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Improve the Wrong Sitting Position

Asked to fulfill the assignments of Health Education and Promotion courses

Arranged by:
Dhea Shobriana Priladani 220110170092


Topic : Improve the wrong sitting position

Subtopic : Studying Ergonomic Sitting Position
Target : Reza and Family
Date : Friday, 5 Oktober 2018
Time : 1 x 60 minute
13.00 - 14.00 WIB
Place : Health Center (Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat (Puskesmas)) Jatinangor,
Kabupaten Sumedang
Interviewees : Dhea Shobriana Priladani

1. Audience Characteristics
The audience in this activity was Reza and family. Reza is a 20-year-old male. He
works as a famous gamer and youtuber. Every day he spends almost 12 hours sitting
in front of a computer screen to play games and produce videos for his YouTube
content. Reza came to the health center (Puskesmas) and complained of pain in his
back. From a sitting position and walking, his posture looks bent. Therefore, this is
the center of attention so that Reza can be healthy again.

2. Learning Objectives
After participating in health education counseling activities by knowing and applying
for ergonomic or correct sitting position when in front of a computer screen to Reza
and Family. Especially Reza began to realize and find out more information about
how to correct a wrong sitting position to avoid injury.

3. Learning Outcomes
After participating in health education activities with the topic of improving the wrong
sitting position, be expected
1. Reza and family were able to explain the impact of the non-ergonomic sitting
position correctly in the discussion session.
2. Reza and family can demonstrate the ergonomic sitting position with the right
technique for 5 minutes during the demonstration session.
3. Reza and family can determine the difference between the wrong and right sitting
position perfectly when the discussion session (question and answer).
4. Reza and family were able to demonstrate the muscle reflection movement
precisely at the end of the demonstration session.
5. Reza and family can conclude their goals and benefits for health regarding the
correct sitting posture at the end of the discussion session.

4. Main Subject
Improve the wrong sitting position

5. Subject Matter
1. Definition of correct sitting position
2. The purpose and benefits of a proper sitting position
3. Correct sitting position technique
4. Differences in right and wrong sitting positions
5. Know the impact of the wrong sitting position
6. Prevention of wrong sitting position

6. Learning Materials

7. Teaching Strategies
Method used:
1. Discussion
2. Demonstration
Media used:
1. Gadgets and Elektronik Media (Laptop)
2. PPT (include texts, pictures, and video put together)
Equipment needed:
1. Table
2. Chairs
8. Teaching and Learning Activities

Steps Educator Activities Students Activities Method Media Time


Preparation a. Prepare meeting Enter the room - - 7’

(Pre-Activity) area
b. Prepare the media

Opening a. Greetings and a. Answer greetings a. Discussion - 10’

Activity introduce yourself and listen b. Discussion
b. Explain the intent b. Listen c. Discussion
and purpose c. Listen and agree d. Discussion
c. Contract time to the time contract
d. Mention the d. Listen and pay
material will be attention

Material a. Explain the a. Listen and pay a. Discussion a. PPT 40’

Description definition of the attention b. Discussion (Laptop)
correct sitting position b. Listen and pay c. Discussion b. PPT
b. Explain the purpose attention d. Discussion (Laptop)
and benefits of a c. Listen and pay e. Discussion c. PPT
proper sitting position attention f. Discussion (Laptop)
c. Explain the correct d. Listen and pay g. Demonstrasi d. PPT
sitting position attention (Table and (Laptop)
technique e. Listen and pay Chair) e. PPT
d. Explain the attention h. Demonstrasi (Laptop)
difference between f. Listen and pay (Table and f. PPT
right and wrong sitting attention Chair) (Laptop)
positions g. Pay attention and i. Discussion g. PPT
e. Explain the impact practice (Question and (Laptop)
of the wrong sitting h. Demonstrate Answer) h. PPT
position i. Give questions j. Diskusi (Laptop)
f. Explain prevention j. Answer the (Evaluation) i. -
of wrong sitting question j. -
g. Demonstrating
correct and wrong
sitting positions and
their differences
h. Re-demonstrate
what was
demonstrated before
i. Give Reza the
opportunity to ask
j. Evaluating Reza's
regarding the material

Closing a. Thank you for the a. Listen - - 3’

Activity willingness of b. Greeting
b. Say greetings

Total 60’
9. Bibliography
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10. Evaluation
This activity is successful if:
1. Evaluation of Process
Evaluation during the learning process takes place.
1. Reza and family look enthusiastic and pay attention to the content of the
material given.
2. Reza actively asks when learning activities take place and can answer
questions that have been given.
3. This counseling activity runs effectively both from the speakers and the
2. Evaluation of Results
Evaluations conducted at the end of the health education session.
1. Reza knew the correct sitting position.
- Try to explain how the correct sitting position when in front of a computer
Correct / ergonomic sitting position. Ergonomics is a seat that guarantees
comfort and is ergonomic in nature so as to achieve a healthy, comfortable,
safe, efficient and productive working condition and environment.
2. Reza can explain the impact of the wrong sitting position.
- What are the impacts if the sitting position is wrong!
The impact on the bones is scoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis, while in the
framework there are polio, rickets, osteoporosis, and rheumatism.
3. Reza can do prevention in the habit of a wrong sitting position.
- How to prevent the wrong sitting position from becoming a habit?
Prevention can be done by doing a muscle relaxation movement that consists
of relaxing the muscles of the waist, back, muscles and fingers, neck, and
4. Reza was able to apply the correct sitting position.
- Please re-demonstrate the correct sitting position!
(according to the instructions)
5. Reza is able to compare the right and wrong sitting positions.
- Mention the comparison of right and wrong sitting positions!
(pointing and comparing the correct and wrong sitting position)
Learning Materials

