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Presenting the position overview for our client:


Chief Executive Officer of JustUs Health

To lead the work to achieve health equity for diverse gender, sexual
and cultural communities.
JustUs Health is committed to these core values that guide its
decisions and direct behavior:

Inclusion. Honoring diversity and practicing inclusivity, collaboration, tolerance

and respect for clients, colleagues and communities.

Equity. Advocating health equity, justice, fairness and the elimination of all social
barriers to quality mental and physical healthcare.

Innovation. Embracing new ideas, rewarding creativity and implementing

innovative programs that demonstrate social progress and responsibility.

Compassion. Providing services that enhance lives, value relationships and

demonstrate a commitment to human rights and dignity.

Integrity. Demonstrating moral courage, uncompromising ethics and earning

trust by matching actions to words while accepting accountability and

Professionalism. Conducting all affairs with the highest proficiency, professional

discipline, leadership and responsible stewardship of all resources.

Excellence. Relentlessly delivering the highest quality in all undertakings.

JustUs Health
envisions a
Minnesota where
people from
diverse gender,
sexual and
experience health
and wellness in
environments. The Organizational Culture …

“All are Welcome Here” ~ Asneth Omare, Director of Housing and

Prevention Programs, JustUs Health

The diverse staff at JustUs Health describes an inclusive culture

MISSION: that welcomes unique individual perspectives and life
To lead the work experiences. Among the team, staff feel valued, accepted and
respected. They feel safe to share their stories and be their
to achieve health authentic selves without fear of judgement. They “show up for
equity for diverse each other,” and are culturally humble. The team at JustUs
gender, sexual Health is looking for an engaged leader of humility who will learn
from, and with, them. The new leader will stand beside staff as
and cultural they put the needs of their clients first.

Valued. Accepted. Respected.

Purpose …

In the Fall of 2017, Minnesota AIDS Project and Rainbow Health Initiative announced they
were joining forces to create an organization that would lead the work to achieve health
equity for LGBTQ and HIV+ communities. In March of 2018, these organizations merged to
continue their work under a new mission and vision, and a new name: JustUs Health.

At JustUs Health, staff members seek to improve the lives of LGBTQIA people and those
living with HIV across the state of Minnesota. By combining the robust research, analytic
skill and education capability of Rainbow Health Initiative with the client-centered service
capacity and expertise of the Minnesota AIDS Project, JustUs Health has embarked on a
mission to immediately impact LGBTQIA communities and communities affected by HIV
and provide greatly expanded health and well-being benefits long into the future.

The new organization has a budget of more than $6 million, managing complex
government contracts. It envisions a Minnesota where people from diverse gender, sexual
and cultural communities experience health and wellness in powerfully inclusive
environments. JustUs Health is creating health spaces just for us: for people living with
HIV, for people disproportionately affected by HIV including women and communities of
color and for LGBTQ people who still experience discrimination in healthcare. As another
step towards creating inclusive spaces for JustUs, the organization has formally launched
JustUs Behavioral Health in St. Paul, Minnesota: a clinic with a focus on substance use
disorder and mental health for LGBTQIA and HIV+ communities.
Services provided …


Minnesota AIDSLine: Provides information about HIV and referrals to HIV-related services
in Minnesota through in-person, phone, text and web-based services. Available for
people with HIV, friends, partners, families, service providers and others wanting
information about HIV or resources. Telephone interpretation services available in many

Housing Systems Advocacy: Works within affordable housing systems to advocate for
policies that support access to affordable housing for people living with HIV. Educates
HIV providers about housing systems and alerts providers to affordable housing
opportunities to support client access of resources.

TEACH (Training, Education, Awareness and Capacity-building for HIV): Provides HIV
education and speakers for professionals and the community. Offers HIV Instructor
Training certification. Upon completion, individuals are eligible to be volunteer HIV
educators. Also offers a variety of other courses that highlight HIV-related topics of
interest to professionals and the general community. Continuing education units are
offered in most training sessions.

Public Policy: Advances policy priorities that help prevent new HIV infections, keep people
living with HIV healthy, and advance health equity for LGBTQ communities. The program
works in four main areas: community organizing, legislative advocacy, coalitions and
partnerships and media advocacy.

