signage Choices

Item Name URL Link Purpose in the Library
Sage Series 4-Leg There will be a total of 40
Chair with Civitas series-4-leg-chair- chairs for the intermediate
Frame and civitas-frame-and- instructional area. 5 chairs will
Casters (Navy) casters?sku=CHAIR- also be used for the hexagonal
CS18C-BLU51- computer workstation. 12
CHRM. chairs will also be used for the
Makerspace and Computer
Workstation area.
Paragon RIT- https://www.worthing There will be a total of 8 tables
4242 Read-It used in the intermediate
Square Library furniture/rit4242- instructional area and 6 tables
Table (Maple library-table-square- in the primary area.
Top, Gray Sides, 42-w-x-42-d.htm
Titanium Finish)

Oasis Sofa – Dura A total of two sofas will be

FLEX (Maroon) duct/oasis-sofa- placed in an L shape in the
duraflex/ independent reading corner.

Circle DuraFLEX There will be 2 circle chairs in

(Dark Blue, Dark duct/circle-duraflex/ each of the 3 colors placed in
Green, Maroon) the Independent Reading

Smoothie Chair The chairs will be placed next

DuraFLEX (Dark duct/smoothie-chair- to the shelves of the
Green) duraflex/ Everybody Collection.

Puzzler There will be a total of 6

DuraFLEX (Dark duct/puzzler- Puzzler seating pieces to be
Blue, Dark Green, duraflex/ placed along the perimeter of
Maroon) the rug in the Primary
Instruction area.

A Place for http://www.lakeshore This rug is to be used in the

Everyone Primary Instruction area.
Calming Colors /productDet.jsp?prod
Carpets (seating uctItemID=1,689,949
for 30) ,371,929,531&ASSO
Natural Accents http://www.lakeshore This rug is to be used in the
Classroom Intermediate Instruction area.
Carpets /productDet.jsp?prod
(9 x 12) uctItemID=1,689,949

Smith System https://www.worthing 2 tables would be purchased

Interchange Half and placed side by side to
Boat Multimedia 4236-interchange- make a long table. The space
Table w/4 Power half-boat-multimedia- will be used for Makerspace
& 8 USB Ports table-w-4-power-8- activities and as a computer
usb-ports.htm workstation.
Nautilus Mobile http://www.thelibrary The desk will be used as the
Welcome Desk circulation desk and space. A
(Maple Wood and 92- book drop is not necessary
Tumbled Mosaic 82118/information_d because the students never use
Top) esks it.
Demco Tower The Tower Feature Displays
Feature Displays m/products/Furniture/ will feature the newest
Displays/Feature/De additions to the library
mco-reg-Tower- collection.

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