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d) have
e) a and b
f) a, b and c
Read well all the exercise and its conditions.
________is this city? It’s “one hundred years
You have 3 minutes per sentence old”.
1. Suppose you are in a shared office. Talk a) How old
about the things in plural that are far and b) What
near from you in 5 sentences using c) Where
possessive adjectives. d) How much
Note: You have to give a characteristic to e) a and b
each object. f) a, b and c
Note 2: Only 2 things in the office are yours.
What is the correct sentence?
2. They are Leyla, Bruce and Natasha. You are a) They lives in a city.
talking face to face with Natasha. b) She quite love seing the dog.
Ask her about: c) What does the dog says?
 The quantity of Leyla’s children. d) Where does they come from?
 Bruce’s nationality. e) N.A
 The place where Leyla lives. f) c and b
 Bruce’s occupation.
 The name of Bruce’s wife. What is the group of correct verbs?
a) Begin, flies, gives
3. Order the next sentences: b) Goes, lossess, tells
 I / my / mom / I / mom's / before / c) Hears, holds, haves, does
visit / once / a / lunch / my / have / d) Makes, does, sats
with / week / brother e) a and c
 in / after / drink / field / friends / f) a and b
beer / my / play / I / soccer / with /
I / sometimes / the Chose the correct option.
 takes / after / a / when / work /  Frequency adverbs go before adjectives.
ever / gets / she / shower / She /  When a verb ends in “consonant + y” we add
home / hardly “s”.
 We use “That” for plural nouns.
 Adjectives have plural and singular forms.
 morning / usually / to / the / when /
 We often use a verb in third person after like
classes / are / in / work / they /
and love.
english / They / late
 We use “these” for things that are near.
 Maria / friends / in / once / week / b) TFFFTT
volleyball / her / a / play / the / and c) TFFFFF
/ night d) TFFTFT
4. Choose the correct alternative. e) TTTTTT
f) N.A
When you want to talk about your families and
possession we use:
a) Present Simple: Have