Research: Conducts and promotes research about the health of LGBTQ communities and
communities affected by HIV. Reports include Voices of Health, and annual reports on
the health of Minnesota’s LGBTQ communities; Invisible Youth: The Health of Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual, and Questioning Adolescents in Minnesota and the Transgender Aging


PrEP Navigation: Provides education about PrEP, a once a day pill that reduces risk of
HIV infection, to communities and individuals engaged in activities with higher risk of
HIV transmission. Navigation support includes referrals to medical providers and
assistance with insurance and medication.

Behavioral Health: Provides mental and chemical health services for LGBTQ people,
people living with HIV and people from communities that historically and currently face
barriers to behavioral health support. Provides individual, group, couple and family
therapy within trauma-informed, sex-positive, public health (harm reduction) models of
care. Provides chemical health assessments, referrals and continuing care.

Case Management: Provides long-term assistance to individuals living with HIV in accessing
programs and resources including health insurance, medical care and financial assistance
to maintain health and meet basic living needs. Case management is provided to eligible
residents of the Twin Cities area and Duluth.

Financial Assistance: Provides emergency financial assistance for rent, mortgage, security
deposits, utilities, medical care, health insurance premiums and food to eligible people
living with HIV.

Health Insurance and Benefits Counseling: Assists people living with HIV who are
income-eligible for public insurance programs with health insurance navigation; and
assists the public, with a specific focus on reaching people who identify as LGBTQ,
people living with HIV who are not eligible for public insurance programs and people
living in communities affected by HIV.

HERR Day Out: Fosters a community of female-identified individuals who are living with
HIV. Works to create and sustain a healthy community through social interaction and
health education. Provides educational and social events in safe and supportive
environments, linking folks to medical health, mental health and social services as
Housing Services: Assists individuals and families who are homeless or at risk for
homelessness to obtain and maintain safe, affordable housing. Provides help finding
housing, education on tenant's rights and responsibilities and short-term rental
assistance. Service access managed through a wait list which opens periodically.

Syringe Access: Provides access to unused syringes, disposal of used syringes, overdose
prevention, and awareness and use of pharmacies for purchase of clean syringes.
Connects individuals living with HIV to medical care and services and provides HIV and
Hepatitis C risk assessments and testing through the Mainline program.

Quick Connect: Provides short-term, face-to-face assistance to persons living with HIV.
Ideal for individuals who are newly diagnosed, new to Minnesota, or who are not currently
receiving care. Provides information on services available in the community and helps
people connect to HIV medical care and case management as well as other needed

Transportation Services: provides transportation to medical care for people living with
HIV in the Twin Cities Metro through taxi and/or bus passes. Includes rides to doctors,
medical clinics, speech and physical therapy, pharmacy, dental, HIV case management
and eyecare.

HIV Testing: Free rapid HIV testing is provided through JustUs Health programs and
during walk-in hours. Visit our website or contact the Minnesota AIDSLine to confirm our
testing hours or to find other free or low-cost testing sites throughout Minnesota.


Legal Services: Assists with HIV-related legal matters including public benefits denial,
estate planning, housing and employment discrimination, workplace accommodation,
debt and credit resolution, confidentiality and immigration. Program includes dedicated
staff who assist individuals in navigating the Social Security system. Advises and assists
transgender people navigating questions about health coverage for transition-related

LGBTQ Equity and Inclusion Training: Provides training to health systems on the LGBTQ
Standards of Inclusion. Offers e-learning modules on the fundamentals of LGBTQ health
equity. The Opportunity Conference brings health providers, researchers and policy
makers together to address health disparities.

Positive Link: Fosters a community of queer, gay, bisexual men and other men who have
sex with men who are living with HIV. Works to create and sustain a healthy community
through social inter- action and health education through educational and social events
in safe and supportive environments and linkage to supportive services.

TigerAlive: Provides HIV risk assessment, testing and health education activities for
trans, queer and other gender expansive folks. Provides outreach within these
communities to offer risk-reduction education and supplies and support in linking to and
navigating health and social services as needed.

PrideAlive: Provides HIV risk assessment, testing and health education activities for
queer, gay, bisexual men and other men who have sex with men. Provides outreach
within these communities to offer risk-reduction education and supplies. Provides
support in linking to and navigating health and social services as needed.

