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Cutting-edge satellite data analysis for

increasing agriculture efficiency

Company Pitch
Website We use data from satellites and sensors and apply cutting-edge data
analysis techniques in order to diagnose and predict potential problems
Email with different types of crops at both the micro level (pest alert on a
Phone Number certain field) and the macro level (nationwide crop classification, county
+40 732 494 866 vs county benchmarks)
Bucharest, Romania
Operating From Problem/Opportunity and Solution/Product
Bucharest, Romania We help Banks, Insurance Companies and Agribusinesses automate
Current Stage critical processes and take the best decisions based on data.
Client Type
FinTech Category Competitors
Insurance, Banking, Value added services, Competitors like FarmLogs, Cropio, Monsanto’s FieldView cover just
Market information
enough use-cases that narrows their target base.
June 2016
__________________________________ Technology
Management Team Public and private satellite imagery, UAV and Airplane multispectral
Co-Founder – Robert Miștovschi sensors imagery being actively crunched by our AI, the brains of
- Self-driven learner that likes to focus on tomorrow’s farming
solving complex problems and build
competitive teams.
- Founded a local software outsourcing Traction
company - “Best business” – Innovation Labs 2016, Bucharest, Romania
Co-Founder – Tudor Coman - +100.000 ha of land covered at this moment
- Passionate about computer science and
with a strong desire to construct tomorrow's
- Partnership with Marsh – Global Leader in Insurance Broking and Risk
tech infrastructure. Interested in solving Management
problems regarding the reliability, - Top regional Agribusinesses as first customers of the Enterprise
performance and security of distributed Solution
- First time founder
Co-Founder – Marius Dragoi
- Computer science graduate, with an interest
towards the theoretical foundations of
Artificial Intelligence and its applicability in
complex, real-world scenarios.
- First time founder
Co-Founder – Șerban Măcrineanu
- Front-end engineer, passionate about
graphic design
- First time founder
Co-Founder – Rareș Stanciu
- Stack-agnostic product-oriented generalist
- Founded a local software outsourcing
Funding Stage
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