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Make sentences as in the example.

Example: he-drink tea- He usually drinks tea but now he is drinking


l-play golf-tennis I usually play golf but now I am playing

1. she-wear a skirt-a dress

2. he-eat steak-fish
3. they-play football-basketball
4. we-travel by bus-train
5. l-study science-English
6. he-run-walk
7. she-help her mother-father
8. he-read slowly-fast
9. they-watch TV-listen to the radio
10- l-have tea-milk
1I - he-have a shower-bath
12. the cat-drink milk-water
13. Mr Smith-wear a uniform-suit
14. she-have lunch at home-restaurant
15. he-play the guitar-violin
16. they-stay in a hotel-tent
17. we-study in the evening-watch TV
18. she-teach English-Turkish
19. l-write a letter to my parents-postcard
20. he-speak German-French
21. he-drive to school-walk
22. we-speak Turkish-English
23. they-eat chicken-fish
24. the baby-laugh-cry


Rewrite the following sentences using past or past continuous forms of the verbs in

Example: When you (come) in, I (do) the crossword puzzle.

When you came in, I was doing the crossword puzzle. 

As I (come) home, I (meet) an old friend. 

As I was coming home, I met an old friend.

1.He (get) on the train when the train (move).

2.As the man (walk) up the stairs, the lights (go) out.
3.When the war (begin), they (live) in Austria.
4.When the war (begin), they (move) to the USA.

5. I (fall) down as I (get) off the bus.
6. He (wear) a big strange hat when I first (meet) him.
7. He (paint) the doors and the windows while I (paint) the walls.
8. Just as I (pick) up the receiver, the telephone (ring).
9. When I (be) in Germany, I (work) in a coal mine.
10.He (listen) while the teacher (talk)?
11.When the storm (break), I (water) the garden.
12.What you (do) when I (see) you yesterday?
13.He (sleep) soundly when they (arrive).
14.While you (watch) TV, I (do) my homework.
15.While he (talk), I (finish) reading the book.
16.When the driver (see) the policeman, he suddenly (stop).

17. I (dream) when the dog (start) to bark.
18.He (be) in bed while they (have) breakfast.
19.We (have) a flat lyre while we (drive) to Ankara.
20.Where you (go) when I (see) you last night?
21.It (rain) when I (leave) home.
22.When you (call), I (sleep).
23. I (listen to the radio when I (hear) the explosion.
24. The plane (crash) while it (land).

Rewrite the following sentences using the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Use
simple present, simple past, present continuous, past continuous or future tense.

Example: He (sleep) now. He is sleeping now.

I (see) him yesterday, I saw him yesterday.

1. He usually (wake) up at 6 o'clock.

2. They (have) breakfast at the moment.
3. He (buy) a new bicycle yesterday.
4. When I (see) him, he (study) English.
5. We (live) in Fatih.
6. I (do) my Turkish homework tonight.
7. Be careful! Somebody (follow) us.
8. My father never (drink) the before he (go) to bed.
9. Where you (go) last Sunday?
10. I hate him. I (not talk) to him again.
11. Don't worry. I (phone) you when he (come).
12. I (not see) them last night.
13. While the man (repair) the radio, his son (play) with the tools.
14. He (go) to mosque every Friday.
15. I (have) lunch with the new director tomorrow.
16. As I (swim), it (start) to rain.
17. Please (call) me when the news (start).
18. He (pack) his suitcases yesterday?
19. He always (start) work so late?
20. They still (wait) for me?
21. He (sell) his car last Sunday.
22. He never (have) breakfast at home.

23. I (visit) my grandparents next week.

24. She (not drink) tea in the evening.

Rewrite the following sentences using the correct forms of the verbs in
brackets. Use either simple past tense or present perfect tense.

Example: I (call) him last night. I called him last night.

He (be) ill since last night. He has been ill since last night.

1. The lesson (start) ten minutes ago.

2. When you (see) him?
3.I (drink) coffee yesterday afternoon.
4.The postman just (leave).
5.She never (ride) a camel before.

6. I (travel) with him several times.
7. In the end I (find) the key to the door. 8.I (read) that book twice.
9. What time you (get) up this morning?
10.You (see) my pen? I (lose) it.
11.The children (not return) from school yet.
12.He (talk) to him on Thursday.
13.I (not) see him since he (get) married.
14.How long ago the game (begin)?
15.How long you (know) him?
16.You (see) him recently?
17.How long she (be) a nurse?
18.He (not write) to me since last year.

19.I can't find my dictionary. You (see) it?
20.He (run) two hours yesterday.
21.We (hear) that story before.
22.She (work) as a secretary for many years.
23.She (not visit) lately.
24.We (move) here last month.


1) Next summer, I
(travel) to New York. My sister lives there and she bought me a plane ticket
for my birthday.

2) It's getting cold. I

(take) my coat!

3) Are you going to the cinema? Wait for me. I

(go) with you!

4) Jane and Tom

(not/study) medicine next year. Jane
(study) French and Tom
(take) a gap year.

5. Mrs Simons, those bags seem quite heavy. I

(help) you carry them.

6. Experts say the Earth

(suffer) seriously if we continue polluting.

7. Look at those black clouds. I think it


8. Bye Bye Joe. I

(phone) you as soon as I arrive home!

9. What
(do) tomorrow? I
(visit) my grandparents.

10. Anne: "I don't have enough money to pay for my lunch."
Peter: " I
(lend) you some.