ShiftMN: Fights for healthier LGBTQ communities by severing ties with corporate
tobacco through education, advocacy, social media, and policy. Offers leadership
development for LGBTQ youth and young adults.

Leadership Competencies

The Chief Executive Officer will be an individual who:

• leads strategically
• upholds equity and justice
• navigates change
• delivers operating results
• understands self
• celebrates achievement
• welcomes innovation
• works collaboratively
• lives the organization’s values
• exhibits the highest ethical standards
• honors each individual client
• values all staff members

JustUs Health is an equal opportunity employer and believes each individual is entitled
to equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, gender, sexual
orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, age, veteran status,
religious beliefs or disability. The right of equal employment opportunity extends to
recruiting, hiring selection, transfer, promotion, training and all other conditions of

For further information on JustUs Health, visit

JustUs Health Chief Executive Officer

Job Summary:
JustUs Health seeks an experienced and seasoned Chief Executive Officer who is a
proven hands-on executive willing to tackle an organization in need of active
leadership and involvement on the part of the leader. The next CEO of JustUs Health
will focus on the fiscal well-being of the organization and be an experienced
fundraiser. The CEO will have lived experience with the issues and communities
served by JustUs Health.
The Chief Executive Officer works in partnership with the Board of
Directors, employees and other stakeholders to provide leadership and
vision to achieve JustUs Health's mission. Ultimately responsible for day-
to-day operations, financial performance and legal compliance, the Chief
Executive Officer builds strong relationships with community partners,
funders and donors. In addition, the Chief Executive Officer promotes
equity in a powerfully-inclusive environment and prioritizes staff
engagement and leadership development.

Strategic Leadership and Relationship Management: Assist in the

development of, and fully implement the strategic plans of the
JustUs Health.

▪ Works with board and staff to ensure the mission is fulfilled

through programs, strategic planning and community outreach.
▪ Responsible for strategic planning to ensure JustUs Health
can identify and address emerging needs to successfully
fulfill its mission into the future.
▪ Responsible for the enhancement of JustUs Health's reputation
and image by being active and visible in the community and by
working closely with other professional, civic and private
▪ Clearly articulate organizational goals for financial and
programmatic stability and growth; motivate and inspire others to
support the vision and enthusiastically model the values of the
▪ Responsible for establishing and maintaining external
relationships with key stakeholders including but not limited to
the general public, funding sources, volunteers, government,
other providers, etc.
▪ Responsible for networking with other organizations and
the establishment of partnerships or collaborative
programs as desirable to further the mission of JustUs
▪ Maintain strong and effective internal relationships with the
Board, and staff; build and maintain strong external
relationships with the general community, volunteers,
government leaders, judiciary, funders, community leaders and
partner organizations.
Commitment to Equity and Inclusion: Creates a respectful, inclusive
work culture and environment to engage and retain all employees.
Acts with intention to create and promote equity within the agency.

▪ Attract key talent with the skills of today and tomorrow; acting
with intention to utilize talents of the entire workforce not from
just one community.
▪ Promote career development opportunities in under-
represented populations within the agency and
▪ Ensure JustUs Health reflects, understands and meets diverse
clients and funders' requirements and needs.
▪ Give voice to each employee's unique talents; building
an environment of innovation that comes through
diversity of thought and perspectives.
▪ Leadership is committed to enhancing career opportunities
for an increased diverse representation as well as creating
a sustained inclusive environment.

Staff Management Responsibilities: Responsible for ensuring the

Agency has the talent and resources to meet short and long-term
organizational goals as well as ensuring maximum productivity and

▪ Support the senior management team and ensure the internal functions
are fulfilled.
▪ Foster a culture of cooperation and mutual respect, focusing on
meeting the needs of the clients and their communities. Ensure
the smooth and efficient operation of the organization by
selecting and developing qualified effective people.
▪ Effectively orient new hires to insure a positive and
productive employee engagement experience.
▪ Ensure structure and hiring plans (within budget) are
appropriate for performance and productivity levels
▪ Align individuals' talents to overall performance objectives.
Provide meaningful ongoing performance feedback. Identify
and take appropriate action for non-performance.
▪ Ensure each employee has a clear and thorough
understanding of their role and responsibilities. Keep job
descriptions current for each position.
▪ Mentor, guide and coach direct reports in order to expand their capabilities
and performance.