In the current era, not a few people ignore the correct sitting position. The correct
sitting position can also be called ergonomic sitting. Ergonomics is a seat that guarantees
comfort and is ergonomic. While ergonomics is the study of human work procedures with
limitations and strengths so that the achievement of conditions and work environments that
are healthy, comfortable, safe, efficient and productive.
The goal with the value of ergonomics is to get satisfaction or comfort in the long
term. Sanders and McCormick (1992) in Sarimurni and Murtopo (2004) suggest that
ergonomics has two main objectives, namely increasing effectiveness and efficiency where
work and other activities are carried out. While the benefits of ergonomics, namely
improving performance such as work safety, optimizing the utilization of human resources by
increasing the necessary skills and can improve comfort in work. Furthermore, It can reduce
wasted time and minimize damage caused by human activities.
Sanders & McCormick
(1987) give words to set the
height at the time mentioned as
1. Provide a table and adjust the
2. The arm must light up in a
relaxed position from the
shoulder to the forearm towards
a horizontal position or slightly
3. The height of the work ground is not necessary.
Moreover, there are some tips for correct sitting positions, such as the following:
1. Sit up straight with your back straight and back shoulder (90˚).
2. Bend your knees at the correct angle (90˚).
3. Don't cross your legs.
4. Place the chair close to the table.
5. Relax your arms and elbows.
6. Don't twist or rotate your back.
Correct and wrong sitting position can be observed the difference in the following

The habit of sitting in the wrong position in front of a computer screen can have an
impact on health, especially affects bone and skeletal growth. Some disorders
of the spine are as follows:
1. Scoliosis, this disorder is a disorder of the shape of the back spine that
bends right or left. This can happen because the sitting position is
sideways for too long.
2. Kifosis, this disorder is a disorder in the shape of the spine with a
backward curve that causes a person to look like a bow.
3. Lordosis, an abnormality in the shape of the spine that curves
forward so that the abdomen becomes more forward. This can
happen because someone leaning on the table for too long.
The impact of the wrong sitting position is not the only disruption in the spine
but an impact on diseases that damage the skeleton. These disorders are:
1. Polio
Polio sufferers will experience paralysis so that the bone gradually shrinks.
Prevention of polio by administering polio vaccine carried out by mouth
when under five years old.
2. Rickets
Rickets is a disorder of obstructed bone growth. This disorder
can occur because people with vitamin D deficiency and
morning sunlight cause leg bones to become weak and usually in the form of O or X.
3. Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis or porous bone is a disorder that causes bones easily
broken. The cause of this disorder is the body lacking lime (calcium).
How to prevent osteoporosis is to eat foods that contain lots of vitamin D
and calcium such as fish and milk.
4. Rheumatic
Rheumatism is a disease that causes pain and is accompanied by
swelling of joints in the joints. This disorder is usually in the joints of the
feet, hands, and elbows. If rheumatism is not treating, it will cause
dangerous complications such as the heart.
The following are muscle relaxation
movements to prevent the impact of the
wrong sitting position:
a. Waist muscle relaxation
1. Turn the waist to the right and left.
2. Clenching both hands and hitting
lightly at the waist.
3. Bend down and straighten up
b. Relaxation of the back muscles
1. Both hands are stretched forward and
pulled back with the handheld
together while exhaling from the
mouth and both hands pulled back
while breathing from the nose.
2. Rotate both hands with the position of the elbow straight pulled back from front to
back and vice versa.
3. Straighten the right hand from the front
pulled to the side, then do the opposite.
c. Hand and finger muscle relaxation
1. Stick your fingers and do a wave-like
movement with your elbows bent in
front of your chest.
2. Stick both fingers with the palm of the handout and the position of the elbow
3. Stick both fingers inward, elbow position straightened, and hands pull to the left and
right side alternately.
d. Relaxation of the neck muscles
1. Turn the neck half circle to the left and
2. Bend your neck to the right and left the
3. Bend your neck up and down.
e. Relaxation of the eye muscles
1. Close and open eyes starting with
closing (8 counts)
2. Press the top and bottom of the eyelid
with both fingers.

ILM Ergonomic Position: PSA Egronomic Positions - YouTube

Learning Map

Examination Nurstation

Learning Place Waiting Room

Learning Place

Freshener Audience
Place of Props

Learning Tables
and Instruments

and Goods