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Teacher Education Lesson Plan Template

Teacher: Brianna Gertis Date: 10/3/2018

Title of Lesson: Setting Cooperating Teacher: Debra McNamara

Core Components
Subject, Content Area, or Topic
Setting, Language Arts
Student Population
Learning Objectives
I can identify the setting in fictional texts and authors purpose to include the setting.

Virginia Essential Knowledge and Skills (SOL)

SOL 5.5.a and 5.5.b setting and authors purpose through fictional texts.
VDOE Technology Standards

English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS)


Readworks Letter
From Camp.pdf
2 Attachments at end of paper

High Yield Instructional Strategies Used (Marzano, 2001)

Check if Used
Strategy Return
Identifying Similarities & Differences 45%
Summarizing & Note Taking 34%
Reinforcing Efforts & Providing Recognition 29%
Homework & Practice 28%
Nonlinguistic Representations 27%
Cooperative Learning 23%
Setting Goals & Providing Feedback 23%
Generating & Testing Hypothesis 23%
Questions, Cues, & Advanced Organizers 22%
Check if Used Strategy Return
Teach Others/Immediate Use of Learning 95%
Practice by Doing 75%
Discussion 50%
Demonstration 30%
Audio Visual 20%
McDonald’s Draft (2010). Modified by Kreassig and Gould (2014) for use with student teachers.
Revised August 2015
Reading 10%
Lecture 05%
Safety (if applicable)

(min.) Process Components
1 *Anticipatory Set
Who can tell me what literary focus we have been working on this week? (setting)

1 *State the Objectives (grade-level terms)

I can identify setting in fictional texts and author’s purpose to include the setting.

5 *Instructional Input or Procedure

TTW read the article Letter from Camp to the students, put the article on Schoology if
possible so they can follow along.

3 *Modeling
TSW answer questions about the article-what is the setting, how do you know, what
words did the author use, what was the purpose of the 2nd paragraph (to describe the
10 *Check for Understanding
“Where Am I?” activity attached below. Students will get into 4 small groups to complete
this activity. Have them switch cards in their group and time them if possible see which
group goes the fastest and give tickets.
3 *Guided Practice
TSW get a card with either a setting or a description on it (2nd attachment) and have to
find their partner.
10 *Independent Practice
TSW write paragraph with their partner using the setting card they have, coming up with
another way to describe it. About three to five sentences.
After Assessment
TTW check their paragraphs for understanding of the concept.

10 *Closure
TSW share their paragraphs with the class and the class has to guess the setting they
are describing.

Differentiation Strategies (enrichment, accommodations, remediation, or by learning style).

Using Readworks allows for step reading-which allocates the article depending on the students’
lexile scores and either becomes more or less challenging for each student. Activities use
speaking, listening, reading, writing, and motion for all learning styles.
Classroom Management Issues (optional)

McDonald’s Draft (2010). Modified by Kreassig and Gould (2014) for use with student teachers.
Revised August 2015
Lesson Critique. To be completed following the lesson. Did your students meet the objective(s)? What
part of the lesson would you change? Why?

*Denotes Madeline Hunter lesson plan elements.

Intern Signature Cooperating Teacher Signature Date

McDonald’s Draft (2010). Modified by Kreassig and Gould (2014) for use with student teachers.
Revised August 2015
Where Am I Activity

You are at a basketball court.

I see sand and waves and hear seagulls in the distance. Where am I?

You are on a beach.

I am a patient. I’m not sick, but sometimes my mom takes me here for a
check-up. Where am I?

You are at a Dr. Office.

I see students taking exams. Where am I?

You are in a classroom.

I smell manure and see cows, chickens, and horses. Where am I?

You are on a farm.

I see kids on a jungle gym and on swings. Where am I?

You are on a playground.

I hear balls bouncing and see kids throwing them into nets. Where am I?

McDonald’s Draft (2010). Modified by Kreassig and Gould (2014) for use with student teachers.
Revised August 2015
The pigs are always covered in mud. They
Farm like to jump in the mud right after we wash
them! Luckily, they keep the chickens away
from the mud pit. That would be a mess!

I take this day as more of a challenge of

Thanksgiving sorts; how much food can I possibly fit into
my stomach? The entire turkey, maybe. I
am thankful that my mom remembered the
pumpkin pie.
It was a spooky night. There were all sorts
Halloween of creatures roaming the streets, asking for
candy. I dressed up too, but my costume
wasn’t scary like the others.

My pens and pencils are arranged neatly. I

Office have a picture of my family on my desk,
and I am working hard on my computer in
case the boss walks by.

It is nice not having school for a couple

Summer months, but it is so hot out that I can’t do
anything! My mom bought a pool, but we
aren’t setting it up until next week, so for
now I will stay in the shade.
Okay Cougars! Today is national pizza day,
Kingston so the cafeteria will be serving pizza. Be
your best selves Cougars!

The twilight peaked through the blinds. It

Midnight was black outside, but the moon seemed
to illuminate the entire yard, casting eerie
shadows on the ground.

As the waves crash onto the shore, I bite

Beach into the sandwich I packed. I always bring
food even though it always gets sandy! Oh
well, I don’t mind a bit of sand.

I love coming here! People are playing

Park fetch with their dogs, kids are climbing on
the jungle gym, and I can hear the
creaking of the swings.

McDonald’s Draft (2010). Modified by Kreassig and Gould (2014) for use with student teachers.
Revised August 2015
It is always so quiet in here. That is
Library probably because the wretched old lady at
the front desk always glares at us if we
dare to make a peep. Good thing we don’t
need to talk to read.
As I try to calm the screaming kids at the
Preschool rug, there is another kid in the corner who
is eating the crayons, and a couple who
decided it would be fun to throw up! Just
another day in the life of a teacher.
The most magical time of the year.
Christmas Everything is lit up, music is jolly, and there
are elves watching to make sure we

McDonald’s Draft (2010). Modified by Kreassig and Gould (2014) for use with student teachers.
Revised August 2015