Financial Performance: Balances the organization's fiscal needs with available


▪ Responsible for the overall JustUs Health budget and for

communicating progress towards meeting financial
▪ Provides oversight to the financial function and ensures assets
are properly controlled, resources are appropriately utilized
and activities are reported upon accurately and on a timely
▪ Informs the Board of financial and operational issues on a timely
basis. Identifies obstacles and risks to the financial or operational
health of the agency. Develops risk mitigation strategy to address
contingencies that may arise.
▪ Secures additional resources from both private and public
sources to meet annual and long-term financial needs.

Organization Operations and Programming: Oversees and allocates

appropriate resources to the organization.

▪ Provides oversight to the effective administration of overall

agency operations. Ensures the establishment and compliance
of employment and administrative policies and procedures.
▪ Responsible for reviewing and evaluating the results of
program activities, ensuring that contractual obligations are
fulfilled; allocating resources; developing program
▪ Ensures compliance with applicable federal, state and local regulations.
▪ Maintains a working knowledge of significant developments
and trends affecting JustUs Health and incorporates into
said developments agency services as appropriate.
Board Relations: Responsible for leading JustUs Health in a manner
that supports and guides the organization's mission as defined by the
Board of Directors.

▪ Responsible for communicating effectively with the Board and

providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information
necessary for the Board to function properly and to make
informed decisions.
▪ Supports recruiting and developing a Board of Directors made
up of leading professionals, with an eye toward diversity and
▪ Provide support activities associated with the Board of Directors,
including serving as staff for all Board and Committee meetings if
requested. Ensures administrative support of Board needs for
each meeting including but not limited to: facilitation of publishing
meeting schedules, locations, development of agenda and
meeting materials distribution.
▪ Work closely with the Board of Directors to seek its involvement
in policy decisions, development/fundraising and to increase the
overall visibility of the agency throughout the state.
▪ Communicate the Board's decisions and expectations effectively to staff.

General Responsibilities:

• Demonstrates the ability to use sound judgment and discretion

regarding confidential information.
• Review and approve contracts for service. Approve
invoices for payment according to procurement and
finance policies.
• Facilitate effective leadership and staff meetings ensuring clear,
consistent communication.
• Live the values of JustUs Health: Inclusion, Equity,
Innovation, Compassion, Integrity, Professionalism,
• Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.
• Carries out duties in compliance with all state and federal
regulations and guidelines. Complies with all company policies
and procedures.

The Chief Executive Officer will:

• Possess a minimum of 10 years leadership experience in a healthcare,

social services, or public sector setting successfully executing
strategies in partnership with the stakeholders, funders, and donors.
• Have significant background as a manager of people and a connector
with a wide range of stakeholders.
• Have a strong background in overseeing financial and administrative
matters, ideally including oversight of government contracts, in a
complex organizational setting.
• Have an understanding of healthcare/mental health or related sector,
and the role of support organizations within that landscape.
• Have experience leading and executing on a strategic plan.
• Have experience working with/for a Board of Directors and acting as a
representative of the organization.
• Bring a passion and experience in resource development including having
met and exceeded fundraising/advancement goals.
• Demonstrate a proven ability to build lasting relationships with
funding entities, such as foundations, individuals and state, county
and federal government officials.
• Have experience with managing, hiring, and effectively structuring staff
and staff positions; including executive oversight of metrics relating to
people and projects.
• A commitment to on-going development of staff skills and abilities.
• Bring experience managing successful strategic initiatives, partnerships.
• Demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills with
experience in public speaking and communicating JustUs Health’s
vision of full and rich lives for all people.
• Establish credibility within a wide range of communities from
demonstrated commitment to working with people from a wide range
of cultural, socio- economic, age and professional backgrounds.
The Chief Executive Officer will be a capable and thoughtful leader of people and
will demonstrate the following leadership characteristics:

• Strategic management skills with demonstrated experience formulating and

implementing strategies to serve a variety of constituents. Possess the
courage to innovate and create along with the wisdom and the savvy to
determine which initiatives merit implementation.
• Ability and commitment to develop and support the professional
development of staff.
• Demonstrated leadership in leveraging new and emerging technology to
support organizational strategies.
• Personal characteristics which exemplify engaged leadership: team
builder, service-oriented, passionate about equity and inclusion, and
committed to improvement.
• The Chief Executive Officer will have exemplary communication and
planning skills, furthering their ability to bring together disparate teams,
enhance collaboration and inclusion and foster a supportive
• A demonstrated ability to work gracefully with a broad array of
stakeholders to enhance and deepen the life experiences for all people.
• Demonstrated ability to work closely with local, state, and federal
regulatory agencies, in addition to capably representing the institution on
advisory boards, committees, and other policy formulating or
recommending groups.

“To lead the work to achieve health equity for diverse

gender, sexual
and cultural communities.”

hen the Twin Cities hosted the very distinct seasons, none of which will

W Super Bowl in 2018, it cast an

international light on what the
organizing committee dubbed “The Bold
North.” It also gave the world an up-close
let you down.

According to the website WalletHub,

Minneapolis ranks 12th in America for
cities with the most green space. Both
and personal view of what those of us
cities share a common root of being river
who live here already knew. Minnesota
towns, and the great outdoors is a major
Nice is for real.
attraction for residents and visitors alike.
The Twin Cities of Saint Paul and In addition to the mighty Mississippi River,
Minneapolis are a unique blend of small there are more than 900 lakes in the
town and major cosmopolitan hub. Both metro area and surrounding suburbs,
urban cores boast a thriving business upwards of 300 parks, and miles of biking
atmosphere. Saint Paul, as the state and walking trails.
capitol, is home to state government and
Nearly every weekend in the summer
has a more historical vibe. Minneapolis is
there are several outdoor events for
the larger and more commercial of the
participants and spectators—triathlons,
two cities. Outside of the central
biking races, running races, boat races,
downtowns, however, both cities have
water skiing competitions, golf
many distinct neighborhoods, and
tournaments, and more.
residents identify more with their
individual communities than with the
The summer highlight for most
larger city as a whole. And the best news
Minnesotans is the Minnesota State Fair.
is housing in most of our friendly
One of the largest of its kind in the
neighborhoods is affordable and
country, ours is a world-class showcase of
Minnesota’s best in agriculture, industry,
arts and entertainment.
The Twin Cities lives up to its Bold North
tagline in every way. Residents enjoy four

Held on a 320-acre parcel located between Minnesota’s Somali community is one of
St. Paul and Minneapolis, it is a self- the largest in the United States. St. Paul is
supported organization and has been held the heart of Minnesota’s Hmong
on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds every community as well, and is home to the
year since 1885. largest urban concentration of Hmong
residents in the country. It is by design
As summer turns to fall, the region puts that we’ve embraced such ethnic
on a breathtaking autumn show that uniqueness. Our multi-cultural
draws visitors from miles around. While communities present us with diversity in
fall is a fleeting spectacle, the active the workplace, a strong workforce and an
lifestyle of Minnesotans doesn't go added bonus of getting to know the
dormant during the winter either. world, and coming to understand
Being hardy in every way, we take different cultures on a more intimate
advantage the miles of cross-country scale right here at home.
skiing trails, downhill ski areas, ice skating,
snowmobiling, sledding, and ice fishing. One of the best places to get a taste of
our many blended cultures is Midtown
In recent years Minneapolis and St. Paul Global Market on Lake Street in
have become two of the most diverse Minneapolis. Midtown Global Market is a
cities in America. Almost six percent of welcoming indoor market and meeting
the population identifies as LGBTQ, with place featuring an abundance of ethnic
many Twin Cities’ organizations in arts,
politics, culture, advocacy and religious
sectors serving the community.

dishes, gifts and groceries, from Mexican Since the early 1960s, the Guthrie Theater
and Middle Eastern to Vietnamese, Indian, has staged outstanding shows from the
Swedish and Italian. classical to the modern. Popular national
shows and performers also tour through
Many Hmong and Vietnamese restaurants the Twin Cities year-round at stages in
and shops are located in the Frogtown both Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and at
neighborhood as well, on and around the University of Minnesota.
University and Lexington avenues.
Hmongtown Marketplace on Como If you are a theatre-goer in the Twin Cities
Avenue and Hmong Village on Johnson you’ll never have a dull moment.
Parkway on St. Paul’s East Side feature a According to the Western States Arts
wide variety of traditional foods, clothing, Federation, Minneapolis ranks as the fifth-
fabrics and crafts, as well as farmers most “creatively vital” city in the country,
markets. right after D.C., LA, NYC and Boston.

There are countless arts and culture We boast more than 40 venues with a
offerings in the Twin Cities. The Grammy variety that even the most seasoned
Award-winning Minnesota Orchestra has a thespian would notice.
reputation as one of the top orchestras in
the world. The Saint Paul Chamber
Orchestra is also regarded as one of the
finest chamber orchestras in the world.

There are the magnificent musicals that performing arts centers, and is home to a
play on the State, Orpheum, and Pantages wide variety of performances throughout
stages and lots of local talent making a the year providing the finest in musical
statement on stages such as the Southern theater, music, dance, and vocal artists in
Theater, New Century, and Illusion. Cats, its Music Theater and Concert Hall. In
The Lion King, and Chorus Line are a few addition, each year the Ordway presents
examples of productions that have played its Flint Hills Family Festival, serving more
here. Theater is also a large component of than 50,000 children and adults through
life in Saint Paul. The gorgeous 1000-seat its Ordway Education programs.
Fitzgerald Theatre acts as MPR’s largest
broadcast studio. Staged productions And while we’re on the subject of
commission authors, artists and radio philanthropy, the Twin Cities is proud to
hosts to create programming for the call itself home to hundreds of nonprofits
public radio community. The Fitzgerald doing good work for the residents of our
Theater is St. Paul’s oldest theater and community, giving us an even richer
celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010. connection to each other.

The Ordway Center for the Performing

Arts has been recognized as one of
America’s leading not-for-profit
For the museum-goer, there are more
than 60 museums in the metro area. The
Science Museum of Minnesota and the
Minnesota Children's Museum (both in
Saint Paul) are highly interactive learning
facilities and fun experiences for the
entire family. The Minnesota History
Center is an interactive museum for all
ages with permanent and changing
exhibits, lectures and events.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has a

collection of more than 100,000 pieces.
The Walker Art Center has been called
“possibly the best contemporary art
museum in the U. S.” by Newsweek, and
has over 11,000 pieces. The University of
Minnesota's Weisman Art Museum is also
a contemporary art destination. hosts early season college baseball games
of the University of Minnesota Golden
The Somali Museum of Minnesota on East Gophers.
Lake Street features hundreds of
traditional Somali artworks and artifacts Beyond sports, the great outdoors,
as well as educational programs. entertainment, and culture, perhaps the
biggest attraction for the Twin Cities is the
For those who prefer activity of the lifestyle. Forbes hailed Saint Paul and
spectator variety, the Twin Cities is home Minneapolis as one of the nation's
to the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota healthiest metros and USA Today named
Vikings, Minnesota Wild and the Saint Paul as North America's “Most
Minnesota Timberwolves. We are also the Romantic City.”
home city to the four-time WNBA
Champion Minnesota Lynx and the
Minnesota United soccer team. Our
sporting events are hosted in some of the
best sporting facilities in the county,
including the Twins Stadium and USBank
Stadium, a brand new, enclosed stadium
where the Minnesota Vikings host their
NFL games. Additionally, the stadium also
The Twin Cities offer award-winning The Twin Cities isavibrant Midwestern
restaurants (several chefs have been community where Minnesota Nice is
regional James Beard Award winners). alive and well. We are the perfect
In addition to the popular Mall of blend of small town/big city and our
America, there are plenty of unique residents pride themselves on their
shopping districts in both cities and in warm and welcoming ways. There's a
the suburbs. reason Business Insider ranked
Minneapolis/St. Paulnumber nineon
Minneapolis/St. Paul is also proud to its Top 50 Places to Live in America.
have a world-class international airport.
In fact, the Airports Council We really are all that. And more!
International named MSP the 2017 Best
Airport in North America in its size
category, 25 million to 40 million
passengers peryear.

Marcia Ballinger, PhD Lars Leafblad, MBA

Co-Founder/Principal Co-Founder/Principal

651-341-4840 612-598-7547